Ins and Outs of Remington 700 Muzzle Brakes: Designs, Best Choices

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By Dennis Howard •  11 min read

The Remington 700 rifle platform is a consistent favorite among large-caliber shooters. Perhaps the most popular caliber chambered on this long-time Remington mainstay is the venerable .308 caliber. The .308 caliber, also known as the NATO 7.62×51, is a favorite among big game hunters, military, and law enforcement snipers.

Most shooters who favor the Remington 700 platform chambered in .308 caliber also opt for various other accessories and options on their rifles. These options range from custom trigger jobs to muzzle brakes to tame the recoil and muzzle blast of this high power round.

A muzzle brake can effectively reduce felt recoil in large-caliber rifles by 50 percent. A well-designed muzzle brake also redirects the muzzle blast to reduce the effects of dust and distortion around the front sights of your rifle. Adding a muzzle brake to a Remington 700 chambered in .308 caliber is one of the most considered additions to many shooter’s rifles.

  • Stainless steel construction for long life and durability.
  • The Remington muzzle brake features standard 1/2 -28 threads.
  • The larger holes in this muzzle brake are efficient and effective.
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  • Massive symmetrical blast baffles .
  • Compensated baffles at the front of the M11 muzzle brake help control muzzle movement after firing.
  • Optimized for the Remington SPS tactical applications.
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Muzzle Brake Designs: What to Look For

When you start shopping for a muzzle brake for your Remington 700 rifle, you should be aware of some considerations. As we looked at muzzle brakes for the Remington 700, these are the major factors in our selections.

What Does a Muzzle Brake Do?

In general, muzzle brakes perform a couple of functions. Shooters will likely benefit from such things as:

The Best Muzzle Brakes for your Remington 700 Rifle

These muzzle brakes are our top picks for the best muzzle brake for your Remington 700 rifle chambered in .308 caliber.  We took into consideration the factors listed earlier in this article as well as price. Finding the muzzle brake that best fits your needs and expectations is the qualifying part of any decision you make. 

Overall Muzzle Brake – Vais Muzzle Brake Review

The name VAIS is synonymous with muzzle brakes. From professional shooters to avid hunters, Vais muzzle brakes are the epitome of quality and functionality. You will find VAIS muzzle brakes on the ends of rifles used by top competitors around the world.

Vais muzzle brakes are well known for their design, durability, and finish. Some of the features and advantages of a VAIS muzzle brake include:

On the downside, the VAIS muzzle brake does little to dampen the sound of a .309 Remington 700 rifle. The redirection of the gases also redirects the sound. Many shooters report that their rifles seem louder after the installation of a VAIS muzzle brake.

Runner-up – Remington 1/2 -28lh Muzzle Brake Review

Remington claims the runner-up spot on our best muzzle brakes for the Remington 700 rile. It is logical to assume that the designer and manufacturer of the iconic Remington 700 rifle would be in the running for the best muzzle brake. 

The Remington muzzle brake design is tailored to the Remington 700 chambered in .308. The sleek and simple design adds to the look of your Remington 700. However, don’t be fooled. Any rifle with muzzle threads compatible with the Remington muzzle brake will benefit from installing this accessory. 

Feature-wise, the Remington muzzle brake is what you would expect from a Remington product. 

The Remington 1/3-28 muzzle brake is not the choice of high-precision shooting. This brake is a working functional muzzle brake for field and hunting use. However, simple, and straightforward don’t translate into cheap. Expect to pay a premium price from Remington for this muzzle brake. 

The finish may be a bit of a disappointment for some who would prefer the muzzle brake to match the finish on their rifle.  The silver finish is a sharp contrast to the factory finish of the Remington 700 barrel.

