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to help you prepare for survival situations and emergencies

Survival Gear Guides

We have an obsession with quality survival gear. We put together a series of guides for everything you need to prepare yourself.

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Survival Situation Guides

For every survival scenario, we cover everything from things to know, common mistakes, common myths, and more. Take a look at the guides below:

Survival Protection Guides

Defending your family and yourself in survival situations is key. Make sure to read up on different prepper laws in each state so you know what can be used for protection.

Hands-on Reviews

Our survivalists use different products for prolonged periods of time hands-on, then provide their honest review with quality pictures and video. We review everything from knives, scopes, tents, to much more. Check out our recent reviews below:

The Expert Team

Our team is made up of military veterans, firemen, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Check out the current management and writing team:

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Questions about Survival Prepardness

Here are answers to the most common questions we get asked. We’ve answered them plus linked out to other resources you should read.

What is survival prepping?

Survival prepping is about self-reliance. It includes obtaining the skills, gear, and more importantly, knowledge, to prepare yourself for any natural or manmade survival situations.

Preppers are individuals who actively practice and prepare for different types of critical emergencies.

Read the detailed getting started guide.

How to get started with survival prepping?

Being prepared is all about taking a systematic approach and developing a plan for situations. You can spend a significant amount of money on prepping gear if you do not know what you are doing. Before buying anything, read up on these resources:

  1. Getting Started: Getting started guide plus the survival glossary so you can understand the basics
  2. Expectations: Read up on prepper myths vs realities
  3. Mental Toughness: Ensure you are mentally prepared for emergencies
  4. Rules: Understand the Survival Rule of Threes
  5. Organization: Create a survival binder with all relevant information
  6. Storage: Read the emergency food stockpile plan, water storage process, and prepper pantry

These guides will get you started but there is much more to preparedness than just these things. It’s not all about having the right gear and plan; it’s also about being mentally and physically prepared.

What should I buy for survival?

The first step is to take inventory of what items you already have in your home. Don’t just buy things without a plan; that’s a sure way to lose money.

After that, you need to understand what to buy. Here are guides to get you started:

After taking inventory of your home, make a master list of things you need to buy. Then strategically purchase those items over time. Be smart, be frugal; it’s an important skill set to have.