Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow Review for 2020

Survival Bow

When I was a kid my dad bought me a youth compound bow.  I loved shooting it but I never shot at anything other than the practice target in our yard. I spent all my hunting years using firearms even though the desire to bow hunt was always just below the surface.  I didn’t have a person in my life who was an experienced archer, so I never took the leap to go bow hunting.  Recently the desire to become an archer became too great and I decided to take the plunge into the bow world.  To my dismay, I quickly realized how expensive this new endeavor was going to become.  Sadly, I just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money to start out, until I talked to a friend of mine who has shot bows for years.  He recommended that I check out Primal Gear Unlimited and their folding bow.  Their folding bow sells for $149.00, which was more in my price range.

IMPORTANT NOTE (10/06/2020): We have been notified that Primal Gear is not shipping any of their products to customers after payment. Please be aware of this issue.

Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow Review

A Tip From A Friend

I talked to my friend extensively about the bow, since he has one for every member of his family.  After our two hour discussion I went to the Primal Gear Unlimited website ( and placed an order.  Primal Gear Unlimited currently offers three bows, at 40lb, 50lb and 55lb draws.  I ordered the 55lb. draw and a set of three take down arrows. Here are the specifications of the bow from the manufacturer’s website:


  • Can easily be converted for right-handed or left-handed shooters.
  • Average arrow speed is 181 feet per second.
  • The riser is milled from T-6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Limbs are made from fiberglass.
  • The folding bow is 23” x 1.5” x 1.5” when folded and 59” long when extended.
  • Weight is 2.25lbs.
  • The bow comes with an Endless Loop Dacron string and an owner’s manual.
Survival Bow

I was very excited waiting for this package to arrive, and when it did, my excitement soared as I opened the box.  The black compact bow was roughly the length of my arm.  I took it out of the packaging and admired how light and compact it was.  I quickly undid the Velcro strap that held the string and the limbs in place.  The limbs fold out and after a few turns of the locking bolts (Do Not over tighten, just snug tight with your hand) the limbs were set.  I have never strung a bow in my life, but was able to string this bow in a matter of seconds.  It only took about a minute to set the bow up from folded to ready to shoot and the best part is that it requires no tools to do this.  The only time you will need tools for this bow is when converting the limbs from a right-handed to a left-handed shooter.  For that purpose, all you need is a simple Phillips screwdriver.

The other feature of this bow that many people might not like is that it does not have a sight, as it is more of a long bow design. I’m sure if a person was experienced they could fit a sight onto it but in my opinion, that would take away from its intended simplistic design.  Personally, I like that it does not have a sight, as this makes the experience more traditional and challenging.

A Bow For Your Bug Out Bag?

Survival Bow

The take down arrows are extremely cool.  There are two inserts in the middle of the shaft where the arrow screws together.  I put all three shafts together and began shooting at ten yards.  I know this seems ridiculously close, but as I stated earlier, I haven’t shot a bow in years and I did not feel like spending my time looking for missed arrows.  I also started at this range until I got the hang of the bow and felt comfortable with my shooting position.  Once I felt comfortable, I moved back to twenty yards.  At first my shots were not very consistent but I was not missing the target. Surprisingly, I was shooting high, from my view point I would have thought I was shooting quite low. After adjusting my finger placement and smoothing out my release I was beginning to shoot consistent groups.  I would say my best group was three shots that were no more than five inches apart.  Finally I moved back to thirty yards and my groups began to get a bit worse and I even missed a few times.  However at this point I was starting to get fatigued since I had shot around thirty times in a row and I did not have arm protection so that was beginning to hurt.

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Survival Bow

Where the concept of this bow really shines is for backpackers.  This bow and the take down arrows easily fit inside a pack making it much easier to transport over a traditional longbow or modern compound bow.  Also considering that the set up time for this bow is about one minute without needing tools, just adds to the appeal.

