Surefire G2X Pro Review – the Ultimate EDC Flashlight?

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By Mr. Smashy •  12 min read

Light is life. In an emergency, light can be the difference between life and death. A dependable flashlight is one of the most critical parts of any everyday carry kit. You may find yourself depending on the flashlight you carry every day unexpectedly. Having the proper flashlight is as critical as having the right means to defend yourself and the others around you.

The Surefire G2X Pro should not need much of an introduction. Surefire has been building flashlights for professionals for years. Many military, law enforcement, firefighters, and paramedics have come to depend on Surefire for emergency lighting.

I have carried a lot of different flashlights in my time and still have a variety in my inventory that I rotate into my EDC depending on where I am going and how long I will be gone. I recently added a Surefire G2X Pro to that rotation for several reasons. Understanding what I look for in an EDC flashlight may help you make the right decision for your emergency carry lighting.

The Surefire G2X Pro

Surefire has a long history of producing portable lights that perform with incredible efficiency. Emergency responders, law enforcement and military personnel have a longstanding relationship with Surefire portable lights and flashlights. The reputation built by Surefire has resulted in numerous contracts with governmental agencies, including the U.S. military.

weapon light

Innovation and technology have been at the forefront of design in Surefire products for years. Surefire was quick to recognize the potential as LED technology advanced. Utilizing the latest in battery technology has also factored into the Surefire industry-leading products. Combining cutting-edge technology with features that are important to professional emergency operators has kept Surefire as a go-to light manufacturer.

Other lights may try to emulate Surefire quality but few manage what the Surefire G2X Pro provides

Surefire G2x Pro Features and Specifications

Considering the critical factors that should be a part of any EDC or tactical flashlight and referring to the features and specifications is a great place to start when evaluating a flashlight for personal use.

The features list will almost always tell you quickly if a flashlight will meet your needs and expectations. Looking at the Surefire G2X Pro features list leaves very few doubts about the capabilities of this light.

surefire g2x Pro


Getting a little more technical, let’s get under the skin of the Surefire G2X Pro. It may not make a big difference in your decision, but knowing and understanding the technical design factors is nice.

Looking at these specifications, it is immediately apparent that this is a flashlight that is built to withstand extreme conditions. In addition, you will find this to be a versatile flashlight that can provide minimum light for long periods during non-critical needs or high-intensity bright light when the need arises.

My Take on the Surefire G2X Pro EDC Flashlights

The longer I use and carry my Surefire G2X Pro, the more I like it. Several reasons for this deserve some additional discussion and explanation. You may have different opinions about the outstanding features I like about this flashlight, but they got this flashlight into my EDC carry rotation.

Small and Lightweight

The lightweight polymer body and anodized aluminum bezel perfectly combine in my book. I tend to be a back pocket flashlight carrier. I don’t like a thick, bulky flashlight body or one that is too heavy.

The anodized aluminum bezel protects the LED emitter from inadvertent damage, while the Nitrolon body provides solid structural support without additional weight penalties.


One of the big draws for the Surefire G2X Pro is its price. When most comparable EDC and tactical flashlights cost over $100, Surefire has managed to keep the purchase price of the G2X Pro under $100. This puts this flashlight into the budget range of almost anyone, especially if you want a professional-grade EDC light. This gives the Surefire G2X pro a reasonable price that most people can easily afford.

Dual Output Modes

It isn’t often that I need the full 600-lumen output of a flashlight. Much of my use of an EDC flashlight is searching for items lost under the bed or in the floorboard of my truck after dark. I sometimes use my EDC light to illuminate small areas, such as locks, in unfamiliar situations. I don’t need to light up a huge area, just what is near at hand and of interest.

However, having the capability to project a bright beam of light over a much longer distance is part of why I carry a flashlight as part of my EDC. The Surefire G2X Pro provides the versatility to meet all of these needs.

Simple Controls

The tail cap switch suits me perfectly. It is easy to manipulate, even with gloved hands, and doesn’t require me to fumble around looking for the right button to get the function I want. The small size and weight of the G2X make one-handed operations possible.

THe impact resistance of the G2X is excellent for an LED flashlight and protects the virtually indestructible LED emitter

A Variety of Output Options

The tailcap switch does much more than turn the light on and off and vary the beam’s intensity. Pushing the tailcap switch until it clicks will turn the flashlight to constant on low output. Clicking again will turn the light off, and clicking again will put the flashlight into a high constant beam for maximum output.

Pressing the tailcap switch without clicking will put you into momentary-on low output. Changing to high output by clicking the switch quickly and turning it off allows you to press it for momentary high output.

Twisting the tailcap switch puts the switch in lockout mode to prevent accidental on/off operation when the flashlight is carried or stored. If the flashlight doesn’t come on when the tailcap switch is activated, turn the tailcap clockwise to unlock the switch.

