Remington TAC 14 Shotgun Review for 2020: Survival Shotgun

Shotgun manufacturers have been long overdue for a handy smoothbore gun for a Bug Out defense from a vehicle or shtf mad max shotgunother modes.  Remington has really stepped up to the plate with this one.  The new Tac-14 is a prepper dream based on the time honored reliable model 870 pump action 12-gauge shotgun.  First out of the chute is to understand this shotgun has a 14-in barrel.  So, why does it not have to be an NFA registered short gun?

Because, Remington purposed this design to defeat those NFA rules by making the Tac-14 with a 26.2-inch overall length.  These dimensions comply with all NFA compliance rules.  Hoorah, a legal “short” shotgun.

Tac-14 Specs

This shotgun version of the 870 platform is indeed true to form in features and functions.  It works exactly like a standard 870 of any other configuration including loading, unloading, pump cycling, the push button safety, and take down procedures, cleaning and maintenance.  The receiver is the same with its durability, and steel construction.

The obvious differences other than the size of the shotgun, first, is its pronounced grip handle which is a Shockwave Raptor Pistol Grip. The forend hardware comes from Magpul with M-Lock slots, so you know that is good stuff.  Everything is finished in black and all the metal on the gun is set in a black oxide finish.  It is designed for stealth work, unobtrusive, and covert.

The plain Jane barrel has a cylinder bore choke or open choke as some know it.  There are no screw in Rem-Chokes on this shotgun.  The front barrel “sight” is a brass-like bead set up on a platform so it stands out from the contour of the barrel.  The receiver top is flat and matte for a clean sighting plane.  This is a basic point and shoot smoothbore gun.

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The factory spec sheet does not mention an official weight for this shotgun, but it tips the not-so-accurate bathroom best shotgun for self defensescales at between 4-5 pounds.  It feels heavier, but upon handling it and carrying it around the house for a trial run, it is easy to move into action, swings up naturally for a point-shoot mode.

The Tac-14’s shotgun shell capacity is one in the chamber and 4 up the magazine tube.  This works for either 2 ¾ or 3-inch shells.  I would suggest trying some of the shorter shells first before stepping up to the 3-inch stuff to see how the shooting recoil control goes for the individual shooter.  For self-defense you are likely going to want a heavy load like buckshot, so be prepared to experiment to see which loads pattern the best for close range self-defense.   I am not for certain yet, but I am guessing the Tac-14 is a 30 yard gun, maybe 40 max.  After all, it is a defensive intent shotgun, not a duck gun.

The only initial issue I have with the Tac-14 so far is how slick handling the pistol grip knob is going to be in every day practical use.  If operating the Tac-14 in wet weather, snow or icing conditions, I could see this gun slipping out of the user’s grasp.  I would recommend using a gripper type shooting glove(s).  I intend to wrap this grip with a couple strips of two-sided sticky tape like that used on a carpenter’s hammer or big mechanics wrench.
But What For?

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For sure this is a unique shotgun and a timely introduction for both preppers and survivalists or just home owners looking for some personal security.  I could envision using this shorty shotgun for a wide variety of applications.  Primarily its main suitability is as a personal self-defense shotgun.  It could be used at a Bug In location to protect against short order threats in the drive way, yard, up the sidewalk or even at an entry doorway.  I suspect 4-5 shots from this rig would disperse just about any crazed zombie.  Be sure to keep extra ammo close at hand though.

This gun is equally as important and adaptable for an escape mission to avoid a coming SHTF or to head out to an alternative Bug Out location.  So, it can find a good use for carry in a vehicle where it can be placed beside the driver’s seat, or just across the center console or floor hump.  If driving solo, it could be placed in the opposite seat.  Someone riding “shotgun” in the back seat could deploy this gun that way, too.

Stuff That Works: Remington Model 870 Shotgun

In these manners with practice and training, the user can deploy the Tac-14 out an open window or with the vehicle door open.  This takes practice.  This gun can also be carried rather discreetly by the grip just behind the hip, letting it hang down to the knee.  You have to work at carrying the gun this way, then wielding it into action in a second nature second.  Again, these motions and use modes takes some practice to be proficient.  Plan for that.

At a Bug In, the Tac-14 can not only provide short range security, but it could be used to collect small game meat for the pot.  By stalking within short ranges, this gun should be able to take squirrels, rabbits, game birds and other food animals with the proper game loads.  It’s an easy shotgun to tote about camp or on patrol ready to take advantage of any edible targets of opportunity.  Any active prepper or survivalist knows these situations well and how to act upon any chance to provide food.  The Tac-14 can do this work well enough.

Final Afterthoughts

Preppers and survivalists both for a lock down hunkered Bug In or an escape Bug Out scenario will find great use for best car shotgunthe Remington 870 Tac-14 shotgun.  It’s not a conventional shotgun by any means without a standard buttstock to steady shots.  A shotgun using various choke tubes has more hunting options.  This gun has to be hand gripped with the bore muzzle thrust forward into the shot as the fore end is held up for aiming.  You have to be prepared to manhandle this one.

Accessories could be added, but personally I would probably avoid any barrel attached items for this gun like a light.  It might be worth trying so long as it does not throw off the balance of the gun, one of its most positive attributes.  There are plenty of other modes to provide illumination not to have a light attached directly to the gun, especially short barreled shotgun like the Tac-14.

