Do you have seasonal clothes in your Bug Out Bag?

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By Joel Jefferson •  2 min read

A few weeks ago, a friend and I went on a midnight food run to the 24 hour cafe as guys who have had a few beers like to do (don’t worry, We had a DD). On the way there I was freezing. I had a big coat on but otherwise only a t-shirt.

We passed a church where homeless people sleep on the steps and I got to thinking about how painfully cold it was going to be for those people tonight. (It was in the teens and dropping).  I started thinking about how that would affect me in a survival situation and if I would be prepared for it.

No One Covers Clothes

Reading forums and other websites you always hear people describing what is in their Bug Out Bag in very specific terms.  I have a Parry Blade Survival Knife, a Springfield XD 9mm, Monkey Fist, and 150 feet of paracord etc. etc. What you also usually hear halfway down the list is “some clothes” or “3 days worth of clothing.”

On that freezing ride to the café, I wondered how many people keep their Bug Out Bag up to date with the appropriate clothing for the season, and how many people just stuff some good clothes in and never worry about them again.

Plan for the Season

I am not suggesting that you change your Bug Out Bag every week with the weather, but that you should plan for the weather in your area accordingly.

Polypropylene ClothesThe next morning I immediately starting looking for small light weight but very warm clothes that I could put in my bug out bag. Polypropylene thermal wear is what we always used in Scouts and I can’t think of anything better now. It folds down to nothing, weighs very little, keeps you warm even when wet, and it is cheap. Amazon has a good selection.

Polypropylene or other thermal underwear is likely one of the Top 100 Items that will Disappear First.

Do You Update Your Bag?

How do you keep your but out bag prepared for the weather conditions?

Joel Jefferson

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