  • Stainless steel construction for long life and durability.
  • The Remington muzzle brake features standard 1/2 -28 threads.
  • The larger holes in this muzzle brake are efficient and effective.
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Tactical Muzzle Brake – Precision Armament M11 Muzzle Brake Review

If you want a more tactical look or if your needs put your rifle into extreme situations, the Precision Armament M11 muzzle brake is an excellent choice. The Precision Armament M11 muzzle brake design draws from the needs of military and law enforcement shooters but makes an excellent choice for field and hunting use as well.

The look of the Precision Armament M11 muzzle brake is far from sleek and low profile. The addition of this muzzle brake to your rifle will send a definite message about your intent as a shooter. Precision Armaments has created a muzzle brake with specific intents and a list of features to match.

One disadvantage of the Precision Armaments M11 muzzle brake is the noise level on the rifle’s shooting end. The baffles tend to redirect a significant portion of the expanding gases and the noise back toward the shooter. 

This muzzle brake makes a visual statement as well. It is a handsome addition to the muzzle of your Remington 700 rifle and will get its share of attention at the range.

  • Massive symmetrical blast baffles .
  • Compensated baffles at the front of the M11 muzzle brake help control muzzle movement after firing.
  • Optimized for the Remington SPS tactical applications.
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Recoil Reduction Muzzle Brake – MDT Elite Muzzle Brake Review

If felt recoil reduction is your ultimate goal for fitting a muzzle brake to your Remington 700 rifle, the MDT Elite muzzle brake is the perfect solution. This revolutionary muzzle brake has been designed from the start to provide the highest level of felt recoil reduction. 

The MDT Elite muzzle brake is definitely a tactical style. While the profile is low and the look is sleek, the black finish and baffle designs point back to military and tactical shooting heritage. There is no doubt about what the purpose of this device is on the muzzle of your rifle.

The lessening of felt recoil is the ultimate goal of the MDT elite. However, MDT hasn’t lost sight of the other needs of shooters and includes a list of features that make this muzzle brake a great option for any shooter.

If reducing felt recoil is your chief concern, you won’t go wrong with the MDT Elite muzzle brake. However, before installing the MDT Elite muzzle brake, you should consider that the blowback and noise from this muzzle brake will also be much more intense. 

  • 35-degree angle baffles maximize the felt recoil reduction .
  • Felt recoil reduction up to 66 percent.
  • The steep back angle on the baffles creates a sleek low profile design.
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Most Accurated – Seekins Precision ATC Muzzle Brake Review

If you are a precision shooter and accuracy is your watchword, you must consider the Seeking Precision ATC muzzle brake for your Remington 700 rifle. Seekins brings both ease of installation and almost infinite turning of the muzzle brake for extreme accuracy.

Each Seekins muzzle brake features a knurled tunning knob that allows quick and easy alignment of the muzzle brake. Also, the Seekins design is one of the most aesthetically pleasing muzzle brakes on the market. These muzzle brakes won’t detract from the look of your Remington 700.

The Seekins Precision ATC muzzle brake is elegant, sleek, and efficient. The only problem for some shooters is the length of the muzzle brake. This extra length can be a problem for field or hunting uses, but it is seldom an issue on the range. If accuracy is your greatest concern, the Seekins ATC muzzle brake is a contender on all accounts.

  • The elegant design is aesthetically pleasing .
  • Easy installation and tuning with a knurled timing nut.
  • 5.8-24 threads for factory threaded Remington 700 barrels
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Your Expectations and the Results

Shooters have different priorities and expectations when mounting muzzle brakes on their rifles. For the most part, reducing felt recoil is the overreaching goal. However, there are other considerations as well, and each shooter must set those priorities for themselves. 

Deciding on your priorities for adding a muzzle brake to your Remington 700 rifle is very personal. You should take into consideration all the factors discussed in this article and make an intelligent decision. 

I hope that this article has been helpful as you decide which muzzle brake is the best option for your Remington 700 rifle. If you have comments or experiences that will help the other community members, please share them below in the comments section. We all benefit by sharing knowledge. Be safe and shoot straight.

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