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Survival Gear Review: Todd Grey Role Knife

I am not by nature a “knife” guy.  I often have several on me but they are tools that I use as needed.  My likes and dislikes are simple and rarely do I go outside of my comfort zone.


By Captain Bart, contributing author

My survival knife fixed blade of choice is my KA-BAR Army sheath knife.  I like it, it feels good in my hand, single edged, proper Survival Knife Reviewlength and balance so why look at another blade.  Then this Scorpion Knife designed by Geoff “Tank” Todd arrived in the mail.  Interesting enough knife but not my style.  It was double edged, serrated along one side, BLACK with a tactical style sheath, but OK, the folks at wanted a review so I’d look at it.

First impressions

It didn’t fit my hand quite as well as my KA-BAR. Not bad, mind you, but I like the feel of the KA-BAR slightly better. It was sharp, straight razor sharp, right out of the box.  Solid, single piece of steel from point to the punch at the base gave an air of rugged reliability.  The sheath is set up to attach to anything complete with molle mount points so you can hang even more stuff on it.  Also rugged as befits the blade.  So, OK, maybe it might not be a complete waste of time to try it out.

Field work

I had some clean up work that needed doing so the knife and I go out into the back yard.  There were some tree roots that had grown over some antenna leads and I needed the roots gone.  The serrated blade made short work of the problem.  This is where I ran into my ‘double edged blade’ issue.  I have a bad habit (one this knife just might correct) of using my weak hand to grasp the back of the knife and add a little extra force when using it to saw stuff. Unless you want someone to get suturing practice do not do that with this knife.  The blade is plenty sharp enough to not need the extra force and the back side would slice through a gloved hand in a heartbeat.

The smooth edge was very effective as a small machete for cleaning away brush, small shrubs, weeds and other debris.  I ran a quick survival gear review todd grey knifetest on the punch and it quickly and easily embedded itself into soft wood (pine).  Not wanting to actually break glass (didn’t want to do the clean up) that was as far as I took the punch test.

As a punch it seems effective but my preference is for the solid, flat base of Kay Bar type knives.  A little more force needed to break glass perhaps but I think I will more likely need a small hammer than that punch in the woods.  In a fight scenario the punch would be more effective, no doubt, but I tend to think knife fights will be an extremely rare occurrence.  In the same vein, I tried throwing the knife at some targets.

I am strongly biased against throwing knives.  Once you’ve thrown it, you are down disarmed.  Not a good thing, especially if your target runs off with your knife still stuck in it.  With that caveat and my poor skills at throwing, I found the knife fairly easy to throw with a 6 in 10 success rate for sticking in the target.  Given the punch on the end, even when it hit base first (I said I wasn’t very good) damage was done.

I wanted to test the side load capability of the knife so I devised several test to safely see how much side load it would take.  I did not Survival Knife Reviewwant to be holding the knife if I broke it for fear of being cut so I wedged it into several locations and used my weight as the force.  The knife flexed of course under my 200 lb load but it did not break or permanently deform.  Not treatment I’d recommend for any knife but it is nice to know it is solid.  The force was smoothly and gradually applied, no sudden shocks but I think I can say it is an extremely well made knife.

The lanyard of course has a multitude of uses in the field.  I slipped it around my wrist when out picking black berries.  I used the knife to clear away extra brush (there be snakes in Houston) and once the berries were exposed I could just let go of the knife. Convenient and I didn’t have to go hunting the knife among the thorns.

It cleaned up well with warm water and paper towel dry.


The Todd did everything it should have done extremely well.  Even for someone like me who is a little leery of double-edged blades, Survival Knife Reviewit was a pleasure to use.  The sharpness of both blades quickly got me out of the reflex of putting the weak hand on the blade for control.  It just wasn’t needed.  Rugged, reasonably water proof with a sheath that is not concerned with moisture this knife kept its edge through a couple of weeks of hacking, sawing, digging  (OK, you should never dig with your knife but sometimes folks do, so I did), high side loads and reasonable neglect and abuse and it is still in great shape.

This is not a knife I would have ordered online.  It is not a knife I would have picked up at a show.  If I had picked it up, I probably would have put it back down because it fit differently than what I liked.  All the negatives noted and considered I still like this knife.  The grip difference seems right for the knife.  Simply rotating it in the hand changes it from a serrated blade to a smooth blade and the feel doesn’t change. It never slipped when I had wet hands and I never felt like I wasn’t in complete control of the blade.

Nope, this is not a knife I would have tried out on my own. I would have been wrong.

Available from Samuel Staniforth, LTD £103.36  (Click Here)

Specs from the website:
Designed by Geoff ” Tank” Todd from New Zealand, the world’s foremost military Master Instructor of European Close Combat.  The best of everything has gone into these knives – NZ design – Sheffield Made – French Steel- British Grips – US Coatings and NZ sheaths.  Made with the Operator in mind, including all specialist role requirements.  Great for Military roles, Hunting, Survival and General Bushcraft and Hiking. – Full Tang Construction.

Blade – 5″ Long – 420 Stainless Steel – 80cm Rope cutting Serrations

Grips – Unique blend of Glass filled poly and Rubber – with thumb groove and side ridges for extra grip.

Total weight 450g

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