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Survival Gear Review: Lula Magazine Loader

Every once in a while I come across a product that down right surprises me.  It has been a while since that has happened but the wait is over.  I was recently introduced to a Lula Magazine Loader much to my delight. 


By Mark & Jimmy C from the Team

A few months back we were on a live fire exercise that involved a mix of AR-15’s, M1A’s, 12 Gauge Shotguns, AK-47’s, and Doomsday Preppers Apocalypse 101enough tannerite to blow up a small house.  A friend of SurvivalCache, Andy Bell who owns OD Green Supply in Arvada, Colorado provided us with lots of ammo and an assortment of fun stuff to shoot including Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets.  While getting ready to shoot, Andy introduced us to the Lula Magazine Loader.  My first thought was “Where has this been all of my life?” of course my next thought was “Why didn’t I think of this?”  After using the Lula to load several magazines, I was hooked.  Then I decided that I had to test it to make sure that it was worth the $25.00 Andy was trying to pull out of my pocket to buy one.

Lula Magazine Loader Review

A Great Tool

I loaded a Magpul PMAG with the Lula and fumbled with it the first time while learning the muscle memory on how it Doomsday Preppers Apocalypse 101worked.  I then turn the magazine over and used the Lula to unload the whole magazine which took all of about 5 seconds.  Then I reloaded the magazine again with the Lula, now I was really hooked.

Once I figured out how to position my hands on the Lula and the Magazine I became proficient very quickly.  The Lula would load the magazine as fast as my hands could operate it.  I was quite impressed with this tool.  I then took a Tapco 7.62 x 39mm mag and used the Lula designed for AK-47 and Galil mags.  I had the same experience, it worked great and I was impressed with the speed loading ability.

Field Test

I then ran a quick test with the PMAG (5.56mm) to be sure this magazine loader was worth the money.  First, I loaded the PMAG by hand with speed on my mind.  It took about 50 seconds and my thumb was feeling it.  I then loaded the same magazine using the Lula.  It took only 32 seconds and I think I could do it even faster with more practice.

Constructed of glass-reinforced polymer, the Lula feels sturdy yet very lightweight.  The lever on the Lula presses down Doomsday Preppersinto the body of the magazine loader for easy carry in your pocket.  The ability to load magazines very quickly is an advantage both at the shooting range under normal conditions or in SHTF conditions.  We strongly recommend that you pick up this accessory up for your kit.

MagLula currently makes the Lula loader for AK47/Galil, AR15, Colt SMG, UZI, Jimmy C Apocalypse 101M1A, MP5, and FN FAL.  Coming soon the Lula’s will also be available in .308 AR15/DPMS, .308 AR-10, .308 FN SCAR, and .308 HK G3


  • Both Loads AND Unloads
  • 35sec loading 30 rd.
  • 5sec unloading 30 rd.
  • Safe on fingers and magazine
  • Absolutely no sore thumb!
  • Pocket size
  • Durable best quality glass-reinforced polymer
  • Weights approx. 38grams (1.3ounce)
  • Chemicals resistant
  • Great comfort when several magazines need to be cleaned (unloaded and reloaded)
  • Needs no dexterity or training to use
  • Needs no maintenance
  • Usable also in zero light environment
  • Usable with gloves in freezing weather

All Photos & Video by: Team

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