What makes this bow ideal for a survival situation?  Its size can’t be beat.  It can easily fit, along with the take down arrows, into a standard bug out bag  and even under a vehicle seat.  I’m positive that it can even be strapped to the frame of a bicycle if one were so inclined.  So the size of the bow and arrows is a huge plus for transportation purposes. Also this bow can shoot any kind of arrow. It can shoot carbon, fiberglass, or wood arrows.  This increases the availability of arrows drastically, especially if you happen upon some arrows or even need to make your own.  Being able to easily switch the limbs for someone who shoots right handed or left handed makes it much more versatile and user friendly, especially if you are in a group.


The best feature has got to be the price.  Even though I have not had this bow for a long time I feel I don’t need to look any further for any other kind of bow.  In fact I have already order another one for my wife.  For the quality, ease of use, simplicity, and compact size for the price that Primal Gear Unlimited offers, I give this a five out of five star rating.

IMPORTANT NOTE (10/06/2020): We have been notified that Primal Gear is not shipping any of their products to customers after payment. Please be aware of this issue.

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Written by Bryan Lynch

Bryan grew up in the Midwest and spent every waking moment outdoors. Learning how to hunt, fish, read the land, and be self-reliant was part of everyday life. Eventually, he combined his passions for the outdoors, emergency preparedness, and writing. His goal was to spread positive information about this field. In 2019, Bryan authored the book Swiss Army Knife Camping and Outdoor Survival Guide. His second book, Paracord Projects For Camping and Outdoor Survival, is scheduled to be released on March 2, 2021. Read more of Bryan's articles.

17 thoughts on “Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow Review for 2020”

  1. Best use for a bow would be fishing. The reel attachment is simple and so is sneaking up on a fish. Big game runs an average 100 yards after shot and small game is a small target not to mention both are hard to get within 30 yards.

    • if you know where you are shooting the farthest i have had anything run is 50 yards with a tradtional recurve bow 50lbs at my 30 inch draw and sharp broadheads NO SIGHTS its amazing to you guys that shoot compound bows isnt it. but the main point is get 30 yards or less and shoot lungs or heart EVERYTHING IS SHOT PLACMENT!!! but good for the author keep shootin i might have to get one of those if they make one longer than 60"

      • i have done lots of bow hunting. i understand shot placement but the best archers have animals that run off well beyond 50 yards.

    • one thing i forgot if you know what you are doing it is way too easy to get WITHIN 20 yards i have done it plenty of times on everything from hogs to elk to rabbits and squirrel. and small game is not a small target most are the size of a big game animals vitals so if you cant shoot small game dont shoot big game

      • The vitals of the big game is "vitals", small game as you say is the same size is true, but you mess up the meat b/c it is so small.

    • While jeffraaa validly countered your supposition the one point I thought would be worthy of note with you as well as with all the hardcore archery fanatics is the pesky little fact that while those of you that spend outrageous amounts of money on the latest and greatest equipment and scoff at the idea of a "cheap" bow and mock those that claim any proficiency with "less" the use of the bow predates recorded history and those that hunted with bent saplings and sinew were as good if not better than any archer with his top dollar bows are today.

  2. What do you think would be a good starter bow for a small girl about 43 lbs. or so. She is 8, but small for her age.


    • I am no expert by any means, but having gone through this with my daughter, I have a little insight. I bought a 20# PSE Scout for her at the age of 9, weighing in at about 55lbs. It was still a little too much for her, her arms are thin. I then picked up a 15# fiberglass institutional grade bow that you would find in a school gym class. That was a good start. Yes it was a cheapie, but it got her into it and it was simple and did I mention cheap, $5 at a yard sale. She is now using the 20# PSE at age 12 with good results. I have another bow waiting in the wings at 29#. Make it fun, so a small bow is best. Good luck!

  3. This thing looks great, maybe a stocking stuffer. I will send this link to my wife, daughter, Mom…

    After reading the site and watching some video's I am very impressed the simplicity and potential durability. If it accepts a whisker biscuit, then ooh-la-la. The price is very reasonable, what's not to like?

