Survival Gear Review: Nalgene OG Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle

While everybody else is storing gold and silver, I am finding the best ways to invest in what I believe is going to be the currency of the future: clean water.  I highly recommend assessingNalgene OG Ultimate Travel Bottle your own situation and finding ways to store and purify as much water as you can. For home situations, purifying water isn’t too difficult. Sometimes though, we are forced to move from our base of operations. In this case, you need a way of purifying dirty water while on the move. The Nalgene OG Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle (OG UTB) by Epic Water Filters claims to provide a solution to this issue so we checked it out.

By Tinderwolf, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

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Thorough Filtration System In The UTB

Systems for cleaning water can range from a few dollars for water purification tablets to hundreds of dollars for stand-alone best survival travel filtered water bottlesystems. While the more expensive systems might be nice to have, I wanted to find a reasonably priced, mobile system. I found the Nalgene OG Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle by Epic Water Filters for $36 on Amazon. This was right in the range of how much I wanted to spend. The Epic Outdoor Adventure Filter can produce up to one hundred gallons of drinkable water. On a per gallon basis, this is a solid investment. Moreover, the Epic Filter has been independently tested to EPA standards and NSF/ANSI standards to remove the following:

  • 99.99 of Viruses
  • 99.999% of Bacteria like E coli
  • 99.99999% of microbial cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • 99% of unpleasant taste, odors cloudiness, silt sediment and chlorine.
  • 99% of heavy metals, Aluminum, Asbestos, Cadmium, Chromium 6, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Radiological Radon 222
  • 99% Toxic chemicals, Arsenic, Trihalomethanes, Chloroform, PCB, PCE, Detergents, and Pesticides( DDT)
  • And….the filter is American made.

Seems impressive, doesn’t it? According to the product materials, the bottle kills contaminants with a propriety nano fiber that filters particulates at the nano level – 10 20 nano-meters across (That’s really small just so you know).  Just remember to read the instructions and follow all steps. A water-born disease is a heavy price to pay for negligence.

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There are four parts to this filtered water bottle. The plastic bottle body, the straw, top, and the filter. The Outdoor Adventure Filter (which comes with this bottle) can be replaced and fitted with new, replacement filter in a matter of seconds. I took the filter out and tripled rinsed the bottle before getting the filter wet. The instructions say to fill the bottle up and squeeze water through the filter and out of the top. The draw on this filter was super easy once I soak the filter for a few seconds in the water. It helps me to squeeze the bottle while sucking to draw the water into the filter.  I love that this is a squeeze bottle, makes life easy.

Bottle & Filter – Made in the USA

It is not too often that I see a water bottle that is made in the USA so hats off to Nalgene, who are based in New York, for sticking around to keep making their bottles in the USA. I was please to find out the Nalgene & Epic Water Filters had partnered up to make an offering where both the bottle and the filter are made in the USA. I also love that Epic Water Filters has also published 3rd party testing from USA based labs for water filtration levels.

Testing It Out

The bottle itself is somewhat soft and easy to squeeze. Initially you have to squeeze the bottle a few times as the filter is soaking up the water and traveling up the straw section. The first time that I filled up the bottle I used tap water. I shook the bottle vigorously and squeezed while the flip top was closed. No water escaped from the bottle. I then opened the flip top and shook the bottle. Only a few drops escaped from the flip straw.

Finally, I squeezed the bottle and sucked up a mouthful of water. In order to better judge the quality, I spit the water out after swishing for ten seconds.  I detected no iodine taste. People are concerned with taste so I wanted to be sure about this taste test. I allowed the water to sit in the bottle and filter for one hour and took another drink. Again, I detected no level of iodine or any other substance.

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I next wanted to test how well the filter filtered out chlorine. I used unscented bleach. When purifying water with bleach, use best survival filtered water bottlefive drops of bleach per liter of water. I decided to add four drops of bleach to the bottle. After taking the screw top off, it was easy to detect the smell of bleach. I screwed the lid back on and squeezed the bottle.  I could not detect a bleach smell or taste.

Extra Features and Final Verdict

I have been using this bottle for about a week now and I am extremely happy with this system. I found it interesting that there is a noticeable taste difference between unfiltered tap water and filtered water with this bottle.  For the price of the bottle, gallons filtered, filter refills, and ease of use, I am happy with my Nalgene OG Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle by Epic Water Filters, you can go wrong.










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  1. The Sawyer Mini can 100,00 gallons and sells for $20, a great deal in my book! Though I am concerned about the actual effectiveness of all filters in a SHTF situation (especially in a post-nuclear one), any filter would be better than none especially if you can't boil your water as I prefer to do! GLAHP!


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