Survival Gear Review: Richmoor Hash Browns O’Brien

On a cold spring day in Zion National Park, we woke during our practice bug out exercise with the need for some ‘hot’ food.  As the water was being boiled over the open fire and the hot chocolate found; Richmoor’s Hash Brown O’Brien was also grabbed.

By the team

USA Berkey Filters

Instructions were easy, boil water.  The instructions claim that you 1. Boil water, 2. Add hash browns and cover to 10 – 15 minutes.  Food Review Hash Browns O'BrienOnce water was boiled you can either put the water in the package (good option if you are doing a little back-country with no pans) or place contents in pot of boiling water.  We opted for the second since we had a stove and pot; I also boiled (not steamed) for 10 – 15 minutes.  There is an optional instruction to draining any excess water and fry (mostly to get any excess water out).  Once done and dished up, all of us were pretty happy.  It tasted like it Hash Brown OBrien Richmoor Reviewshould and the peppers/onions were a nice flavor boost.  (And if the 6 year old asks for seconds, you know it’s good!)  The only thing it needed (to make it perfect) was a little salt, which was an oversight on our part.

Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Hash Brown Potatoes, Chopped Onion, Mixed Red & Green Bell Pepper.Freeze Dried Food Review Richmoor Foods
Servings Per Pouch: 2 (2 person pouch)
Total Fat: 0 g (Total Saturated: 0 g – Total Trans: 0 g)
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 15 mg (1%)
Total Carbs: 34 g
Total Protein: 4 g
For more nutritional information about this product click here.


Lightweight and compact.Richmoor Foods Hash Browns O'Brien Freeze Dried Food Review
Easy to store (and lasts in storage up to 5 years – may keep long depending on storage conditions)
Easy to make – all you need is water
Can make with or without a pan
Made in the USA
Cheap (Under $3 for the two person – Under $5 for the four person)
Available in 2 person or 4 person pouches
Limited ingredients (no monosodium glutamate)
Tastes good!


Needs a little salt
Requires cooking
Requires water

Where to Buy:
Amazon: $2.99
Forge Survival Supply $2.39
TyRy Foods $2.89

Photos by: The Team

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13 thoughts on “Survival Gear Review: Richmoor Hash Browns O’Brien”

  1. Sweet. Looks like I'll have to buy some. Its always nice when camping food is recommended. Good camping/hiking food can be hard to come by. I mean, you don't want to spend too much money only to find out whatever you bought tastes bad.

  2. If a 6 year old asks for seconds he is either starving to death or it REALLY does taste good. People in that age group typically have no problem telling you when something tastes yucky.

    That's the endorsement that won me over.

  3. You can also use a flameless heating kit. There are a few options out there, but one popular one is the Mountain House "mountain oven." It takes about 20 minutes to heat the food, but if you don't have another heating source it's really handy.

  4. I'm sorry… but MRE's seem a lot simpler. You don't have to carry 40 thousand individual packets, you get napkins, matches, gum, untensiles,salt, tabasco, pepper, and a drink mix and last but not least, you get a flamless heater, all in the same pack. But maybe I'm looking at this wrong… Anyway, thank you for posting this!

  5. I'm okay with the cons you listed above if I was truly in an emergency situation. Would my kids get tired of it after eating every day for a week? Probably but hopefully they'd understand the situation.

  6. Since you are posting about breakfast I just had to comment. Y'all must get some Scrambled Egg Powder from We use it exclusively for all our long term storage and for camping as well. Just get some and make it without telling your kids and they will all rave about how great the eggs taste. You can use it to make omletts too. Just add some freeze dried spinach onions and mushrooms.These eggs combined with your hash browns make a complete breakfast.

  7. Freeze Dried foods need water. Drinkable Water is the most important resource you will need in a SHTF situation. The last thing you would want to do is use that drinkable water to make food.

    I was at a gun show recently and a manufacturer of freeze dried food was there trying to sell their products and give taste test. I created a stir by asking them how their food tasted using urine. I live in a arid area. People tend to forget about how scarce drinkable water will become in a SHTF situation.

    I stock lentils – high in protein – I put portions of lentils in vacuum seal bags and this will allow me options when boiling.

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  9. preprepared meals add hot water wait and serve what could be better.
    limit your security or inviting in predators or critters you do not want to bunk with.
    No dishes quick and easy most times your too tired to deal with real cooking.
    A zip-lock bag to store your pouches to put in the garbage later

    Here is where a metal paper/ folder clip is great to seal the bag and trap heat and moisture and not spill it.

    I would like to see more reviews on other meals I hate to buy something that last 20+ years and not like it.
    and I can only eat chilimac for so long


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