CamoForm Review: Camouflage anything without Painting?

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By Bryan Lynch •  3 min read

Last week I ordered 2 rolls of CamoForm camouflage wrap. After trying it out today on a rifle stock and knife sheath (pictures included), as far as I can tell, CamoForm is the easiest way to camouflage anything. You can use CamoForm on any gear without the fear of damaging it or the pain of painting.

CamoForm is basically a camouflage self-adhesive bandage wrap for your gear. It is easily removable with no residue and reusable. The package even says that if your CamoForm ever loses it’s self-cling properties you can wash it in soap and water and it will continue to work.

Specifications from McNett:

I got 2 rolls of Army Digital and tried it on the old Marlin Model 60 and the sheath to my Buck Nighthawk and both worked well.

Marlin Model 60 Stock

I thought the results were pretty impressive for a few minutes worth of work that I can remove anytime I need. Which, by the way, the company recommends for times when the CamoForm gets wet and dirty so it doesn’t hold moisture to your gun. Clean both the gun and the tape then reapply.

Buck Nighthawk Sheath

For this one, I just wrapped the sheath. I also read somewhere that with the Army Digital Camo tape (and maybe others) you can reverse it to get a sort of dessert camo look. I thought that was cool, and it worked pretty well. (Last Picture)

What Would You Camouflage?

Amazon has almost all of the different patterns available.

Pros and Cons of CamoForm



Open Questions on CamoForm

So there is no residue left behind?

A: No, this is not like normal tape with an adhesive back. The fabric does not stick to items but sticks to itself.

How do you remove the fabric from a piece of gear?

A: Find the end where you stopped wrapping, peel the end back, and simply unwrap.

Is the tape reversible?

A: Yes, it can be wrapped with either side facing outward. However, be aware that the design may differ slightly from the front to the back.

Can this only be used on firearms and knives?

Nope! The tape is flexible and will conform to almost anything you want to camouflage. Camera lens, outdoor security cameras, walking sticks, the list of things you can wrap with this tape is almost endless.

Wrap Up

Knowing that you don’t have to paint expensive firearms or other gear, what would you camouflage with CamoForm? Let me know in the comments.

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