What Other Users Say About the Surefire G2X Pro Flashlight

You don’t have to take my word about the G2X flashlight. Plenty of people are carrying this flashlight daily that will tell you their experiences and take on this flashlight. Yes, there are some cons to go with the pros of the Surefire G2X Pro flashlight, and these deserve to be considered as well.


The polymer body of the flashlight is easy on the hand. It isn’t slippery like some metal flashlights, and the non-roll design keeps it in place when you lay it down.


In my world, the shortcomings of the Surefire G2X Pro flashlight are no deal killers. If you want a Surefire light at a budget price, the Surefire G2X Pro provides you with all the Surefire tradition and quality at a reasonable price.

EDC Lights – The Critical Factors

There are several critical factors that I always consider when I choose a flashlight for my EDC. Your needs may be different. You may prioritize these factors differently. However, whenever the conversation turns to EDC flashlights, these are the things that I find most people want in an EDC flashlight:


Many people are surprised that I put size first on my list. Most people want to look at a flashlight’s light output before considering the other factors that I feel are important.

When considering an EDC flashlight, the size of the flashlight is first on my list because the size tends to be the factor that determines whether I will consistently carry the flashlight or if it sits in the drawer in my office.

An EDC flashlight must be small enough to carry comfortably. You may be a back pocket flashlight carrier, a waist carrier, a front pocket carrier or a belt clip carrier. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that wherever you choose to carry your EDC flashlight, you carry it consistently and can get to it rapidly when you need it.

Light Output

Only after I consider the size do I worry about the amount of light output the flashlight generates. Lumens, the standard measure of light output, is a function of the type of light, the type and size of the battery, and the design of the light housing. This means that an EDC flashlight’s light output is a compromise on size, weight, and design.

I like carrying an EDC flashlight with at least 600 lumens of light output. I want to maximize light output in the smallest flashlight I find comfortable to carry. You should consider the situations where you may need to employ an EDC flashlight.

Power Down Situations

I believe the most common situation most of us may face is a power-down situation in an unfamiliar place. Imagine being in a mall, a subway station, a large department store, or even in a university classroom building when the lights fail. I know emergency lighting is mandatory in almost all buildings now, but I know from experience as a firefighter that emergency lighting systems are notoriously prone to failing at the worst possible moment.

In this case, I want a flashlight that can illuminate enough areas that I can see to maneuver. I am not trying to floodlight the entire area. I want to see what is around me and in front of me while I am moving. I want to see far enough to recognize landmarks and see obstacles.

Self-Defense Situations

None of us ever expects to find ourselves in a nighttime personal defense situation. Unfortunately, we must also plan for this kind of situation.

An EDC flashlight that may double as a tactical flashlight must have certain characteristics. Among these is enough light output to give yourself the distance to see an adversary before they are too close. A focusable beam is also useful, as is a strobe effect to confuse.

In a self defense situation you may also want the maximum light a brighter light can give you to help deter a threat.

Emergency signaling

Very few of you may ever need to use an EDC flashlight as an emergency beacon. However, knowing that the flashlight you choose to carry can serve this important function can be comforting. Whether you are using your flashlight to signal a rescue party, to send emergency visual communications, or direct an emergency helicopter, the proper flashlight can be an essential tool.

Battery Life

The smallest, lightest and brightest EDC flashlight that burns through batteries in a matter of minutes is less than useful. In my opinion, it is dangerous.

A good EDC flashlight should have a battery life when used at high range intensity of at least an hour to an hour and a half. The type of battery paired with the type of light bulb is the determining factor in battery life. My choice is almost always LED lights that can use high-capacity batteries.

Beam Adjustability

Different situations call for different light capabilities from your EDC flashlight. Some situations demand a high-intensity narrow beam that is visible at great distances and provides a pencil-like pattern.

Other times call for a wide beam to flood light a larger area to give you a wider field of vision. Your EDC flashlight should have an adjustable beam pattern to provide you with the most versatile uses.

You can maximize light output for clear visibility or switch to constant on low mode to save the Surefire flashlight battery life.

User Interface

This is the new fancy term for the on/off switch. Every flashlight manufacturer has an idea of how users should manipulate the controls on a flashlight. My preference is the simplest set of controls I can find to give me the options I want. I want to be able to:

I also want to be able to do this one-handed without having to look at the flashlight to find the controls and figure out which one I need to press.

This might seem petty, but in a high-stress situation, which almost all emergencies are, having to stop to figure out how to run your flashlight is not a good thing.

My Final Thoughts

Is the Surefire G2X Pro the ultimate EDC flashlight? I would have to say no. This flashlight does have its shortcomings that some users may find enough issues with to give the Surefire D2X Pro a pass.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the dependability, ruggedness, and quality associated with Surefire products, the G2X Pro will give you all of these things at a reasonable price.

Mr. Smashy

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