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Survival Gear Review: Korcraft Everyday Blade

Even at a young age I have always been a knife guy. I can still remember patiently waiting for my 8th birthday when I would finally get a “big boy” pocket knife. Having been around knives, saws, best pocket survival knifehatchets etc. at a young age while camping with my family I knew the importance of such a took and how to use it. Not all knives are equal and finding the right knife to get you through your daily activities can be tough. This is where the Korcraft Everday Blade comes in.

By Grimm, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

Korcrafts Everday Blade is designed as an EDC. Something you put in your pocket, purse, keychain etc. and always have it with you. For this reason the Everday Blade is small and light. I have been carrying this knife on my keychain for many months and not once has it been a hinderance. The blade itself is small as well but it is also very sharp. Korcraft decided to use blades that are already out in production. Most will be familiar with the Xacto style blades, though I know other companies make them, and not only are they very sharp and inexpensive but come in many shapes. This also means that the blade in the Everyday Blade is replaceable. If it breaks or gets dull you can swap it out really quick since it doesn’t need any tools to do so. Replaceable, fieldstrip capable, and ambidextrous. Quite the little package.

A Little On The Small Side

Being little is also a bit of a downfall. Though I have taken this blade out into the woods and carved sticks with it the blade will never be a tough workhorse and that needs to be considered. Also Best survival pocket knifebeing small means that if the blade is being used for a prolonged time hand fatigue will occur quickly. Although opening the knife is very simple because of its size when closing it, one hand operation, it can be a bit tricky since there is not much of the handle to grab so that your fingers are not in the way of the blade.  If you buy yourself one be sure to practice a few times opening and closing it one handed so no accidental cuts will happen.

All that being said I must confess that I already carry at least two knives on me all the time and adding the Everyday Blade to the mix has only been a benefit. Like I said in the beginning finding the right blade for your daily activities can be tough and for me having the option of the Everyday Blade has made it even easier. Some jobs might require a beefier knife but when you’re at the mall and want to cut the plastic tag off your new purchased item do you really need to whip out a four inch folder? Maybe use your Korcraft Everday Blade and save your other knife for the bigger jobs.

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