Survival Shotgun: Accessories You Actually Need in 2021

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By Mr. Smashy •  5 min read

Although the shotgun does a great job on it’s own, there are some accessories that will greatly improve your capability. People like to load up their guns with a lot of accessories that add weight but not much functionality. Here are 4 accessories you actually need:

Best Survival Shotgun Accessories: Must-Haves

At a quick glance, here are our top picks:

  • Favorite Shotgun Light
  • Easy drop-in install
  • 600 lumens of white light
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Mossberg Version
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Remington Version
  • Favorite Sling for Shotguns
  • 17 inches of 550 Paracord
  • 2-point sling
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  • Favorite Shell Holder for Remington
  • Holds 6-shots
  • Black, unbreakable, corrosion resistant polymer Shellholder
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Remington Version
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Mossberg Version
  • Favorite Extra Shell Holder
  • Hooks to your belt. Holds two rounds.
  • Quick access. High-quality plastic.
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Shotgun Sling

The best for a shotgun is a two-point sling. Three-point slings are too complicated and single point slings are impractical for running, climbing, or moving through brush.

You will most likely be using your shotgun either on quick security checks or long patrols; a simple two-point sling is best suited for both missions. A side-mounted sling is best, you can find side sling mounts by GG&G or Specter Gear. Also make sure to check out the sling below; it looks great, has high-ratings and is affordable:

TLO Outdoors Paracord Gun Sling - Tactical 2-Point Rifle Sling, Extra Wide,...
  • 2-POINT gunsling ADJUSTABLE from 33" to 44" with choice of TRADITIONAL or QD (QUICK DETACH) Swivels

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Shotgun Stock Carrier or Sidesaddle

You need a way of keeping an extra reload on the shotgun such as a sidesaddle or buttstock carrier (or both). One of the main weaknesses of the shotgun is firepower; magazine capacity is low and reloads should be carried on the gun so they are always available.

Look for good Buttstock Carriers by Eagle Industries, Specter Gear and Uncle Mike's.

Good Side-saddles, receiver mounted ammo carriers, are made by:

Side-saddles are not recommended for Mossbergs with aluminum receivers because over time recoil can cause the pins to deform the action. This is also true to a certain extent for Remington guns, but it’s not as pronounced.

Side-saddles made by Vang Comp and Mesa Tactical have mitigated these issues by using different approaches to the problem. I’d still recommend using loctite on the screws and witness marks to be sure the screws aren’t backing out from recoil.

Shotgun Weapon Light

Target identification saves lives, and a tactical bright light can actually deter the use of lethal force. The best are made by SureFire and are integrated into the pump: Remington Version and Mossberg Version.

The newer models have unbreakable LED bulbs that stand up to recoil, run hours on a set of batteries, and batteries will stay stable in the light for 10 years. However,  SureFire is a premium solution, so that may not be for you.

Streamlight is another source of lights and mounts for shotguns. Mesa Tactical offers a Magazine and Barrel Clamp that can be used to mount a 1″ light like a SureFire 6P directly to the barrel.  GG&G are offering replacement fore ends with a rail for use as a light attachment. The key is to use a quality light and mount that will hold up to recoil and rough handling.

See the recommended shotgun weapon light’s:

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Shotgun Extra Shell Carrier

Efficiency is key. Safariland sells a belt clip mounted shot shell holder that is concealable and holds a quick two rounds. There are a huge selection of modular pouches for use with shogun shells, which may be practical but not very versatile, unless you plan on having multiple rigs.

A shotshell card, like the Jones Tactical SSH-01 can be used in conjunction with an existing rifle rig or But Out Bag. They are slim, have hook Velcro on the back, and can be zip-tied to things like pack straps for expedient ammo setup. You can even put loop Velcro on your shotgun and use them as a side-saddle.

All-in-all, the Safariland belt clip is recommended:

Safariland 080-12 Shot Shell Holder, 12-Gauge
  • Package length: 5.334 cm
  • Package width: 10.668 cm

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Best Shotgun Accessory: My Choices

If I could only pick two accessories, I’d chose a shotgun weapon light and a quality buttstock ammo carrier.  A sling is nice, especially for those long walks around the ranch, but target identification and having a reload on the gun is more important.

What’s important for you is getting quality accessories and having them work together reliably for you as a team to help round out your weapon system.

Mr. Smashy

Mr. Smashy has been shooting competitively for more than 15 years. Scouted from a junior club rifle team for the state team, he has won state championships in several events over his years. Mr. Smashy currently competes in NRA Highpower, USPSC, Action Pistol, among others. Mr. Smashy has excellent knowledge of US service rifles, reloading, and marksmanship. Read his full interview here.