Mora Light My Fire vs Companion: Which Knife Is Better?

For this head to the head comparison, I will be comparing two knives, Mora Light My Fire vs Companion. Both knives are wonderful, and I have used them for years.

MoraKniv Light My Fire vs.MoraKniv Companion

In my opinion, Morakniv makes high-quality knives that are insanely affordable. Many of their models are lightweight and compact, making them great knives to carry in a pack, on my belt, in a tackle box or to just have in the glove compartment.

These knives have become a go to knife for me for many tasks I wish to accomplish. I have used them as utility knives for cutting boxes, carpet, rope and straps. I have used them for game processing. They are exceptionally handy for processing wood around the camp when I need, feather sticks, tinder, kindling, or when I am completing an outdoor project. I enjoy using these knives so much that I even use them for food prep in the kitchen at home. 

While both knives appear quite similar there are some differences to note, especially with the integration of a fire steel on one of the models.

Reviewed and written by Bryan Lynch, an avid and expert outdoor enthusiast

Differences between Mora Light My Fire vs Companion

The Blade

The fixed blade on the Light My Fire is made from 12C27 stainless steel and measures in at 0.07”thick, 3.75” long, and a total length of 8.5 inches. At 3.4 oz with the sheath this knife is a dream to carry.

The Companion is also a fixed blade knife made from carbon steel (although there is an option for stainless steel) and measures in at 0.08 inches thick, 4.1 inches long and a total length of 8.6 inches. Weight with the sheath is 3.9 ounces.

The Handle

The handle on both knives appears to be made from the same rubberized material. They feel about the same in terms of texture/grip but to me the Light My Fire handle feels just a tad smaller. One difference is that on the Light My Fire Model the backend is cut out a bit where the fire steel is located.


The Sheath

Both knives come with a hard plastic colored sheath that corresponds to the color of the knife. I have never been a fan of plastic sheaths but the durability of Morakniv’s has stood apart. Interestingly, the drainage hole the Light My Fire model is double the size of that on the Companion. I am curious if there is a reason for that or if it just an abnormality.  


Pictures of the Mora Light My Fire and Companion

Mora Light My Fire Review

Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife Fixed Blade Knife with 9.5 cm (3.75 Inch)...

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The Scandi grind has become a favorite of mine because it allows for a thinner cutting edge that really digs into a material without the blade skipping from the cut. Since I do a lot of projects with wood, this feature has become very important to me. When I first unboxed this blade the edge was razor sharp, as is the case with every knife I have ever bought from Morakniv. Not only is the Scandi grind enjoyable to use it is also extremely easy to sharpen, even for novices.

The main difference with this model is the Swedish made fire steel that is integrated into the butt of the knife. It is approximately 2 3/8” long and twist locks into the handle of the knife for easy carrying. The fire steel does throw off a lot of sparks but I don’t’ find the handle to be particularly comfortable to hold. However, having a fire steel knife combo that doesn’t skimp on quality is always a plus to have. 


  • Comes with a Swedish made fire steel
  • The fire steel is rated for roughly 3,000 strikes and produces sparks that reach 3,000 degrees Celsius
  • Slip resistant handle
  • Extremely well balanced
  • Very easy to sharpen
  • Fire steel throws a lot of sparks
  • Hard plastic sheath with drainage hole
  • Blade can be used for food prep


  • More expensive than the Companion
  • Not a chopping knife (in my opinion)
  • Swedish made fire steels throw a lot of sparks but they are hard to scrape. Take this into account when novices are trying to use them.
  • The handle for the fire steel isn’t the most comfortable
Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife Fixed Blade Knife with 9.5 cm (3.75 Inch)...
  • Stainless steel blade with polypropylene sheath
  • Includes original FireSteel fire starter to light campfires, stoves, barbecues - approximately 3,000...

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Mora Companion Review

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel...

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The Companion model features a blade from high carbon steel (stainless steel is an option) and the Scandi grind that you see with most knives from Morakniv. This type of grind is not only easy to re-sharpen but is great at both heavy-duty cutting tasks as well as finer detailed work. The handle has a high-friction grip, making it incredibly comfortable in the hand. This also adds a layer of safety since you don’t have to worry about your grip slipping, even in wet conditions. The included hard plastic sheath has a non-adjustable belt loop for easy carrying and a small predrilled hole for drainage.

We also did a deep-dive hands-on review of the Mora Companion, and also my colleague, Michael Major, also ranked this knife as one of the best bushcraft knives in this article.


  • Blade options come in high carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Hard plastic sheath is very durable
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Less expensive than Light My Fire
  • Food prep friendly
  • Extremely well balanced
  • Different color options for the handle and sheath


  • Stainless steel version that I have does not throw sparks well when used with a fire steel
  • Not a chopping knife (in my opinion)
Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel...
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Mora Light My Fire vs Companion

Here is a side by side comparison table to help you see both knives at a glance.

SpecificationsLight My FireCompanion
Steel12C27 StainlessHigh carbon or stainless steel
Blade length3.75 inches4.1 inches
Blade thickness0.07 inches0.08 inches
Overall length8.5 inches8.6 inches
Weight3.4 ounces3.9 ounces
SheathHard plastic with belt clipHard plastic with belt clip
Fire steelIncludedNone


I love both of these knives. They are of high quality and I have used both interchangeably for the same tasks. While there are slight differences, neither stands out over the other in terms of weight or size. The only real difference comes down to price. If you are on a tight budget, my recommendation would the Companion. If you do your research you can find great, affordable fire steels that you can purchase separately. However, if you don’t mind spending a little bit more and desire the convenience of an included fire steel with your knife, then you can’t go wrong with the Light My Fire model.

Whichever one you choose I hope you are as happy with it as I have been with both of these models. As always, thank you for reading and by all means, feel free to leave a comment below. Stay sharp!

Bryan Lynch
Bryan Lynch

Bryan grew up in the Midwest and spent every waking moment outdoors. Learning how to hunt, fish, read the land and be self-reliant was part of everyday life. Eventually he combined his passions for the outdoors, emergency preparedness, and writing. His goal was to spread positive information about this field. Recently, Bryan authored the book Swiss Army Knife Camping and Outdoor Survival Guide. Read more of Bryan's articles.

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