Best Podcasts for Prepping, Survival, and Emergency Preparedness: Top 10 Picks

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By Bryan Rucker •  11 min read

The new era of entertainment is here, and it’s growing in popularity, unlike any other form of entertainment in history: Podcasts. This type of media has brought together so many people in recent years. 

Best Podcasts for Prepping

A popular Podcaster that you may have heard of is named Joe Rogan. Known for his Martial Arts and Fear Factor appearances, he virtually retains the most followers of any other Podcasts in the world.

This has led many others to become interested in this media, including preppers. The reason for this is due to the endless possibilities of topics and conversations. 

I know firsthand that finding quality podcasts is sometimes tricky because of the sheer amount available for listening to. This is why I’ve gathered the top ten for you to determine which is best for you.

Each podcast that I’ve included here have many useful topics to learn of, including natural and man-made disaster, tactical strategies and gardening, to name a few. Let’s hop into them.

Top 10 Best Survival Podcasts

1: The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast

Jack Spirko, the primary host, is an individual who has an exceedingly high amount of knowledge related to prepping. He loves the idea of preparedness, regularly discovering new things to share with his listeners. 

He’s been hosting the podcast for quite a while, and in this time, he’s grown an incredible community of Preppers alike. 

Occasionally, some of them have an opportunity to call into the show and share their viewpoints on things with Jack, which frequently sparks a fascinating conversation to learn from. 

He’s viewed as one of the most knowledgeable influential Preppers in the community thanks to sharing his outstanding skills with everyone. 

I’ve personally appreciated his patience to explain everything to me and others, like guidance for off-grid living, cooking, disaster preparedness, and much more. This podcast is certainly worth a listen.

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2: Mountain Women Radio


Tammy Trayer is a very conscious woman when it’s relative to prepping. She has several years of first-hand experience with survival, so she has a lot on the table to offer those seeking to learn.

She’s best known for her unique personality and her remarkable ability to cram in so much information into a short podcast. 

Tammy has spent much of her life hunting, which allows her to share handy hunting tips that can be used to survive if SHTF. 

That’s not all, though; she also teaches numerous other aspects of survival, such as living off-grid, disaster preparedness tips, and much more.

She periodically invites guests to share their expertise with her and the listeners, which is always appreciated as this brings in the second point of view. Tammy means business when it comes to disaster preparedness.

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3: Rational Survivor Podcast

rational survivor

If you’re anything like me, you’re always disappointed with some Preppers in terms of being realistic. Kyle Starkey, the host of the podcast, felt the same way, so he decided to take it into his own hands.

Kyle’s primary goal is to share legitimate news and facts to Preppers alike; this way, we can stay informed of current events without listening to all of the other useless information often heard in big media nowadays.

He has a considerable amount of understanding in all ends of preparedness, such as survival, camping, hunting, and more.

After listening to him, you’ll find that he has a great sense of humor and always finds the best in each topic he’s speaking of. He’s super active too, pumping out a minimum of at least one podcast per week.

He also tries to break down each probable SHTF scenario and walks the listeners through what would happen if a specific scenario occurs. It’s worth a listen.

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4: Epic Gardening 


Kevin, the primary host of Epic Gardening, brings a unique approach that isn’t often discussed as much as other topics in the prepping community; gardening. 

This topic certainly is a fundamental skill to learn if you plan to start or continue prepping, which is why I felt inclined to include it. 

The central part of Kevin’s podcast that I enjoy the most is that he goes into tremendous detail about the better ways to plant, such as what plants suit a specific climate the best.

He even goes into what should be done to maintain a garden and frequently mentions plants that wouldn’t need much maintenance. 

This will benefit all of us to know, primarily, if a significant SHTF disaster occurs. A complicated garden is not something that would be simple to do during a major catastrophe.

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5: Mind Of A Warrior

mind of the warrior

Many Preppers learn several of their skills by researching strategies used by those in the armed forces, such as the Army or Marines. This is why I couldn’t resist including Tim Kennedy’s and Dr. Mike Simpsons’ podcast.

Most preppers are either involved or seeking to learn about martial arts, including myself. If you plan on listening to their podcast, know that you’ll get a plethora of valuable martial arts advice. 

Learning these skills, or even simple things like hand strikes, could prove extremely useful in a SHTF situation, which is easily picked up on listening to their podcast.

Fitness is also another vital factor for Preppers, which is why I admire their willingness to cover so many ways of improving natural strength and stamina – critical in a disaster.

They even talk about active shooter situations, an important lesson to learn, but incredibly significant if SHTF. They’re certainly a cool set of guys, so I highly recommend them.

