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Survival Skills, EDC, and Homemade MRE’s

The Newsletter from SurvivalCache features great articles on survival and prepping from other survival sites that I follow. This week we have a survival skills quiz, a breakdown of an EveryDay Carry system, and a cool how-to on homemade MRE’s.

1. Last week the TEOTWAWKI Blog wrote a great article on his EDC, or EveryDay Carry system. The post is just a simple breakdown of the gear you should carry regularly, but what I really liked was the list of “Don’ts” that he included. It’s easy to get carried away with gear, read the list for some common sense limitations.

The EDC Bag

2. The Survival Mom posted a great survival skills list you need to know. I liked it because, much like my Survival Food Pyramid, it is multi-leveled. If you are truly new, you can start with the “Easy Skills Level” and progress from there. Again, intelligent and logical improvement is the idea.

Do You Have the Skills to Survive a Depression?

3. The Chief, over at Accept the Challenge, wrote a brilliant how-to article on homemade MRE’s, a concept I had never even considered before.  All you need is a food saver and some basic dry foods to get started.

Homemade MRE’s


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Photo by: LightChaser: Luis Cruz