Survival Gear Review: G-Code Modular Holsters

Very few things get me as excited when it comes to survival gear, as a piece of good quality kit that allows me to easily use something for multiple applications.  I’ve been looking for a good modular holster system for quite awhile, now my search is over.

When I work, I am often confronted with having to move my pistol and magazine holster position G Code Holster Reviewaround.  Sometimes I’ll be riding in a tight configuration in a vehicle and like to mount my pistol on my chest.  When I’m walking around using a cover shirt, I like to have my pistol and magazines on my waist, attached to my belt.  Every now and then I’ll find myself wearing something that doesn’t necessarily have the capacity to accept a traditional western style belt but I still want to have my pistol on my hip (which is where, from my muscle memory and training, I like to find it located unless not physically feasible) and I’ll need to go to paddle holsters.

Different Configurations

If I’m configured heavier and wearing H-Gear/Web Gear (which is a more traditional method U.S. Warfighters have used for a number of years, to carry 2nd line gear or the combat equivalent of second tier gear) or a modular/padded tactical rig, I like to have my weapon mounted to that, since if it’s underneath there’s no way I can get to my pistol quickly should I need it.

G-Code Holster Review
G-Code System w/ Pistol & Mag Holster Attached
G Code Holster Review
G-Code System – No Holsters Attached

To See Full Size Pic of System w/ holsters (click here)
To See Full Size Pic of System without holsters (click here)

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Other Options

I looked at the Blade-Tech system and thought it had some possibilities but I couldn’t quite seem to wrap my head (or wallet) around how their system worked and whether it would have a wide enough application to work for me.  I have yet to try it but looking at the web-site it seemed a bit expensive on the front end and limited in application for what I ultimately wanted to do.  Then I saw the Blackhawk system and initially it seemed to encompass the capabilities I was looking for in a modular system to fulfill, as well as being reasonably priced.

Since one of the holsters I had available was the Blackhawk SERPA CQC, I ordered a No products found. G Code Holster ReviewSERPA quick disconnect system.  I’m not quite sure what SERPA stands for but it’s apparently the chosen name for Blackhawk’s particular version of a locking holster system.  At first it seemed to be able to do what I wanted but I had a few complaints.  It was a bit bulky, heavy and not quite as low profile as I wanted for concealed carry under a cover shirt.  It also required two hands to operate the quick disconnect, which wasn’t ideal for me since I often had to juggle other gear (primary weapon) in my hands or sometimes even…. a cup of coffee (for early morning or late night ops).  Having to set your gear down on the ground while trying to reconfigure, sucks.  My other complaint was that I couldn’t use my Blade-Tech holsters that I preferred and was forced to use the Blackhawk SERPA holsters with the Blackhawk quick disconnect/modular system.  The SERPA holsters aren’t bad but not my first choice for a quick draw piece of kit (I hate stressing out about hitting the release button on the holster just right when I need my pistol “NOW”).

During one of my last work-trips I was co-located with some folks who were using a modular G-Code Holster Reviewsystem called G-Code by Range 5/Edge Works.  Apparently these guys were the first to design this type of modular system and after Blackhawk President Mike Noell visited their production facilities, he created his version of their concept.

My Opinion

In my opinion he (Mike Noell) took it a different direction than the original G-Code design and adds some variety to the market, however my No products found. is now on the shelf collecting dust and I have completely switched out my rigs (including my BOB kit) to the G-Code platform.

The G-Code/EdgeWorks holster system has been an amazing addition to my kit.  Although it’s G-Code Holster Reviewsomething I use primarily for work, I also rigged up my BOB (Bug-Out-Bag) with an RTI Wheel (RTI = Rapid Transition Interface) so I could attach my pistol and/or an extra magazine carrier depending on the situation.  Eventually I may attach an RTI Wheel to my vehicle and under my desk as well.

