Survival Kits, Snow Shelter, and EMP Protection

The Newsletter features links to articles I find throughout the week on other Survival sites that I want to share with our readers. This week we have understanding different types of survival kits, building an emergency snow shelter, and understanding the basics of a Faraday cage for EMP protection.

1. Last week there was a great article posted on about the various types of survival kits. I think a lot of people get stuck on preparing their one Bug Out Bag and forget to have gear for other situations. The article covers 6 different kits you should probably have ready.

Karambit Knife

Building Your Survival Kits

2. Leon from Survival Common Sense has published a cool how-to article on building simple emergency snow shelters. I know everything Leon does is hands on and based on experience. The article also covers some very good survival basics for any situation.

How to Make a Snow Trench Shelter

3. Finally Suburban Survivalist wrote a great introductory article about Faraday Cages. (protection from an ElectroMagnetic Pulse). As he notes there is a lot of useless info around the web, and I think he gives you a good simple understanding and a way to get started cheaply.

Faraday Cages to Protect Electronics


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8 thoughts on “Survival Kits, Snow Shelter, and EMP Protection”

  1. Ah! You know, I just saw the article on "Survival Flash Drives" right after reading a few survival mom posts, that expressed concerns about EMPs.

    I was going to suggest Faraday cages! I built one for physics class last year. It was cardboard, hot glue and aluminum foil. I kept marshmallows and other goodies safe in a microwave (they didn't even get hot) and I tested it before taking it to class by placing my cell phone in the box and calling myself. My cell phone didn't have a signal in it.

    The teacher made a quick and fairly successful one as well using those aluminum mesh pencil holders. We did not test it with a cell phone though.

  2. I have a gun safe, and store my important electronics inside it. Letting the safes outer shell act as the cage, and then running a small wire from its base to a ground point should turn it into a large faraday cage… correct?

  3. Snow caves and shelters are always loads of fun to build and great practice for when you really need them. I like the idea of using a tarp over the top. I will have to find a light weight one that will fit in my go bag.

    I am beginning to learn the canning and dehydrating food. As far as tents in a shtf situation I have not found any that would fit our family. .. seriously where would one look for a location that is private away from predators , I don't see a weather situation but I do see the need to be extremely hidden even at night. we are in Va and I know we will need to head West. I do believe a second home would be my best situation. I am a little over whelmed. Will we drive to this cabin would we walk.

  5. Faraday Cages to Protect Electronics link is broken

    Using a ammo can and there are many sizes and types for a impromptu Faraday cage is all about insulating the contents from the steel wall it can be anything as long as it will not conduct electricity.
    I keep the box the equipment came in that makes it super easy.

    For large objects a basic 2×4 framed area covered with bronze or some othermetal screen screen the better the conductivity of the metal the better it should be as well as the closeness of the mesh of the screen.
    here is where I hear a lot of comment it should be grounded, that means a ground rod in the dirt deep enough to contact moisture no matter how little it is.
    just wiring it to your home ground is not sufficient home grounds are notorious for not achieving proper ground.

    the door has to be snug even the floor should have wire as this is a box to eliminate waves radio or any energy
    then you can place your generator and Ham equipment etc inside and that should spare your stuff.

    problem if it is a solar storm these babies last days or bombard for weeks if it is a weapon 2 things you may experience nothing too far away or a blast and blinding light and I mean blinding burn out your retinas type.
    so do not be quick to open and expose your equipment,

    people do work in Faraday cages with power going in and light I would not do that less intrusion of power less chance of leakage.

    I am not sure how tight the screen wire needs to be ones I have been in were 1/4 inch hardware cloth stapled to wood making a complete box.
    I have no clue if a more powerful event could overcome that I am not an electrical engineer.I do know that 2×4 inch fence wire does not stop waves as if you can use your cell or pick up a radio station inside it is not working right.

    I do know if something conduction power is not grounded properly it will heat up and if the energy is strong enough
    I would imagine it could melt down.

    I know that wind plays hell with land lines {phones or power} static has killed people and can injure blow off fingers and toes kinda danger.
    if you look you can find where you can charge a battery with a long wire using static it is not simple but it has been done problem is controlling the current as not to blow up the battery or overcharge it.

  6. I've read all the great important tips on the site. But if the US is hit by an EMP (which I feel will be the disaster we will face) we will be plundged into a situation of long past era. Everything quits working. No vechiles, no power, most electronics need power. What are the surivial that will help us immediately?


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