5 Tips You Need To Know About Survival Hunting

This article may be rudimentary for some but for those not familiar with hunting here are some tips and tricks for hunting in a survival situation. 

Hunting for Survival

Please note that some of the following advice is for informational purposes and should only be used in a true survival situation. Doing so outside of a survival situation could be against some local and state laws. With that in mind lets discuss a few helpful hints for hunting your next meal.

Hunting for Survival

Make a Blind 

A blind is simply a structure to hide behind that conceals a person from the sight of an animal. Some animals have extremely good eyesight so it may be necessary to construct a rudimentary blind. 

This can be done by weaving sticks and vegetation to make a wall to sit behind. 

Limit Movement and Sound 

While some animals have extremely good eyesight, others do not. Growing up, I learned that moving around could end a hunt very quickly.

 It may seem like an easy task to not move but limiting movements for long periods does take some discipline. This also applies to not making sound. Even with camouflage not moving around or making sounds is going to be one of the best tactics in your hunting toolbox. 

Stay Downwind 

Most animals have a very good sense of smell. This is why you may have heard the term, “staying downwind.”

This means that the wind should be blowing towards you when you are looking at the animal. If the wind is blowing over you and towards the animal then you are upwind. In this scenario the animal will most likely pick up your scent and often will bolt from the area. To stay downwind you may have to move around but do so as stealthily as possible.

Masking Scent 

Since we are on the topic of not being smelled. Some people have certain products in their survival kits that can have a strong smell. Such as soaps, hand sanitizers, and other hygiene products.

It would be my recommendation not to use products that have a strong scent on the same day you plan on hunting, at least not before the hunt. This should better your chances of not being detected. 

No Beelines  

In an open area where the animal can see you, do not walk directly towards the animal. As soon as an animal thinks you are looking at them and you take a step in their direction they will perceive you as an immediate threat. 

To avoid looking like a threat try walking in a zig zag motion or an ever decreasing circular motion around the animal.

By walking in a pattern that is not directly at them you will have better luck at closing the distance between the two of you until they are in range. 

Wrapping It Up

I hope that you enjoyed some of these hunting tips that should you ever have to use, will result in a better ability to obtain a meal. What are some of your favorite hunting tips? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

Written by Bryan Lynch

Bryan grew up in the Midwest and spent every waking moment outdoors. Learning how to hunt, fish, read the land, and be self-reliant was part of everyday life. Eventually, he combined his passions for the outdoors, emergency preparedness, and writing. His goal was to spread positive information about this field. In 2019, Bryan authored the book Swiss Army Knife Camping and Outdoor Survival Guide. His second book, Paracord Projects For Camping and Outdoor Survival, is scheduled to be released on March 2, 2021. Read more of Bryan's articles.