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Survival Kits, Snow Shelter, and EMP Protection

The Newsletter features links to articles I find throughout the week on other Survival sites that I want to share with our readers. This week we have understanding different types of survival kits, building an emergency snow shelter, and understanding the basics of a Faraday cage for EMP protection.

1. Last week there was a great article posted on about the various types of survival kits. I think a lot of people get stuck on preparing their one Bug Out Bag and forget to have gear for other situations. The article covers 6 different kits you should probably have ready.

Building Your Survival Kits

2. Leon from Survival Common Sense has published a cool how-to article on building simple emergency snow shelters. I know everything Leon does is hands on and based on experience. The article also covers some very good survival basics for any situation.

How to Make a Snow Trench Shelter

3. Finally Suburban Survivalist wrote a great introductory article about Faraday Cages. (protection from an ElectroMagnetic Pulse). As he notes there is a lot of useless info around the web, and I think he gives you a good simple understanding and a way to get started cheaply.

Faraday Cages to Protect Electronics


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