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Survival Gear Review: Rayovac Roughneck

I think I like flashlights almost as much as knives (almost is the key word).  I am very particular about flashlights that I purchase and have always wanted a very bright light, like a Surefire or any other tactical light. 


By B. Lynch, a reader of

However, I have never purchased any of those because justifying the cost to my wife just didn’t seem worth it.  A few months back I was at a store called Batteries Plus where I saw a handheld flashlight called the Rayovac RoughNeck.  It boasted a 200 lumen output, ran on 3 AAA batteries and it only cost $29.00.  For that price I thought I could at least give it a try.

Here are the specifications from the Rayovac website:

RoughNeck™ 200 Lumen Metal Flashlight Features:

200 Lumen high performance Cree XR-E LED
High, Low and strobe modes
Beam Brightness: 200 Lumens on High Mode, 70 Lumens on Low Mode
LED lasts 50,000 hours, never needs replacing
Spot to flood adjustability
Battery Run Time: 2 hours on High; 6 hours on Low; 8 hrs. on strobe
Impact Resistant to 5 feet
Beam Distance: 130 meters/415 ft.
Anodized Aluminum Body
Water Resistant
Holster Included
Lifetime warranty
Uses 3 AAA Alkaline Batteries

The Rayovac Roughneck does not have a real long run time if you run the light on high beam but AAA batteries aren’t that expensive.  I carry this flashlight with me everywhere, Survival Flashlight Reviewat work, outside, and in the car.  I have used it in the rain, dropped it several times on concrete, dropped it in the mud and it keeps going.  One night I stepped outside of my house and pointed it at my neighbor’s house across the alley which was about eighty yards away and it put a perfectly defined floodlight circle on his house, it was cool but he definitely didn’t know what was going on…good thing we are friends.

One change I made to the holster was that I wrapped several layers of black gorilla tape around it to form a pouch where the belt loop is.  Yes this makes the belt loop unusable but the light is small enough to fit in my pocket so the sacrifice for more batteries instead of accessibility is worth it to me.  This way I can always carry an extra six AAA batteries wherever I go and thus have six totals hours of run time on high if I need it.  The strobe feature is especially helpful and also very blinding!  I haven’t even touched another flashlight for months because I have gotten used to how well this light works for any kind of occasion.  Anyone looking for an extra light to throw in their car, or BOB for a good price I highly recommend the Rayovac RoughNeck.

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