Survival Gear Review: Crimson Trace MVF-515 Foregrip

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By Joel Jefferson •  6 min read

Over the years the “Frankenstein” AR-15 has gotten out of control.  A few years back, I was accessorizing my stock “Bushmaster AR” with all of the latest gadgets and widgets.  In my mind I came up with all sorts of wild apocalyptic scenarios where I would need such things for my rifle.

“It’s ALIVE!!!”

I remember my Frankenstein steps like it was yesterday.  First I had to get a flat top rail and a forward hand grip rail crimson trace mvf-515 reviewsystem.  Then, it was downhill after that.  Once you have a rail system, you have to buy things to attach to it.  It would be silly not to, right?  First came the EO Tech Scope .  Then came the FAB Defense Forward Hand Grip after that I decided that I had to have a light so I bought a SureFire light to mount on my rifle.  This was getting fun.  Next it was a LaRue tactical bi-pod, because I might have to lay down and shoot the zombies at distance.  After that it was a new hand grip, butt stock, flash suppressor, and finally Troy back up hard sites.

I got out to the range one day and I was like “Holy Crap, this rifle is heavy.  Way too heavy!!!  What the hell is wrong with me?”  I turned into a AR-15 crack head, which I am sure has happened to a few of you as well.  I immediately went home and got back to basics.  I kept the EO Tech Scope and the Troy back up sites but that was it.  Everything else I didn’t really need and had to go.

So when I saw that Crimson Trace came out with their Modular Vertical Foregrip (MVF-515), I thought to myself “That is Crimson Trace MVF-515 Reviewsomething that I don’t need.”  Then I looked at it a little closer and saw that they had integrated a laser/light combo into a vertical hand grip and with a weight of just 10 oz, now they had my attention.  Also, I have other Crimson Trace laser products for my pistols that I have been extremely happy with and I know Crimson Trace makes quality products and stands behind them.

The Test

One of the first things that I noticed when I put the MVF-515 on my AR-15 was that the laser/light combo was “instinctive”, meaning that when I grabbed the forward hand grip, the laser and light were both easy to turn on and off without having to adjust my hands or fingers.  One of the things that I didn’t like about the light that I had on my rifle before the MVF-515 was I had to swing my thumb up and around to turn it on.  It came with a pressure pad and a cord that attached to the light but I found the pad to be clumsy and didn’t stick very well to my old forward hand grip. The Crimson Trace MVF-515 was a huge improvement over my earlier configuration. Crimson Trace also made the MVF-515 ambidextrous by putting pressure pads on both sides of the forward hand grip.

Then I put it to my first test.  After my girlfriend went to bed and my CTC MVF-515 Reviewplace was nice and dark, I cleared the whole house room by room with the Crimson Trace MVF-515.  I practiced turning the light on and off as well as the laser.  What is cool about this product is that it is programmable.  You can program the pressure pads to be “Hot” on only when you apply pressure to the pressure pads.  Or you can program them to be “On” with one press and then “Off” with the next press.  You can also program the grip to “Strobe” the LED light which would come in handy to blind and confuse the zombies before you take them out.  After testing the different programs, I found the one press “On” and one press “Off” to work best for me.  After I cleared my whole house, minus the room with the Queen Zombie of course (my girlfriend), I practiced a few snap in drills with the grip.  I really liked it.  I liked the weight, I liked the grip, and of course the fact that it has a laser/light combo on it made me smile.

Next I did the mirror test.  I took my rifle into the bathroom, pointed it at the mirror and turned on the light.  I can confirm that the LED light (150 lumen) on this product is very bright and you will see spots momentarily after you shine this into your eyes.

At the range, we put about 250 rounds through the rifle at different targets ranging from 15 yards to 30 yards during the crimson traceday.  The laser was visible at this distance and was spot on for shooting.  Obviously this a low light product and we were unable to test it under “live fire” conditions in low light but I am sure it would work the same.

SurvivalCache Video Review of the MVF-515:


I don’t like adding anything to my rifle because of the old saying “Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain” which is very similar to my theory on Bug Out Bags.  This is one product that now officially hangs on my 10 inch PWS AR-15.  I love it.  It is light weight and has three functions – a hand grip, a light to see or blind, a laser for quick target acquisition.  That is a trifecta for a product.  This is a great home defense and SHTF product for your AR-15.  You might be able to find a cheaper product out there that does the same thing but in my experience, you buy cheap – you buy twice.  And really, when your life is on the line do you want to go cheap?


Material:  Polymer
Color:  Black
Activation Location: Dual Side Activation
Attachment:  Accessory Rail Attachment
Weight: 10 oz
Finish:  Polymer Grip Panels w/ Rubber Activation Pads
Laser Battery Life:  Over 48 Hours
Activation Mode:  Momentary, Strobe and Constant-On
Sighting:  Factory Sighted at 50′ – User Adjustable
Laser: Windage and Elevation
Light: Fixed
Warranty:  Three Year Full Warranty
Wrench Size:   0.05
Dot Size:  Approx. 0.50″ at 50′
Light Specs:  150/200 Lumen LED

Photos by Team, Crimson Trace, and Unknown Internet Author

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