8 States That Pose Highest Risks Of Missile/Nuclear Strike in 2021

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By Bryan Rucker •  11 min read

If SHTF, living in one of these states, may put you at the unnecessary risk of a potential missile or nuclear strike.

States That Pose The Highest Risks Of MissileNuclear Strike

I’ve been studying nuclear warfare for quite a few years now. During this time, I’ve found that some states pose a much higher likelihood of becoming a target of war. 

The enemies of the United States have one goal in mind, which is to destroy as many people as possible when they launch their attacks. 

Luckily, we’ve avoided this thanks to a Military built like no other; the enemies know that messing with the United States is a terrible idea. 

Nuclear warfare would decimate our country if our offensive systems failed when attacked. This would cause mass destruction and fallout in every corner of our nation.

Nevertheless, I’ve covered what to factor in when determining this and compiled the states that I believe pose the highest risk of missile or nuclear strike.

Make sure to also buy a geiger counter so you can measure radiation.

4 Factors To Consider 

Population Density 

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of what states are better or worse to reside in during war is population density. 

States that have a lower population tend to be less on the radar vs. states that have ten to fifteen million or more people living there. The foreign enemies of the United States want to destroy as many people as possible when they launch their strike. 

This is why residing in a state such as New York, or California puts you at exceptionally high risk for the chances of being hit by a missile or nuclear bomb. To avoid this, you’ll want to move to a state such as Montana or Maine.

These states are low-key and are not the first choice of a target for our enemies. Launching an attack on low population density states would be nothing more than a waste of resources for our enemies, and they know this.

Military Bases

If you’re at all knowledgeable about warfare, you know that military bases play a large role in where the enemies may launch a strike; but if you don’t, let me explain. 

Military bases are our primary source of protection from both air and land invasion. If the various military bases were taken out, not only would we be more susceptible to land invasion, but air invasion as well. 

In contrast, not all of our air missile protection systems are located near these bases; however, many of them are. So it only makes logical sense that areas with a high amount of military bases would be a priority target.

If you want to stay safe, or at least lessen your chances of becoming a victim of war, you should live in an area with as few military bases as possible. Check out this website to view military bases near you.

Important Officials 

In my opinion, the part that plays a massive role in determining the area of which seems attractive to attack via airstrike would be states of which many vital officials call home. A great example of this would be Washington, DC. 

The enemies know that if our President or the Governor of New York is taken out that our government would be scrambled. It would undoubtedly cause havoc within our Military and cause many distractions. 

Many of the officials live in Washington, DC, California, New York, and Florida, to name a few. A perfect example of this is when the united states took out Osama Bin Laden; once this operation was successful, his little army fell apart. 

Imagine that scenario but on a much larger scale. However, we are considerably more prepared than Osama Bin Laden ever was. If you’re looking to avoid the chances of airstrikes, avoid the states listed below, if at all possible.

Fuel & Power

If I had to choose one thing that I thought would be one of the first things that could be destroyed via airstrikes, I’d say it’d be our fuel and power resources. Almost all of our transportation systems and power relies on electricity, gas, and oil, to name a few. 

If these were taken out via airstrike, our country would come to a slow halt. This is also feasible via an EMP strike, which is essentially a nuclear bomb detonated in the sky, which would disable and fry all electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers, medical equipment, and much more. 

This is a possible scenario and is much more likely to occur in states known for its power production, such as Texas. 

The enemies understand that our reliance on these luxuries would cripple America if they were taken away from us suddenly, which is why it such a significant consideration for our enemies; this is why many people are beginning to build entirely off-grid homesteads.

8 States That Pose The Highest Risk

Washington, DC

The home of the President and the White House, Washington, DC, poses some of the highest risks of airstrikes out of all other states due to it being home to so many essential officials. 

The White House does have, likely, the most sophisticated bunker system in the world. However, this does not mean the area is immune to war. 

Washington, DC does have intelligent systems that can strike down incoming missiles. Still, they are not always accurate enough to target the rocket, and it should be remembered that they can undoubtedly fail. 

The area is also home to millions of Americans, giving the enemies another reason to launch a strike. Destroying DC would lead to mass complications and unrest, and our enemies know this.

New York

If I had to choose a state that was most at risk of an airstrike, I’d choose New York. This state houses tens of millions of Americans and is home to many military bases. 

New York is one of the most influential places globally, housing the One World Trade Center and many other critical buildings and operations important for the world. 

As we know, the previous two world trade centers have already been destroyed, so it has already fallen victim to terrorism. If a nuclear strike were imminent, no one would have enough time to escape the strike. 