I really like the low profile, strength and lightness of the Edgeworks system.  It is a true quick connect/disconnect system and can be rapidly manipulated using only one hand.  Their kydex holsters are great too and I went ahead and ordered an OSH RTI Holster to see if it was comparable to the Blade-Techs I have been using for years.  I was very happy with the quality and if I could have traded in my Blade-Tech holsters I would have done it immediately.  The company offers a “Tactical Fuzz” option on their kydex holsters that has a felt type covering on the outside and cuts down on sounds that result in other gear, zippers or anything loose, from banging against the hard plastic.  In addition to the above, I found that their customer service is top notch and they were extremely helpful in making sure I had the right tools to accomplish my mission.

I own several handguns and a number of holsters.  I have accumulated them over the years and hate to think of anything going to waste or having to buy more and taking up space.  I was excited to find out from the Range 5 folks that I could add an RTI hanger to my Blade-Tech holsters and/or my SERPA holsters  to use them with their system.

I ordered extra RTI wheels and was able to attach them to the paddle holster mounts I already G Code Holster Reviewowned from Blackhawk (so I didn’t need to order more), it wasn’t perfect but secure and functional.  The screw holes didn’t seem to match up as well with the Blade-Tech paddle holster mounts so I didn’t bother since I already had two of the BlackHawk paddles.  I wasn’t able to attach the wheels directly to my Blade-Tech Tech-Lok holster mounts so I got some extra kydex sheets and cut them to the same dimensions as the G-Code RTI wheels, drilled mounting holes and then mounted them that way.   I also ordered an RTI Molle Adapter so I could swap out magazine carriers on my belt system (I currently use an X-Belt PS from C-Toms) and a G-Code/Edgeworks RTI Duty Belt Slide for my pistol holster.


All in all I think it’s a great system.  I would prefer to have just gotten everything from G-Code/Edgeworks instead of having to Frankenstein my kit together but at the end of the day I am limited in funds and also enjoy working out gear issues and innovating when possible.

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One important thing to note is that like with all ‘hard use’ kit, you will want to make sure to Loctite your screws in place and then check them for tightness every now and then.  I will never forget having a Blade-Tech holster system literally fall apart on me halfway through an intense shooting course about 10 years ago.  It was my fault for not checking the tightness of the screws and thread lockingthem in place.  The last thing you want in a survival situation is to have your gear fail.

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Watch This Excellent Video of a G-Code Holster Review 

Joel Jefferson
Written by Joel Jefferson

Joel is one of the original founders of After college, he joined the USMC where he served as an (0302) Marine Infantry Officer. Joel is an avid outdoorsman and spends much of his free time in the mountains. Joel’s hobby is researching survival gear & weapons as well as prepping. Read his full interview here. Read more of Joel's articles.

27 thoughts on “Survival Gear Review: G-Code Modular Holsters”

  1. Like the the system, but site needs pricing matrix for us that need to budget plan.

    You know $ = x$, $$ = x$ x2, etc, etc.

    Just a thought,

    • I agree G-code holsters are quality holsters. However, I have had some issues with Customer Service (CS) at G-code. IMHO, it's not ready for prime time. G-code sent me the wrong holster, then made me pay to send it back, and didn't even say "I'm Sorry". I consider that unacceptable based on price and time waited for this holster. Would I recommend G-code,yes; but with a reservation due to CS. However, I should say that when I needed to buy three other holsters I went with Bravo Concealment (DOS) holsters. I'll let you decide if CS is important.

  2. would it be possible for you to do a small article on air rifles and their uses and suggested accessories. thanks


  3. i love my Blackhawk SERPA Paddle holster and have no problem with it. i carry concelled every day and once i place it on my person where i want it it does not move,excellent holster. I will however look into the RTI wheels for my BOB and pick-um-up truck. Thanks for alot of Excellent info

  4. You have no idea how hard it is to find an all weather holster you can take out in the rain , snow , etc. and have your side arm protected . Closest thing I found was the old flap holster for the 1911 .45 , I finally just had one made for me . I do a lot of things outdoors and one thing living 3 years in Maine taught me was how fast the weather can change and the need for you and your gear to function in it .

