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Survival Gear Review: C.A. Myers Sewing Awl

This is sewing for the caveman in you, or cavewoman.  If you have a well thought out Bug Out review_ca_myers_awl_for_all_sewingBag, then repair gear is included in it.  A small sewing kit, duct tape, multi-tool, IFAK, and maybe some cable ties.  I have been putting a heavy sail needle and thick thread in my kits forever.  If your pack needs a strap reattached, needle and thread, accept no substitute.  With a standard needle and thread you need pliers most of the time to push and pull through the multiple layers, we have that covered.  Is there a better way?

By Pineslayer, a contributing author to Survival Cache & SHTFBlog

Maybe, enter the sewing awl.  I bought a C.A. Myers Sewing Awl about 10 years ago to fix various pieces of gear.  Unfortunately for me, I just picked up a different pack and failed to fix the broken one and the awl sat in my well stocked tackle box of sewing stuff, until last month.  I needed to get a sheath for a hatchet that I wanted to put in my pack.  Looked around the net and couldn’t find one at what I thought was a decent price.  Oh yea, I had an awl and some leather.

Too Easy

The C.A. Myers Sewing Awl worked too easy, I must be doing something wrong I thought.  I c-a-myers-awl-for-all-sewing-review-shtf-survivalmade a blade cover in about 10 minutes.  My mind was trying to come up with a problem when none existed.  So to test my stitching I grabbed 2 pieces of leather and put them together.  Then I tried to pull them apart, the stitching held, but the leather ripped.  Not because it was weak, because I was trying to get something to fail.  Needless to say, I was impressed.  The thread included with the awl is very capable.  I pushed through 2 layers of leather easily.  The only downside of this product is the cost of leather 🙂   I’ve been using some firehouse, that I pulled out of a dumpster, for some machete sheaths.  That awl makes working with this stuff a pleasure

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As all of you know gear can get expensive.  When we find a piece that is affordable, made in the USA, can save us money every time we use it, and is packable, bada bing.  This will probably be my shortest post ever, because this thing speaks for itself.  At $12.97, the C.A. Myers Sewing Awl is ready to go, it’s a no brainer.  Extra needles store in the handle and each spool has 13 yds of thread, that’s a lot of repairs.  They have about a dozen colors and sell it in bulk too.  It is my belief that everyone should have one of these in their home.  I have a second one that is set up for my pack, at 3.6 oz with extra needles, one extra spool, reinforced box and ziplock,  it isn’t exactly cumbersome.  Heavier than a standard needle and thread, but it can hold its own in the tool department.

Bug Out Bag Creep

Now maybe it’s because I’m a guy, but when I have this in my Neanderthal hands it feels like you could perforate a skull with it.  Multi-use item?   OK back to the post.  Being able to repair essential gear is, for the lack of a better word, essential.  Holsters, slings, packs, duffels, anything canvas, pack animal gear, the list goes on and on of what can be repaired with this item.  If you get a chance, please visit Awl for All and if you speak to them, tell Al that Survival Cache sent you.  He is the guy who has answered my questions and he is a patriot like all of us.  Give yourself and your friends a Christmas gift that will make them more self sufficient. Jarhead would this qualify as a B.O.B. creep item?  Please say no.

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