Survival Gear Review: Gerber GDC Money Clip

I have always admired money clips for their sleek simplicity. However, time and time again I end up going back to a survival money clipwallet as I stock my pockets with more junk.  I have a small collection of money clips and recently wanted to go back to using one.  The old ones in the top dresser drawer just weren’t doing it for me so I kept my eye open for something new. That is when I stumbled across the Gerber GDC Money Clip.  What intrigued me about this particular clip was that it had an integrated knife in the frame.  After looking over the specifications of the GDC and the reviews I decided to give it a try.  For $22 I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

By Tinderwolf, a contributing author of Survival Cache &

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Specs (From Manufacturer)survival money clip

Blade length: 1.7”
Overall length: 3.7’
Weight: 2.9oz
Steel type: 7CR17MOV
Handle material: Anodized Aluminum ring
Locking mechanism: Button and internal nylon
Money clip: (G10), Nylon. Steel (2CR13) and aluminum

The Pros

First off the pros of the Gerber GDC Money Clip. Right out of the box you can feel how rugged this thing is made.  Most of the money clips that I own are nice looking and sturdy but this clip feels like you could run it over with a semi-truck for a week straight and it would still be intact.  The clip itself is extremely tight and will allow up to four credit cards and four bills folded. It has a great non-slip textured back and an appealing color scheme.  You will not have to worry about the knife falling out as the button lock is rock solid.

The Cons

Having a knife integrated into the clip is great but given the nature of its size and shape, I am still having trouble survival money clipfinding a comfortable way to hold it.  The other major flaw I have with this system is that if you have cards and money in the clip, then the knife cannot really be taken out.  This is only the case if you have four bills and four cards in it (or any combination that would equal the same dimension).  The way the button lock is engineered, the money clip has to be empty or contain less than the above stated amount of credit cards and cash in it in order for the button to be depressed and release the knife.

Now, I understand this small knife is not meant to be accessed quickly like a self-defense knife would need to be.  However, if I want to use the knife then I would need to take out some of the contents and put them somewhere else.  I would like to see Gerber make the clips just slightly bigger in order to be able to release the knife when the clips is fully loaded.  Given its thickness Gerber could have added other items to increase the clip’s versatility.  Since there is already a knife why not add an integrated fire rod?


Overall, for the price ($22 Amazon), I think this is a cool little piece of EDC gear to own.  If the button release for the knife was better thought out I would give this clip five out of five stars.  As it stands, I give it four stars.  I have only had it for a few weeks so I am interested in seeing how it holds up in the long term.  If anybody else has used this product then sound off below as I am interested in hearing your thoughts and evaluation.

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9 thoughts on “Survival Gear Review: Gerber GDC Money Clip”

  1. IMHO this product is a waste of money, completely unnecessary! Stick to REAL tools and judging from the experiences of myself and others, TSA would find this, so why ask for trouble! Good Luck!

    • you are correct sir in that this is not the first thing I would spend my money on nor do I recommend that it replace REAL tools. This product is not a recommendation to completely replace your EDC. I reviewed it for people who do carry money clips in case they were looking for a little something extra in their clip. I DID NOT review this product so that one could sneak it past TSA and I DO NOT recommend trying that to anyone. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I had the boker knife money clip and completly forgot about it when going through TSA and guess what… they found it. they were cool about it but I had to throw it away.

  3. If your at a company that is restrictive and you do not want to feel nakid it is something.

    I like the Victorinox or the tool logic and the "PEN" knife if you just want a blade.
    or a belt buckle knife.

    If you can't have wepons of any kind a Bic pen is as good as any push dager


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