Best Taurus G2C Extended Magazines: My Experiences

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By Dennis Howard •  11 min read

Every shooter knows the frustration of having to stop and reload magazines at the range. The whole process takes time away from actual shooting time. Those who carry a pistol for self-defense know how easily a fumbled reload can occur under a tense situation. One solution to these problems is to carry extended magazines to reduce the number of reloads.

Reloading is a skill that must be learned and practiced, just like the pistol draw, stance, and grip. No matter how skillful a shooter may be at reloading, it would be best to acknowledge that the shooter is vulnerable during the reload. Therefore, reducing the number of reloads is essential, which makes extended magazines important.

Extended magazines need careful attention. The more ammunition a magazine holds, the more chances for a malfunction or misfeed. The quality of construction, materials, and design are key to finding the best and most reliable extended magazines for your Taurus G2C pistol.

Choosing an Extended Magazine for Taurus G2C

You should consider several factors when choosing an extended magazine for your Taurus G2C. Understanding how these factors affect carrying and shooting your Taurus G2C is critical to making a good decision about an extended magazine. These are the factors we consider the most critical.

Round Count and Magazine Size

One of the primary considerations when choosing extended magazines is the number of rounds you want to carry. Round count is related to magazine size and length. The more rounds you carry, the more bulk and length you add to your firearm.

How you carry and use your Taurus G2C can help you decide on the round count in your extended magazine. Very high count magazines are often double or triple the length of the standard capacity magazine. If you intend to conceal carry your Taurus G2C, a magazine that is three times the length of a standard magazine may be impossible to conceal.

Round Count and Weight

A single bullet doesn’t seem like much. But stack 10 or 15 bullets together and the weight begins to rise. The more bullets you cram into a magazine, the heavier the whole pistol and magazine combination becomes. When carrying concealed, weight is a big factor for some shooters.

Weight can also affect the way a pistol shoots. More weight in the magazine changes the point of balance and the center of gravity of your pistol. Both factors change the way a pistol points and shoots.

Round Count and Reliability

Long extended magazines often suffer from reliability issues. Extended magazines are often double stacked in an offset or staggered configuration. Some are much longer than a standard magazine. Both configurations require heavier, stronger, and longer springs.

 The top of the magazine must align the bullets so that the bolt can pick up a bullet and bring it to the chamber. Magazines that are not stiff enough or aren’t align properly won’t feed reliably and become a hazard.

What are the Legalities

You must also consider the legalities of extended magazines where you live. For example, some states and cities have enacted restrictions on the number of rounds a magazine can hold. These restrictions impact what extended magazines you can purchase and use.

Finding the Balance of Magazine Size and Serviceability

The challenge is to find the compromise of magazine size that adequately meets your requirements. We have searched the market and found what we think are the best magazines for your Taurus G2C for different sets of circumstances.

Our Picks and Choices for a Taurus G2C Extended Magazine

The following list of extended magazines for your Taurus G2C represents our best choices. You must decide which size of magazine best fits your needs and expectations.

Best High Capacity Magazine – ProMag 32 Round 9MM Taurus G2C Extended Magazine

The ProMag 32 round 9mm extended magazine for the Taurus G2C has the highest round count of any magazine in our list. Thirty-two rounds of ammunition in one magazine is almost unknown. The obstacles of reliability and weight are difficult to overcome in magazines of this size. However, ProMag has delivered feed reliability in this magazine. The weight factor is another matter.

The Features

ProMag manufacturers many different styles of magazines for many different firearms. This 32 round magazine for the Taurus G2C pistol in 9mm is a fine example of the attention to detail ProMag puts into their products. Each ProMag 32 round 9mm magazine includes the following.

The Specifications

The Legalities

The legal issues with these extended magazines are complex. The ProMag 32 round 9mm magazine can’t be shipped to any of the following states.

The Pros and Cons

The users and buyers of the ProMag 32 round 9mm extended magazine for the Taurus G2C have very favorable comments about this magazine. In general, users point out the advantages and disadvantages of the ProMag 32 round  9mm magazine.



