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How to Choose an Urban Survival Bag

Choosing an Urban Survival Bag is a lot different than choosing your Bug Out Bag. In some ways it is easier because you probably don’t need to worry about having a MOLLE system or an internal or external frame. However, there are some things you need to consider before choosing your urban survival bag.

There are generic qualifications you would look for in any backpack; sturdy, pockets, comfort, and I trust most people will be able to figure those out for themselves. The one thing you really want to ask when choosing an urban survival bag is Does it blend?

Why Blend?

If you are in an urban survival scenario do you really want to be the person with an olive drab rucksack full of gear walking through the streets of a chaotic city? You would absolutely scream Prepared!”

Urban Survival BagPeople will see you and think “Hey that guy probably has some gear or food”

Law Enforcement will see you and think “That guy might have a weapon I need to stop and search him

Survivalists always talk a lot about camouflage in the bush. We have camouflage for everything. Why should urban survival be any different? Being prepared is about bringing the tools for the job.

In an urban survival situation you want to blend. Go with the flow. Look like just another scared sheep trying to get home. So you should choose an urban survival bag that works for you.

Choosing a Bag

So what do you look for in an urban survival bag? Simple: Dark colors and no camo.

When you walk around your city how many hundreds of people carry a backpack that you never even notice? Be one of those people.

Camo screams prepared and survivalist. Bright colors are generic in backpacks but can draw attention.

Buy a dark colored generic backpack that fits your needs and doesn’t look overly outdoorsy and fill it full of lifesaving gear no one will ever notice in the aftermath of an urban emergency.

How Will You Blend?

I am interested to know if any of our readers have other ideas for blending in during an urban crisis? Leave a comment a let us know.

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