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5 More Survival Blogs You Should Be Reading

In an update to one of our original articles “5 Survival Blogs You Should Be Reading” here are 5 more Survival Blogs that we follow on a regular basis.  What separates these Survival Blogs from others is that they practice what they preach.

By the Team

* In no particular order

1.  SouthernPrepper1

Although maybe not a true blog in the writing sense, SouthernPrepper1’s video blog on youtube is one of our Top Prepper Websitesfavorites (if not our favorite).  SouthernPrepper1 doesn’t just talk a big game, he lives it.  If you haven’t watched some of his videos, here is a quick list of some of our favorites:  DoomsDay Preppers NatGeo w/ SouthernPrepper1, Underground Survival Bunker, Trip Wires for Retreat Security.
If only SouthernPrepper1 was our neighbor…..

2.  Surviving in Argentina

Fernando “FERFAL” Aguirre who is the author of the book “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” writes updates to his best selling book on this blog.  FerFal is one of the few writers in the Survival Blogosphere
who has lived through a modern survival situation.  His tips and experiences from both his book and his blog will prove useful in helping to prepare you and your family.

It doesn’t hurt that FERFAL (Fernando FAL .308) is a pretty cool guy as well.


3. SHTF Blog

Updated often, This blog provides great reads by JarheadTop Prepper Blogs Survivor, Rangerman, and Calamity Jane.  In our minds there is something to be said about a Survivalist Blog which doesn’t have to have a “Non-Fiction” writing contests every week to boost their Search Engine Optimization – these guys don’t!!!  Some of our favorites: 10 Best Guns for SHTF, How to Make a Humble Hobo Stove.  Keep up the good work Rangerman, Jarhead, and Jane!!!

4.  Modern Survival Online

Rourke provides a good mix of non-fictionRourke Modern Survival Online posts, gear reviews, and news updates on his site.  One of our favorite parts of his site is his “Survival Database Downloads” located on the right side of the navigation bar on the home page.  The “Survival Database” is full of great information compiled by Rourke over the years.

Rourke is another very cool guy in the survival world.

5.  Tactical Intelligence.Net

We love Erich’s site and his views on survival and preparedness.  We also checked out his new Prepper Academy and loved it.  Tons of survival bloggreat information and he lives by what he preaches….Erich is ready for any situation.  Keep up the good work.

Photos by: Lincolnian

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