Survival Debate: 9mm or .45

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By Joel Jefferson •  2 min read

We’re starting a new series on to discuss the most common and popular debates among survivalists. I figured what better way to start than with the grand daddy of them all: 9MM or .45.  Everybody has an opinion on this one, and if you don’t you probably need one, for conversational purposes if nothing else.


A 9MM handgun is typically more lightweight and compact than a 45. What makes it popular among shooters is its lower recoil, affordability and its ability to carry more ammunition.

The difference in cost of both the firearm and the ammunition make training often with 9MM much more economical.

9MM shoots a smaller projectile that is faster than a 45 caliber, giving it better target penetration.




Although their are more compact models today, 45 caliber handguns tend to be larger and heavier to accommodate bigger and more powerful ammunition.

45’s have more recoil, hold less ammunition, are generally more expensive.

What makes the 45 stand apart from the 9MM is its power. While the larger projectile is slower it delivers more impact and trauma to its target.



Middle Ground

Every great debate has a middle ground. For this one it would be the .40 S&W Caliber. It has more power than the 9MM, but can still hold more rounds per magazine than the .45. The price is also in the middle. The .40 round is widely adopted by Police and Law Enforcement all over the world.

However, this compromise doesn’t seem to sway fans very much. Most polls, while certainly not scientific, usually show a huge divide between 9MM and .45 with the .40 being a distant third.

Where do you stand?

Personally I am a 9MM fan, but I might be heavily swayed by the fact that it is far cheaper and I don’t have a lot of money. If cost wasn’t an object I might lean towards .45- Leave a comment and tell us which you prefer and why.


Joel Jefferson

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