Window Punch Review for 2020: It’s Quieter than a Rock

The window punch is a simple piece of gear you can throw in your Bug Out Bag or Get Home Bag, but a lot of people will question the need of a window punch when you could obviously just use anything that was heavy enough.

Window Punch Review

Quieter Than A Rock

The short answer: Because it’s quieter than a rock. I can imagine many situations where it would pay off to be quiet and unnoticed in a survival scenario, especially in an urban environment.


Not only is it quieter than smashing a rock through a window, it could be used for a job that requires a little bit more finesse. Maybe there is someone in the car you are trying to get out and tossing a chunk of concrete through the window just isn’t safe.

A window punch could be useful for any number of urban survival scenarios and I would put it in the “Why Not” category. Do you absolutely have to have it? No. Could it possibly come in very handy? Absolutely.

Window PunchIt only weighs a few ounces and costs less than ten bucks, there will be one in my bug out bag.

*Special Note: A window punch can be very dangerous, even when used correctly. Be extremely careful and try to wear gloves and long sleeves if you have to use one.

Joel Jefferson
Written by Joel Jefferson

Joel is one of the original founders of After college, he joined the USMC where he served as an (0302) Marine Infantry Officer. Joel is an avid outdoorsman and spends much of his free time in the mountains. Joel’s hobby is researching survival gear & weapons as well as prepping. Read his full interview here. Read more of Joel's articles.

42 thoughts on “Window Punch Review for 2020: It’s Quieter than a Rock”

  1. Good Day Lucas:

    I"'m suprised that you didn't mention a fire piston, these little jewels really work.In fact you can construct one your self from PVC pipe. Great Job so far, keep it up: very informative!


  2. Don,

    Thanks for the complements

    I didn't mention fire pistons because I do not know a lot about them, and they seem less common than some other option, at least to me.

    I would definitely be interested in seeing some plans for making your own. I just looked up a couple online and they seem a good bit more expensive then the other options, but a homemade one sounds cool!


    • Very good point.

      I think the important thing you said is: If you are a volunteer fire or EMT

      Having one of those can open so many doors for you around the community and gain credit and leniency with law enforcement.

  3. Looks like a something a burglar would carry and might be considered as such. I have one in my truck tool box but am hesitant to carry one in my BOB for that reason.IMHO

    • David,

      Your probably right is does look like something a burglar would carry, but I don't really worry about putting one in my Bug Out Bag because it has guns in it as well.

      Also, I am more likely to put a window punch in my Get Home Bag or Urban Survival Bag.

      I guess it depends on what you are more worried about, but if your GHB also has a big First Aid Kit, and Food, and other emergency supplies they might not be so quick to judge you as a burglar.

    • I worked as a military firefighter for a while. One day while training on a junk car we were trying to break a side window to get to the driver. It is hard to break a window with a fire axe and not hit the person on the inside also. One of the more experience guys came by, took out a spring loaded punch and push it against the side window. Once it clicked, the whole window just shattered. It works great. So if anyone asks why you have it, tell them it is for rescuing people from wrecked cars. If you say you are a former firefighter, you might even get a little more respect in the situation.

  4. Another alternative to the window punch would be for someone to add a "Bust a Cap" end to their Mag-Lite (and they make them for other lights as well). They are specifically made for breaking windows and probably wouldn't even be noticed by people unless they knew exactly what they were and in that case they'd probably have one too!

  5. if your stuck in a car and you cant get out and you dont seem to have something to smash a window with use the head rest. if you take your headrest off your seat the metal prongs can be used to break the window.

  6. Smith and Wesson make a couple knives with built in window punches. I have the Boarder Guard, which also has a seatbelt cutter. It's a really big and kind of heavy knife, but if you're looking for a more inconspicuous window punch, no one is going to question your need for a single blade folding knife in your pocket. I picked mine up at Big 5 on sale for under $20.

  7. even if you think one would cause trouble with the local LEO and you didn't buy or couldn't afford to buy a Bust a cap ends for your light then just use the back of your light, you don't need a fancy end cap to break a window or like i said above a strong pen would do the trick as well

  8. Not just car glass but office windows too. say you work in an office on the 3rd floor and u have your GHB under your desk, there is a problem and the way out is blocked. i have 50 feet of strong repelling rope in my bag in case i have to clime down. then again you don't have to worry about being low-key, just toss that dang computer out the window like you wish you could.

  9. I know I'm new to the whole survival enthusiast game, so I hope the more seasoned people here don't bash me too badly for pitching my two cents in.

    I've run across quiet a beautiful knife that has a tip on the handle that can break glass, it's small so I don't know if that matters or not but it's just something for consideration if you want to cut down on the amount of stuff you have to carry. Also the knife has the perfect tip for stabbing in fights and a serrated edge for any less violent activity.

  10. A Phillips head screwdriver will do the same thing ( I've tried ), it works on screws and can be an improvised self defense weapon- $2 apiece at Harbor Freight or Dollar General.

  11. Be aware that these only work on tempred, single layer glass. All these do to standard windows is crack them and layered glass (windshields) will just get a dimple like a small stone chip. There is a right and a wrong way to break different types of windows and most people will be surprised how hard it can be. If you really think you'll have the need to break glass, I like the Phillips screw driver idea….wear gloves.

  12. I dont know any reasons to be quiet about breaking a car window. In an extraction situation throwing a rock isn't a good idea obviously. Any tool will break through without throwing it. Someone stated they wouldnt carry it because of LEO concerns. In a state of Emergency declared by a state you arent permitted to travel off your own property with a firearm. (In several states) Some decisions are based on life and death!

  13. just to clear the air, it is a set punch to start a drill bit in metal, and yes it works fantastic. It is found at THE HOME DEPOT, and cost about 10 bucks. It is a construction tool and no you can't get into trouble for having one.

  14. procelin in a spark plug shatters a window with the right amount of force learned it at my aka junk yard very quiet only shatters it thou from what I was told porcelin is denser than glass

  15. The white part of spark plugs works great, very low noise and doesn't destroy the entire window. Makes the hole and spider crackes the rest of the window. Pick some up from a junk yard for nearly nothing take a hammer and break pieces off and use them. Also less likely to attract too much attention and saves on space and weight.

  16. Wouldn't it make more since to carry a knfe that has a glass breaker on the end. Think of tool with multiple uses.

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  18. I heard that you could use a spark plug from a car and get the same results. Don’t know if its true I’v never had to break into a car or break a window. Does anyone know if that’s true?

  19. I was in the ambulance business in the late 1970s and we carried a spring-loaded center punch in every unit. Along with it, we carried a piece of adhesive-backed contact paper about the size of a car window. The drill is to stick the contact paper onto the window before breaking, then take the paper with broken glass attached and set it out of the way on the ground. No sound, no flying glass, just a quick, neat way to enter a vehicle.

  20. ceramic barrel from spark plug. affix it to the window with a piece of tape. then, kick it with your heel. instant breakage. Or, just throw it at the window.


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