Survival Gear Review: MSR HyperFlow Microfilter

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By Joel Jefferson •  4 min read

When I first saw this water filter by MSR it really caught my eye.  At just 7.4 oz and a filtration rate of 3 liters per minute, this filter was perfect for ultra-lite backpacking or an emergency bug out situation.  Made in the USA and coming from a reputable company like Mountain Safety Research, this one is built to last.


The MSR Hyperflow comes with a long flexible hose that has a pre-filter for debris on the end of it which can be place into a stream, mud puddle, pond or river to extract water while you stay safe and dry.  This hose can be wrapped around the body of the filter when your Hyperflow is not in use and packed away.  This pre-filter is important because it will add to the overall life of your filter which is a very nice feature.  One of the fist things I noticed about the MSR Hyperflow water filter was the flow rate.  This filter can do almost 3 liters per minute, which is perfect for get in, get your water and get out.  The Hyperflow has almost 3x the flow rate of other similar sized filters on the market.  The flow rate is possible because of MSR’s patented Hollow Fiber technology, which was designed and manufactured right here in the USA.

The second thing I noticed about this filter was the weight.  At 7.4 oz, this filter takes up very little room in my bug out bag and weights next to nothing.  I try to be a minimalist as far as weight is concerned whenever I go backpacking or planning for an emergency.  I have owned several other MSR and Katadyn filters in the past but they have always been bulky and slightly heavier than the MSR Hyperflow.  This filter was exactly what I was looking for.

From the first second I used this filter, I was really impressed with its usability.  I was on a solo overnight camping trip in the Rocky Mountains and went up a small canyon in search of a suitable camping site.  Due to the large amount of snow and rain this year in the Western Rockies, we have had a large amount of run off water.  The stream running through this canyon was running very strong and dark colored.  I climbed down the bank and pulled out the MSR HyperFlow filter and dropped the pre-filter tube into the stream.  I then screwed the “Quick Release” lid that comes with the filter onto my Nalgene bottle, it attached nicely.  This lid fits most standard large mouth water bottles (No products found., SIGG).  I then began to pump the handle on Hyperflow and my water bottle was full of purified water almost instantly.

The Outcome: Pure, ice cold water right from a mountain stream.  Just like a Coors’ commercial.


Compact size – fits into any bag or even a large pocket
Made in the USA
Easy to use
Extremely high flow rate
Quick release nipple
Comes with quick release lid – fits most wide mouth water bottles.


Long flexible hose with pre-filter can be slightly cumbersome.


I am very impressed with this filter.  Since I got it, I have used it several times and it is still going strong (and I haven’t gotten sick).  For the size and weight, this filter packs a big punch.

Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice Award: The MSR HyperFlow microfilter is one of only 17 products awarded in 2008 with the prestigious Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for outstanding innovation in design, materials and performance.

Bronze OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2008 from the OutDoor European Trade Fair to recognize its high performance in the outdoors and the innovative design choice of hollow fiber material for the filtration media. The MSR HyperFlow microfilter is one of only 27 award winners from a pool of 280 product submissions.

Available for $90.00 from Amazon (clickhere)

Joel Jefferson

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