Mora Garberg Review: Is this Morakniv Knife Worth It?

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By Bryan Lynch •  6 min read

Morakniv has a reputation for producing quality tools at very affordable prices. Many outdoors people are so familiar with them that the statement of “I have a Mora,” will get you a nod of approval. Probably their most popular model, the Companion, has been used by so many due to its quality versus the price that it is the standard by which we judge many others.

I am a longtime user of knives by this company. I wanted to share a quick review and some opinions about this model. So, let’s jump right in and see what the Garberg brings to table.

  • Three different options for sheaths
  • Stainless steel for added blade protection
  • Metal pommel for scraping, fire starting and hammering
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Morakniv Garberg Review


MoraKniv Garberg review

The first thing to note about the Garberg is that it is a full tang, fixed blade knife. This is a must when depending on knife for heavy duty outdoor tasks. This is quality that I require for all of my fixed blade knifes.


The blade measures in at 4.3 inches long, with an overall length of 9 inches. The thickness of the blade is 0.13 inches.


At 9.6 ounces this knife heavy enough to get the job done while not weighing you down.


The blade is made from Swedish Scandvik 14C28N stainless steel. It has jus the right amount of materials in it to be used as a fire steel striker while at the same time providing protection from the elements.


The spine of the knife is ground to a flat surface and is left unpolished for optimal use with a fire steel. I also find that a flat spine is more comfortable to use with certain cutting methods.


There is a pommel on the butt of the knife that adds an additional metal surface for striking against a fire steel, for scraping purposes or as an impact tool. The style of this model’s pommel is a personal choice but I tend to like them as it gives the knife more versatility. 

Lanyard Hole

At the bottom of the handle there is a small hole that goes through the frame. Cordage can be threaded through this in order for creating a lanyard or tool loop.


This model comes with a black handle and silver blade. All three sheath options appear to come in black.


This model offers three different sheath configurations. A MOLLE compatible polyamide sheath, a leather sheath, or a plain polyamide sheath. Many knives only come with one kind of sheath so it nice having a few different options in which to choose from.

MoraKniv Garberg Pros and Cons



  • Three different options for sheaths
  • Stainless steel for added blade protection
  • Metal pommel for scraping, fire starting and hammering
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What people are saying about the Garberg

Morakniv advertises the Garberg as their most powerful full tang knife. Many people agree and comment that this is the model that should have been made all along.

Overall, the main complaint about the Garberg appears to be concerned with the price. At first glance this knife looks like many of the other models produced by Morakniv except this one is a slightly larger.

Others have noted that the handle is a bit out of line with many of this company’s other handles. It is not as contoured and is quite a bit harder. Unlike other models that have a softer rubberized grip.

FAQS about the Garberg

Q: Can this knife be used with a fire steel?

A: Yes. The spine of the blade is flat and unpolished allowing for it to easily be scraped against a fire steel.

Q: Does the Garberg have the Scandi grind?

A: It appears that it does. Although there have been some customers who have noticed discrepancies concerning the bevels.

Q: What is the purpose of the pommel?

A: The pommel is the butt or end of the handle. The pommel on this model is part of the knife frame and extends past the scales/handle of the knife. They are useful because they can be used for tasks that would otherwise damage or dull the blade. Such as hammering, scraping material for tinder, used against a fire steel or for other impact related tasks.

Q: Can this blade be used for food prep?

A: Yes. Unlike many knives today, the Garberg stainless steel blade is not covered in a protective black coating. While these coatings are good for protecting the underlying metal, they typically are not food prep friendly, especially if those coatings begin to flake. No need to worry about that with this stainless steel model.


By all appearances the Garberg seems to be another great knife by Morakniv. Its size makes it handy for a variety of outdoor tasks while not being too big that it gets in the way. This sleek and ergonomic design is one of the many features I have always enjoyed about this company’s knives.

The classic Scandi grind is a great edge when working with a variety of materials. It bites into the medium being worked on and provides a safer more comfortable cutting experience. Also, In my opinion, the Scandi grind is one of the easiest edges to sharpen, especially for novices. The addition of the metal pommel gives the knife a bit more versatility over other models, allowing it to be used in more tasks.  However, I am not sure I see enough of a difference between the Garberg and other models that I own by this company to warrant the increased price. Don’t get me wrong, I am eager to get my hands on this knife and I am sure that one day I will. I think that when I do it will be a nice addition to the collection. But until that day I will pass the time by continuing to use other great models by Morakniv.

  • Three different options for sheaths
  • Stainless steel for added blade protection
  • Metal pommel for scraping, fire starting and hammering
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