  5. A good write up on a nice system. I like the concept of being able to use the same holster attached to where I need it attached. Flexibility is always a useful thing to have in my equipment. Although I rarely change position of my weapon once it is on, I can see value in this idea. One never knows when it might be necessary to change carry position and in a GOOD situation, going from concealed carry to carry on a BOB vest would be a good thing.

    I will still need to do a price comparison between a couple of holsters and multiple wheels and multiple holsters (one for each spot). If the prices are close, I may well go this route.

  6. Good review on the modular holsters. I have personally had (2) Dept issued Blackhawk Sherpa Holsters fail on me. Both had the pin fail/ break on the retention device. I was using this set up while carrying my Glock 35 on duty. I later purchased an Israeli made Fobus holster which IMHO is a MUCH better and durable piece of gear. I still have the same Fobus with their lifetime warranty and love it! BTW the Fobus costs less $$ than the Blackhawk holster. YMMV.

  7. i found my black ballistic nylon holster works fine for all purposes
    it fits my 9 mm , and i rerigged my leather holster for my .44 to fit along the other side in a cross draw position . now all i need to do is find extra clips for my walther 9 mm and ill be happier hunting
    happy hunting all…

  8. i just had my serpa holster retention lever or button if you will crack,i think it cracked because it pushes on my seatbelt release buckle when i drive, i like the kydex holster so i will be looking into the g-code holsters and if there good enough for a SEAL there good enouge for me

  9. This is a great idea. I'll have to check it out. I've been very happy with my SuperTuck IWB concealed holster for my .40 cal. But there are many times it'd be much more convenient to be able to move it.

    Thanks for the write up.


  10. Greetings From The Great White North:

    Great news from your northern ( prepper) cousins.

    As some of you already know, we have for the past 15 years live under draconian gun laws that make owning any firearm a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years without the express permission of the government. Now that the Conservatives ( our Republicans ) have just won a majority ( they promised to revisit the draconian Firarms Act of 1995 imposed on all law- abiding Canadian gun owners by the Liberals— (our Democrats) and reverse some of the damage). We, unfortuanately, do not enjoy the protection of your Second Amendment. As such, firearm ownership is considered a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT!

    However, we Canadians can only look south with unrestrained envy at the lack of gun restrictions that Americans presently enjoy. Our warning to our southern friends is keep vigilant, keep strong and surrender not one inch of your gun rights.

    God Bless America

  11. Have you ever talked about two way radios, the best ones to get, how to communicate in an emergency, etc? If it is important to have one. SHould you get a CB radio to talk to family long distance. Any suggestions?

    • Anne,
      They make long range hand held CB radios, the problem with them is the amount of porwer that they consume, and there size and weight (often 5+ pounds each). Two way radios are excelent for shorter range communication, and if you get the rechargable radios with a small solar recharger they can be a good asset. I f you have to stay covert it would be a good idea to get the ones that can have a ear piece and high quality microphone. I have an array of 8 motorola rechargable two ways with the covert attachments and a solar panel capable of charging all eight at the same time, my "friends"(read fellow survivalist believers) use them when we go camping and hunting so we can stay in touch when seperated, and we use the covert attachments when hunting so we don't make noise.

      • On a side note, the ones that I have are used by law enforcement as well so I have to make sure that I am not on the same channel (also a potential problem if someone else is listening). They can also get very expensive, mine with the attachments and recharging bases are almost $300 a piece so weigh your options and how you plan to use before purchsing any type of radio.

  12. I have a .40 glock with a light on the bottom rail. The problem I have is that icant find a holster that can fit this configuration. They all seem to just fit the flock with no add ons. Any suggestions or pointers?


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