Survival Gear Review: Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

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By John J. Woods •  4 min read

Many preppers will be seriously considering an evacuation to a secondary home, Bug Out Location, or other hideout in the event of a SHTF scenario.  One assumes then some kind of transportation vehicle along with weapons has to be in the mix.


One of the concerns then will be personal and passenger security in transit.  Of course, this is getting to be a Vehicle Mounted Gun Holster Gum Creek Reviewserious situation in everyday life in many parts of the country.  It is prudent to learn which areas of the city or area where you reside to stay out of day or night.  For protection do you plan to use the accelerator or are you planning any type of armed response if the threat becomes serious enough?

In such cases how will you carry a firearm in your Ultimate Survival Vehicle that you can not only reach quickly and easily, but that would also remain out of sight for the most part, though not illegally concealed as far as most areas of the country are concerned?  A gun sitting on the car seat has its own issues.  In the driver side door sleeve places the gun on the left side, while most are right handed.  In the center console or glove compartment takes crucial time to deploy.  Are there other options?


From time to time a new product comes on the market that not only brings a smile to the face but a bit of jealousy that we didn’t think of it.  The Gum Creek Handgun Mount is so simple you wanna slap yourself.

The basic mount is a metal frame and heavy nylon strapping that secures two hooks on the underside of the Vehicle mounted gun holster gum creeksteering column of a vehicle.  The top hook slips under the column between it and the plastic trim below it.  The bottom hook then slips over the lower edge of the same trim piece.  An adjustable strap buckle is pulled tight to secure the mount.  Onto the mount is secured a standard handgun holster that fits the weapon you use.  It is secured to the mount via two Velcro ® straps that wrap around the mount.

If for some reason the upper hook does not fit in the space between the steering column and the lower trim, Gum Creek also makes a rather universal adaptor strap that goes around the steering column and buckle locks on top.  On the bottom of the adaptor strap is a metal slot for the upper hook to fit into.

I mounted this rig on my Chevrolet Silverado pick up truck.  I had to use the adaptor strap because of the space and angle of the top part of the trim piece would not work right.  The adaptor is primo.  Install then pull on the buckle straps to tighten everything up.

I used the factory holster that Gum Creek sells for the standard 1911 Colt or clone.  It straps in just fine, but any holster with a belt loop or clip can be used.  The mount requires no tools to install and it took less than five minutes once I figured out I needed to use the adaptor.  It works for small to large handguns and is quick to release as well.


I slipped into the seat and drove the truck.  The mount did not interfere with steering at all.  The holster is Gum Creek Gun Holster Revieworiented with the gun’s grip positioned so that a right handed driver can easily retrieve it out of its secure clutch.  I retained the handgun holster thumb release strap for extra security, but I think the system would hold a handgun tight enough as is.

Gum Creek supplies an excellent installation manual complete with nine photos to illustrate the whole process of installing the mount.  The directions are clear and concise.


Can the mount with handgun be seen from outside the vehicle?  Hard to say, and frankly it doesn’t really matter unless a break in theft is an issue.  Someone walking up to the vehicle might see it, but with a driver seated, I doubt it.

The Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount is an excellent product.  The mount-holster combo retails for $49.95.  The mount can be bought alone for $34.95.  Check out their web site at


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