The Bottom Line

In the end, if you want to shoot a lot without doing a magazine change or reloading, the ProMag 32 round 9mm magazine is the best choice. On the other hand, if you conceal carry your Taurus G2C, using the ProMag 32 round magazine is almost impossible. The length precludes any chance of reasonably concealing your pistol.

Best Extended Capacity Magazine – ProMag Taurus® PT-111 G2 9mm (15) Rd – Blue Steel

If you want extended magazine capacity and still have concealability, a good choice is the ProMag 15 round extended magazine for the Taurus G2C chambered in 9mm. This magazine offers a fifteen-round capacity with very little length difference from a factory magazine.

The Features

The standard magazine shipped with the Taurus  G2C holds ten rounds. The ProMag G2C extended magazine boosts that capacity to fifteen without appreciable differences in length Nd making the Taurus easily concealable. You also get all the great features you expect from a ProMag product.

The Specifications

The Legalities

Like many extended or high-capacity magazines, some states restrict or ban the purchase and possession of these magazines. As a result, these extended ProMag 15 round magazines cannot be purchased or shipped to the following states.

The Pros and Cons

A survey of shooters who purchase and use the ProMag 15 round extended magazine for the Taurus G2C in 9mm finds many satisfied comments and a few complaints. In general, these positive and negative comments fall into these categories.



The Bottom Line

If you want more ammunition capacity but want to keep your pistol concealable, the ProMag 15-round 9mm magazine is a sensible choice. You will get the reliability you want with a slightly higher round capacity than the stock magazine. The extra rounds will add a bit of extra weight, but it is manageable for most people.

Best 12 Round Extended Magazine – Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 9 mm 12-Round Magazine

If you like to keep your Taurus G2C all factory original, you can add a Taurus factory 12 round magazine. Selecting a factory mag almost always ensures smooth feeding, a proper fit, and quality construction. The 12 round extended magazine also means a much easier to conceal pistol.

The Features

The most attractive feature of the Taurus 12 round extended magazine is the factory brand. Purchasing from Taurus ensures you get the same level of quality and workmanship that the Taurus band name inspires. You get all the Taurus features, such as:

The Specifications

The Legalities

Many states and municipalities regulate magazines with capacities over ten rounds. Currently, purchasing or owning 12 round magazines for the Taurus G2C pistol is prohibited in these states.

The Pros and Cons

The Taurus 12-round extended mag is probably the most purchased magazine for the Taurus G2C. It is only fractionally longer than the standard 10 round magazine. The addition of the finger rest to take up the space between the floor plate and the bottom of the magazine opening is appreciated by those of us with large hands. Other user comments include:

The Pros

The Cons

The Bottom Line

We didn’t find many negatives about the Taurus 12-round extended magazine for the Taurus G2C pistol. It fits. It works. And the price is right. What more could you ask for?  Two extra rounds may not seem like many, but if it saves you a magazine change at the right time, it can be very useful. Add to that the easy concealability, and this magazine comes in as a winner.

Magazine Parts – The Important Differences

Pistol magazines are quite simple with only a few parts. However, it is important to understand those parts, how they function together, and how different materials can affect magazines’ function.

The Magazine Spring Debate

There is an ongoing debate among shooters about magazine springs. Some advocate unloading magazines when they aren’t used to relieve the tension on the spring. Others insist on keeping their magazine always loaded to capacity.

I had the opportunity to chat with an engineer from Magpul several years ago at Shot Show. I asked him this question. He told me that it doesn’t matter if the magazine is fully loaded, half-loaded or empty. According to the Magpul engineer, the wear on a magazine spring occurs as the magazine is unloaded and loaded. The act of decompressing and recompressing the spring is the real factor in spring wear.

Long or Short – The Extended Magazine Choice

In the end, it is your preferences and your expectations that will decide which extended magazine is best for you. In the end, we suspect, that like most shooters, you will end up with a wide variety of magazines for your Taurus G2C.

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