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6: Modern Combat and Survival 

modern combat and survival

Jeff Anderson, the primary host of this podcast, is an extraordinarily experienced prepper, housing knowledge in just about every aspect of preparedness.

His main goal is to inform his listeners of more modern type preparedness, such as weaponry and self-defense. 

Jeff has spent many years learning all wilderness survival strategies and shares all of this with us.

Often, he loves to talk about specific topics like “Best Ways To Find Water In The Desert,” which is critical to know if you’re ever stuck there.

If you’re looking for a podcast that involves firearms and combat, this is a good one to consider listening to.

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7: The Disaster Podcast


Jamie David and Sammy Bradley, the two main hosts, bring a different perspective regarding prepping. This is because Jamie is an EMT, so this means he has sufficient medical knowledge. 

Frequently, Preppers are not adequately prepared in terms of the medical aspects, so listening to this podcast would undoubtedly benefit those looking to up their medical game. 

They still regularly talk about survival, speaking of various kinds of situations, and how to make the best of them if one were to occur. 

Jamie also regularly invites local officials like law enforcement onto the podcast to discuss necessary preparedness steps. 

They love to talk of what has or is currently happening, such as the pandemic that occurred in 2020, natural disasters like tornadoes, and more.

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8: Fieldcraft Survival 

fieldcraft survival podcast

If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you know most Preppers love to learn strategies used by those in our armed forces. The guys over at Fieldcraft Survival are ex-military, and they’re not entirely quiet about their skills.

This podcast is perhaps the most universal in terms of topic coverage. I quickly found out that they’re super vocal about tactical strategies. Much of their content revolves around military training, or more specifically, “tactical training.” 

Anything from gun marksmanship tips to firearms coverage is regularly talked about here. They also periodically speak of many different medical emergencies and what can help or prevent them. 

Something that I love is that they regularly talk about all kinds of different types of survival equipment and explain why and when they’re useful. 

Some of their other topics include traversing through complicated scenarios (like civil unrest) or better ways to successfully be a “grey man,” which is super important when bugging out of the city or any areas with a high density of people.

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9: In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival

in the rabbit hole urban survival

Many Preppers commonly focus on the outdoorsy aspects of prepping, which certainly isn’t a bad thing, but Johnathan, Aaron, and Jason all strive to talk of Urban scenarios.

I love this podcast because, unlike most others, this podcast features a trio of people, each with their unique perspective.

A considerable part of their podcast includes topics like what to do if disaster hits in an urban environment like your workplace or when you’re away from home, such as the occasional store visit.

They even talk about distinct ways of bugging out of an urban environment, which, I’ll add, can be relatively challenging, especially if you live in a large city with a high population density.

Finally, they regularly talk about urban survival, including where to hide in the event of civil unrest, places to sleep, and survival tactics like finding resources, which is undoubtedly tricky if mass civil unrest occurs.

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10: Reluctant Preppers

prepper guy

Last but not least, we have Reluctant Preppers. I’ll admit, most of the podcasts here are more serious types of media. That certainly isn’t a bad thing, but it’s fun to talk theories.

Dunagan Kaiser, the primary host of Reluctant Preppers, is a considerable theorist. This is one of my favorites on the list because he does go out on edge and talk about the impossible.

I’ll say that he certainly has a massive amount of first-hand survival experience, and he’s not shy about sharing it either. He gets right to the point and never sugar coats anything.

He probably talks more about global warfare than most other podcasts here, which is definitely interesting to listen to. He also regularly speaks of current ongoing disasters and frequently mentions the crazy economic aspects of prepping. 

He also talks about precious metals, so definitely check that out if you’re into that sort of thing. Overall, it’s a wild podcast that’ll get your eyebrows raised. 

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If you’re anything like me, you enjoy the periodic listen to a podcast. I personally always want to find a new podcast to listen to, so I’m able to hear from different perspectives. 

I felt the need to add podcasts to this list that consists of more than one person because this adds many different kinds of views, which is certainly a good thing. 

If we ever find ourselves in a true SHTF scenario, we’re going to want to be properly prepared. I believe listening to these podcasts allows us to become more open minded in terms of preparedness.

Survival, emergency first aid, and urban preparedness are fundamental skills to learn, so listening to a few of these shows will unquestionably steer you on the right path.

Bryan Rucker

Brian Rucker has spent his entire life participating in essentially all things wildlife. His concern grew astronomically during the previous tensions between the United States and other nations. He also has grown a substantial interest in survival and sustainability due to the current shape of the world over the years. He believes that preparation triumphs all things.