New York is also home to many vital officials, which could be the motivation to target this area. It is well protected from air missiles, but as mentioned before, they are not always successful.


It’s a given that California is added to this list. This state is called home by over thirty-seven-million residences, making it the most populated state in the nation. 

This makes it have an exceptionally high risk of becoming a victim of missile strikes. It does have in its favor a multitude of military bases, which could strike down an air missile.

Military bases are typically a good target for our enemies, so this is a sketchy situation. We can protect the state, but if the protective systems fail, it will result in mass destruction. 

California is also home to several influential politicians and features many of our big tech giants and energy systems, which are definitely on our enemies’ radar.


This was an easy decision to have added, mostly due to the dense amount of military bases near the Hampton area. There are nearly 20 all within a small space, which, if taken out, would cripple the state. 

Virginia is also near Washington, DC. This means that if these bases were taken out, the protection for Washington, DC, would be cut in half. There is also an abundance of air-missile defense systems that can take out any incoming missiles. 

These are used to protect not only Virginia, but Washington, DC, and the states surrounding it. The eight million residents are a motivating factor for our enemies as well. 

I should note that when a nuclear bomb detonates, it releases a toxic gas called fallout. This can travel for hundreds of miles, wreaking havoc on people in other states, making Virginia a target in itself due to it being surrounded by highly populated states.


This state should not come as a surprise to you, but if it does, let’s explain why. Firstly, Florida is packed full of Military bases and features several space programs, including NASA, SpaceX, and more. 

It is home to numerous influential politicians, including Donald Trump’s private residence. It is also home to over twenty million people, making it the third most populated state in the nation.

It’s well known that Florida is a significant tourist attraction for individuals all across the world and features many of the most sought-after vacation destinations, which means Florida could be used as a target to destroy an American symbol.

While states do not surround it, a nuclear explosion would decimate the entire state due to destruction and fallout. If you want to avoid experiencing nuclear war firsthand, stay away from Florida. 


This state only has a few Military bases, the largest being located in Las Vegas, employing over ten thousand servicemen and women. Something that it does have, however, is Area-51

This is a secret military installation used to test unknown elements. Currently, there are no civilians that know of what occurs inside of this base. However, certain government officials do.

I think it’s possible that foreign nations, like Russia or China, know at least a little of what happens here, and I think it’s easy to agree that it’s likely weapons technology of some sort.

If Area-51 was destroyed, all of the technology and equipment is going with it. Las Vegas should be considered because it features some of the most sought after buildings in the world. The destruction of LV would lead to mass civil unrest.


Most people would call me crazy for adding this state in, but if you think about it, it’s probably in the top three most dangerous states to be in during the nuclear war.

For starters, it’s an island. This means that nearly one nuclear bomb could destroy the entire state. They do have anti-air missile technology, but as mentioned before, they can fail.

Fallout should also be considered because even if the missile was shot down, if it were shot down far enough into our atmosphere, it could still deliver fallout and the effects of an EMP.

There are also over ten military installations in Hawaii. On top of the two million people living there, it brings a huge motivator for our foreign enemies to attack the area.


Texas is believed by many, including myself, to be a great state to stay in when SHTF due to its exponential amount of natural resources, relaxed Gun laws, and a plethora of available land to purchase.

However, it can also be the most dangerous in a specific SHTF scenario: nuclear warfare. Texas is home to many military bases, anti-air missile defense systems, and atomic weapons.

If foreign nations ever attacked a state, Texas would likely be one of them. Besides, it’s the second most populated state. 

The most significant motive to destroy Texas would likely be to disable a huge military and nuclear presence, that if destroyed, would make destruction a much easier goal for the attackers. In most other cases, however, Texas is great for most other SHTF scenarios.


Nuclear warfare is probably the worst disaster imaginable. There have been nuclear detonations previously, such as the one that destroyed Hiroshima, but the nuclear bombs that we’ve made today surpass anything ever detonated before.

Nuclear weapons, when detonated, cause massive explosions near the detonation site and spread toxic chemicals called fallout for hundreds of miles, wreaking havoc in every living thing it touches.

If you happen to live in one of these states, consider moving to one of these states, or look into building a bunker. Fallout bunkers are also available to the public but are not something to count on.

The best way to stay safe from a nuclear blast is to seek shelter in the most robust building or shelter available, as far down or underground as possible, while blocking all airways. 

Bryan Rucker

Brian Rucker has spent his entire life participating in essentially all things wildlife. His concern grew astronomically during the previous tensions between the United States and other nations. He also has grown a substantial interest in survival and sustainability due to the current shape of the world over the years. He believes that preparation triumphs all things.