Survival Gear Review: Spyderco Sage 2

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By Mr. Smashy •  4 min read

The Spyderco Sage 2 is the second knife in Spyderco’s Sage series of knives, which pay tribute to different knife makers who have brought a revolutionary features to knife locking design.  The design of each Sage knife centers around a knife maker and the design feature they are known for.

The Sage 2 – Your New EDC Knife

The Sage 2, or Titanium Sage, recognizes Chris Reeve, and his R.I.L. or Reeve Integral Lock.  The titanium scales of the knife are used for both the scale and the lock.  Some very high end, durable knives use this type of lock, and use titanium for the lock material, so the Sage 2 is in good company with both it’s locking design and use of titanium.  The Sage 2 however comes in at a price point some what more affordable than those high end survival knives, while still using high quality materials and staying in line with the workmanship of a Spyderco knife.

The Sage 2 is made of 6A14V titanium and CPM S30V steel.  The blade length is 3”, and blade thickness is .125”.  Overall closed length is 4.188”, and weight is 3.5 ounces.   The fit and finish on this knife is outstanding.  Out of the box the knife was razor sharp and the blade was centered in the handle, and after daily use for a few months, it’s still centered.  The blade opens smoothly on bronze washers and locks up solid with approximately 40% of the lock bar contacting the blade, which is pretty standard for most Sage 2s, and frame lock knives in general.  The scales are screwed together with spacers, leaving a flow through design, and all screws are countersunk into the titanium handles for a smooth feel.  The scales have beveled edges and a wire clip that is reversible.  The wire clip is not the strongest point of the knife, but it works well and fits in well with the overall design style of the knife.  Outdoors I would use a knife pouch rather than trust the wire clip for retention, but I’d do that with a lot of folding knifes.

The Blade

The 3” blade is in a trademark Spyderco leaf shape and is made of Crucible S30V, a very good steel.  The .125” blade thickness originally did not inspire confidence in me, but now I feel that this knife can perform more than just EDC tasks.  The steel really holds it’s edge and I rarely sharpen it, and if I do it’s just a slight touch up.  The fine tip allows for precision work while the spear point and big belly allows you to really dig in and get cut some big slices without worrying about losing the edge.  The spine and finger choil have jimping, allowing you to choke up on the blade to get leverage.  There is a “Spydie hole” on the knife which allows for one handed opening, and it glides open very smoothly.  When it was new it was a bit stiff opening and closing, but has since broken in.

The knife is made in Taiwan.  While I would prefer that this knife was made in America, I don’t think I could have gotten such a good value if it was made in the USA.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the manufacture of this knife, and I will reiterate that fit and finish are excellent.  The materials and workmanship are very high quality and I carry this knife almost daily.  I put my trust into this knife and it’s county of origin does not sway that trust because when it comes down to it, I’m trusting a Spyderco knife.

A Good EDC Knife?

The Sage 2 would be a perfect utility folder, except it’s also a perfect EDC knife.  It is made with style and class, high quality materials, but you could take it into the bush and do camp chores and wash it off in a stream.  It’s perfectly at home in the office opening boxes and cutting fruit, but it is capable of much more.  It’s a puzzling knife, part of me wants to baby it, treat it like it’s delicate, but I know better.  The blade is sharp and strong, the lock won’t fail, and neither the blade nor the scales will rust easily.  It’s just too pretty to abuse.

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