  4. Got mine a couple weeks ago, still haven't found time to get some arrows downrange – that being said, I'll confirm that this bow is SOLID. Always worried about flimsyness w/ "fold-out" gear, but the PGU bow feels like some of the tools I used to use @ the steel mill…

    Asked a 5-year old to hold it, momentarilly, in Bass Pro and specified "Do not drop this!" so naturally it hit the concrete about as soon as my back was turned. Quickly checked the nobs and screws, no damage. Will update soon w/ a field report…

    • Ok, I've had a chance to try 'er out and am quite satisfied. Gotta say that 50lbs seems just right – a 60lbs. longbow of heavy material like this would quickly wear-out your average joe after regular target practice, but if you're a beast then go for it. The 45lbs. bow wouldn't seem to be enough punch, I'd wager. You're already dealing w/ the drawbacks of a longbow rather than even a recurve, so you'd want better bang for the buck.

      The only potential design flaw I've noted is that the riser has only a couple of pea-sized felt buttons glued atop the arrow rest. Simply positioning your arrow can bump and nudge the exposed edges enough over time to start peeling them up and once they go it wouldn't take much. An easy replacement, but hopefully future generations of the bow will have a sculpted trench for preventing this issue next time around!

      Great bow if you know what you're getting into and have propper expectations…

      • Great to hear you got one! I agree about the felt pieces, I just went ahead and added my own after they fell off. In terms of this bow being solid you are correct sir. I threw this bow in its folded position as high as I could into the air and onto the grass (let me say that this was during a dry time of the year and the ground was hard) I then did the same thing with the bow STRINGED. No damage and it function just fine afterward.

  5. I am part Indian and I hate bows if it comes to that to hell with it.

    I have hunted with a bow until I got my first rifle BamaMan is correct fishing is one of the best uses for a bow
    because you get your arrow back !!!

    I hunted birds and other small game with fluflu blunt heads.

    I have not seen a large animal fall over graveyard dead so I find bows less than humane I do not really care
    one way or another if I am hungry I will beat it to death with a rock but if I have choices and I do I go with
    a rifle on large game.

    If your only hope is a bow have a LOT OF ARROWS your going to need them a friend hunts bow season and
    he destroys at least 3 each season at a whopping 25 bucks a pop.
    since these arrows are made from carbon fiber it is hard if not impossible to hit a deer or bear and it not be damaged beyond repair.

    In a world with unlimited resources and carbon fiber arrows I see no problem but most bows are too powerful for wood arrows so once your supply runs out your really out of luck.

    first you have your bow 200 dollars then arrows and broad heads and practice arrows and all the gear to go with it
    sights release and a quiver and I forgot about extra strings some parts in case it has a part fall off.
    As I see it you will have more invested than a Mosin Nagant and a spam can of ammo or 2 and have more range
    and killing power although I know bows have killing power but not cost per shot equivalent.

    I very much doubt you could have 440 arrows and a bow for about 400 bucks or less I still see prices less than this.

    As far as quiet any rifle with proper loading techniques is as quiet as you need and will take game at more distance than a bow.

    There is a reason why the Indians traded and did whatever they could to get rifles and ammo if arrows were so
    stealthy and efficient they would have stuck to them the Indian were the premier stealth hunters and trackers
    only a couple of other cultures could match or best them.
    Tracking comes from game running if it died right there they would never have needed to learn tracking.
    keep that in mind I know they tracked animals before hunting and tried migrating herds and seasons but I have
    had to track and it sucks not to mention if your doing it right your not as aware of your surrounding as you would be
    as your watching the ground intently.

    I know people that can fill tags with a bow anytime anywhere they hunt for and guide a living the only reason they do is there is a designated bow season other than that they would use a rifle they also do the same with black powder
    not because they want to but restrictions.

    I have had my day with black powder and prices like bows only make me want a center fire more and you still need lead and casting equipment if I use that same equipment to make projectiles for a center fire rifle I have more shells
    and if caught by a group of unfriendlies I can reload faster than either a bow or black powder.
    I think that is where some fail to recognize why the army went to looking for better ammo and rifles.
    battles were won and lost on firepower and failed ammo and too antiquated equipment.

    In a situation where we are looking to defend against marauders they will not have anymore ammo to waste
    then anyone else if it is real group organized trained and equipped your burial policy better be paid up.

  6. Too bad they've been stealing money from their customers all of 2020. Their site is up taking orders but not shipping them out. They probably went out of business but are now just scamming people out of their hard eared money. Don't believe me look it up for yourself.


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