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What Type of Survivalist Are You?

The traditional connotation of “Survivalist” is not good and usually involves crazy people with lots of guns, too much camouflage, and a bomb shelter full of food. You and I both know this isn’t true. There are “survivalists” in all walks of life with various levels of gear and preps.

I wrote descriptions of a few common types of modern survivalists. Which are you?

*Please Remember* These descriptions are obviously broad, sweeping generalizations and should not be taken too seriously. They are simply my thoughts on the types of survivalists and preppers I have noticed since getting involved in the community.

1. The Off-Grid

Off Grid SurvivalThe Off Grid Survivalist lives off the land in a “homesteading” type of way. They grow and produce as much of their own food as possible and get their energy in non-traditional means. To call someone who is off-grid a survivalist can sometimes be a misnomer because they don’t always stockpile food and seeds the way other preppers do since they are already living the life.

2. The Serious Prepper

Survival Food BasementThe serious prepper lives in a more traditional manner but often has an extensive Bug Out Location stocked with lots of gear. The serious prepper spends all of his or her available time and money on prepping and gear, and has the stuff to show for it. The Serious Prepper might be a contradiction in terms because they often think of prepping and gear testing as their hobby and fun time, so it’s not really work, but at the same time they take it all very seriously.

3. The Average Citizen

Average CitizenIn my opinion this is probably the most common type of survivalist out there. The Average Citizen Survivalist lives in a regular home and his or her friends and family may not even know they are a “survivalist” They spend a small or moderate amount of their money on preps and gear, concentrating mostly on events that are likely to happen, such as regional emergencies and extended power outages.  They will most often have a Bug Out Bag prepared.

What are You?

Do you fit into one of these descriptions? Or in the more likely event that are you somewhere in between, tell us a little bit about your preps and survival philosophy.

Also, if you have other “types of survivalists” I’d be happy to add them to the list.

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photo by: cobalt123