SurvivalCache Writer Interview: Mr. Smashy

SurvivalCache Writer

Mr. Smashy has been shooting since he could hold a rifle and has been shooting competitively for more than fifteen years.  Scouted from a junior club rifle team for the state team by a silver medal winning coach, Mr. Smashy has won state championships in several events over his years on the state team and in individual events.  Mr. Smashy competed in several US Shooting preliminary tryout matches in an attempt to qualify for the US Shooting Team, and received training in Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center.  Mr. Smashy currently competes in NRA Highpower, USPSC, Action Pistol, and any match he can get himself to, both on the local and national level.  Mr. Smashy has excellent knowledge of US service rifles, reloading, and marksmanship.

How does Mr. Smashy answer 17 Survival Questions?

1.  Please describe your Every Day Carry?
Always with me; wallet, smartphone, G-Shock Watch, Emerson Mini-CQC 7, and SureFire L1.

2.  Favorite Bug Out Pistol?

3.  Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol?

4.  Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine?

5.  Favorite Rifle or Carbine?

USGI M1 Garand

6.  Favorite Shotgun?
Mossberg M500 SP

7.  The amount of food you have at your house?
3 months of rotating food for three people plus another month per person in dry food and MREs.

8.  Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag?
Stripped MREs, paracord, chemlights, ductape, Pelican Micro Cases, silver/OD mylar casualty blankets, Leupold RX-II Digital Laser Rangefinder

9.  Describe your Bug Out Location, if you have one?

10.  Describe your Bug Out Vehicle?
1st Gen Ford Escape with transmission radiator and breaker bar and factory driving lights.  Planning to add another pair of lights and full sized spare tire.  Also looking into ballistic protection for level IIIA threats.

11.  Describe your Bug Out Bag?
Spec-Ops Brand T.H.E. Pack (also my hunting pack, hiking pack, etc)

12.  Favorite home defense pistol?

GLOCK 35 (also my favorite USPSA pistol, PPC match pistol, etc.  Fight like you train.)

13.  Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun?
BCM M4 or M500 SP

14.  Favorite Survival Book?
The SAS Escape, Evasion and Survival Manual, by Barry Davies, and the USMC Winter Survival Course Handbook

15.  Favorite Survival Type Movie?
28 Days Later

16.  Survival Knife?
Currently: USMC KABAR; looking to upgrade to a Becker BK7

17.  Survival Tools in your kit?
Trusty E-Tool, pioneer tools, basic hand tools and fence pliers in BOV, Leatherman,  lineman pliers, multi-bit screwdriver, bit kit with security bits, pry bars big and small.  On my list for the BOV: Stanley FuBar.