Survival Gear Review: Clarks North American Hammock

Hammocks are no longer just for the warmer months. Not if you have the North American from Clark Jungle Hammocks. The North American is a 4 seasonbest bug out bag hammock hammock and it is the survival/bug out shelter I use when I go out into the wild. I didn’t start hanging in the trees. I like most children slept in tents when my family took me camping. It wasn’t till I was 10 that my father decided to take me backpacking and when we went to the outfitter he didn’t buy me a tent. He bought me a net hammock and a tarp. From that point on I was hooked and it is my preferred method of transportable shelter today.

Now there are pages upon pages on forums discussing/arguing which is better, tent or hammock. I am not going to delve into that. To be truthful I am fully capable surviving in a shelter on the ground or hanging between some trees. So instead of why a hammock, I am going to focus on why this particular hammock.

To start off with it is designed as a 4 season hammock. This already puts it in good standing with me because I do not just bug out in the warm months I bug out in all 4 seasons. Yes there are other hammock companies that have 4 season hammocks but of them all I didn’t find one that was as all inclusive as the Clark hammock. One stop shopping. I get the hammock, the fly, the bug netting, and the weather shield. Its basically a suspended tent with an awning. So you have easy of purchase and ease of setting up. Down the road if you wish to customize it, as we often do once we figure out how we want it, then by all means, but as a foundation you will be hard pressed to do better. Then you tack on that it comes in camo and is made in America. Plenty of positives to be sure.

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Of course if you want that pie in the sky or perhaps in the trees for this situation you will have to pay for it and not only in price. At 360.00 dollars it is a pricey hammock. You will also need to purchase an under quilt or pad for those really cold seasons. You will also pay in weight because it weighs a little over 3 lbs and that’s not including tree straps. I have some heavy duty tree straps and the drip rings and it bumped it up to 4 lbs but I feel the weight is worth it given all its features.

If you like life hanging in the trees I strongly suggest you head over to Clarksto see the North American or their other models. With countless nights in all types of weather my North American has kept me high and dry. That is a testament to their quality. Oh and if you are a tent person, who knows maybe you will be converted.

Clark NX-270 Four-Season Hammock Tent
  • Full No-See-Um netting can be unzipped to foot-end where it stores in a pocket
  • Breathable WeatherShield zips over netting to create water-repellent layer

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3 thoughts on “Survival Gear Review: Clarks North American Hammock”

  1. Sorry, but for me, a tent beats a hammock hands down! A tent is self-contained, no trees needed. A fire in a hammock, ahh…, don't think so. And I hope you like swinging, especially in high winds! Storage space, well maybe enough for a single snack or two, days and weeks of food and gear, nope. Lastly, if the weather turns real bad or SHTF, a tent makes a excellent basis for a killer long-term debris shelter (with fire place)! GLAHP! (Good Luck and Happy Prepping)

  2. Nice post Grimm. Hammocks aren't for everyone, but I sleep like a baby in them. Being off the ground has more advantages than most people know. Bugs, moisture, and rocks to mention a few. The weight savings is big too. Everyone should spend a night or ten in one before dismissing the option.

  3. Thanks for the in depth article Grimm:

    in my region a hammock is great for most of the year it's good to put down a mat or blanket so the skeeters don't eat your azz through the material . This also keeps you off the ground when it's soaking wet or when your in a keep you out of the water so you can get dry prune foot trench foot sucks. this can also be used as a burrito sling for gear. camo a position well I am sure plenty of other uses even after it is used up.


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