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Though the Tac-14 has a Magpul fore end with M-Lok slots, my own personal preference is not to lock something onto a pump shotgun fore end that has to be pulled back and forth to eject spent shotshells and to load fresh ones.  Such action is not only critical to the function of the pump action gun, but doing so could constantly loosen up whatever is attached.  Again, it might be worthy of a trial, so each user has to assess their own judgments on such things.  My only suggestion is to keep this short shotgun as unencumbered and handy as possible.

A shoulder strap carry can be applied by replacing the factory magazine cap with one that has a swivel stud feature to accept a standard screw lock sling attachment loop.  The rear trigger assembly pin can be slowly tapped out to install a GG&G or GrovTec replacement pin that has a push button sling attachment receptacle built on.

Other users may find other accessories to adapt to the Tac-14.  Another item to consider would be a 5 or 6 round shotshell saddle attached to the side of the receiver.  This may not work with the sling rig detailed above.  These are choices the user has to make depending upon their own personal priorities of use for such a weapon.

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The Tac-14 is a grip full, but it is not overwhelming especially with 2 ¾ inch game or defense loads.  With some judicious practice, I think most users will get to the point of being able to handle the heavier 3-inch shells.  There are a lot of shotshell load choices that can be used for a variety of purposes when deploying this shotgun.  Try trial, error, and experience.

One more thing for this shotgun.  Get a discreet nylon shotgun carry sleeve that are so popular now to house thisbest shtf shotgun mad max gun.  These heavy duty sleeve cases have a shoulder strap, a lash down strap to hold the gun in the sleeve as well as Molle strap attachment points should you want to add other items.  With such a case the gun can be secured and protected in a vehicle, on a UTV or ATV or over the shoulder for field carry.

That about sums up the Remington 870 Tac-14. These are new to the market and could be hard to find at dealers right now.  Retail pricing should be under $450.  I saw two at a recent gun show for well under that amount.  If you see one, grab it quick.  I think these short barreled shotguns are going to be very popular in short order.

Have questions about the sling?  Visit our article on “How To Sling A Tac-14 Shotgun

John J. Woods
Written by John J. Woods

John J. Woods, PhD, has been outdoor writing for over 35 years with over 3000 articles, and columns published on firearms, gun history, collecting, appraising, product reviews and hunting. Dr. Woods is currently the Vice President of Economic Development at a College in the Southern United States. Read his full interview here. Read more of John J.'s articles.

7 thoughts on “Remington TAC 14 Shotgun Review for 2020: Survival Shotgun”

  1. Personally, I've fired both this and the Mossberg Shockwave. I purchased the Shockwave as I own other Mossberg 500 and 590 pattern shotguns and the OpSol Mini-Clip insert is made for the Mossberg receiver allowing the use of Aguila Mini Shells (1.75" shells). The Mini-Shells turn my 5+1 500 into a 9+1 with slugs or buckshot. The Shockwave is my go-to home defense shotgun with the mini-clip and mini-shells.

    I passed on the Tac-14 because of the lack of an adapter for the mini-shells. However, I will say that the steel construction of the receiver is nicer than the alloy receiver on the Mossberg. If I did not already own of a few other Mossbergs, I would have jumped on the Tac-14.

  2. (This is a heads up to anyone who my what to try 3 inch shell in the TAC-14)
    In my youth. I had the chance to shot a 14 inch 870. I thought it would be cool to shot 3 inch shell in it!
    Got a good grip on said shotgun, sort of aimed at my target. Pulled the trigger!!
    The front forearm jumped out of my hand! The back pistol grip kick out of that hand!
    Never been the most coordinated person. But that gun hung in the air! (It seamed like it stopped moving!)
    I reach out and snatched it out of the air! I know no way!!!
    But it happen! Shot it again with a different grip. A better grip!!!
    One other thing , It was not my gun!!! So the relief of catching that shotgun. Before it hit the ground.
    Was immeasurable!!!
    Great run down on the TAC-14. A newer friend has one! Has not said how he like his!

  3. The idea is OK I love the 870 more than any other shotgun except an old 37 Ithaca.
    As far as range or yardage, a Pagoda load with adjusting your slit length on an unslit wad like the BP12 unslit shot cup over a FS12 gas seal.loading your own helps control the recoil. roll crimping is easy look at the ballistic products videos on youtube and they have all the Shotgun reloading stuff and manuals I suggest the buckshot loading manual. and the best part they have a phone, you can call and get a real person IN AMERICA AMAZING !

  4. I put a green laser sight at the very front of the m-lok handguard, with a magpul handstop right behind it to keep recoil from slamming my hand into the back of the laser sight. I rough sighted it in in the house {unloaded of course} by bringing the laser sight to correspond with the bead. I proof sighted it outdoors with a slug. Vaporized an old can of pumpkin, with a dead center hit. Awesome home defense gun in a darkened house. The ambient light from the laser lets you see in a no light scenario. This is not a gun to treat lightly, it puts out abuse from both ends!

  5. Would it be possible to find out who makes that shotgun scabbard posted in the last picture in the article? I have scoured the internet and come up empty. Thanks!


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