Best SKS Accessories: Top Picks, Types of Accessories

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By Joseph and Noemi Gonzales •  12 min read

One of the reasons I’m fond of the SKS over many comparable firearms is just how adaptable the gun is and the awesome array of accessories available for it. I was recently having a conversation with another firearms aficionado about the SKS and how much he believes it is an ideal weapon for home defense, hunting, and how the right accessories can really adapt your SKS for different situations.

Just which accessories are worth investing in?

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • A solid selection of tools available in an easily transported kit
  • Useful for multiple calibers and sizes
  • Strong brush handles and stiff bristles
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  • Level of range at 500 yards
  • Adjustment options for low-light, windage, and elevation
  • Superior construction
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Types of SKS Accessories

Seeing as we’re taking a look at SKS accessories, let’s make sure that we are clear as to just what types are available for purchase:


There are pros and cons to both increasing and decreasing your ammo capacity. Of course, increasing your magazine size means more potential rounds to fire, but also means heavier weight.

The opposite is true as well. Personally, I prefer to move fast and light when possible. Geocaches are solid options for preppers that want to have more ammo available but not lug it around themselves.


Scopes are great accessories for both property protection as well as hunting. There are a huge amount of scopes on the market, so it’s important to know what you want in advance and at what kind of ranges you feel comfortable using a scope from.

Reviewing different magnification options and reticle types is vital. 


If we’re talking about preparation for potential survival situations, then we need to think about how we are carrying the SKS around. Slings are ideal for having quick access to your weapon while also keeping it out of your way until the time comes.

I’ve used cheaper slings in training and have felt irritation at not being able to cleanly pull and fire. I’d hate to be the one struggling with a sling in an altercation and looking like a fool.


Stocks can create a variety of differences in your SKS performance by adjusting the weight distribution, handling, and durability.

From a prepper perspective, we want something that won’t be too brutal to carry for extended periods in the elements and still maintains a high level of durability. I also just love the classic, clean aesthetics that many SKS stocks have as well.

Cleaning Kits

Maintaining gear is vital, even in the best of circumstances. Maintaining your gear in a survival situation becomes all the more important. So, having the tools at hand to keep your SKS operational is another vital factor to consider.

I’ve come to believe it to be downright foolish to not perform regular maintenance on anything you intend to rely on at some point.

There are so many more types of accessories available for the SKS, but these are the top ones to focus on in my experience.

My thought is that in potential survival situations, important factors to consider include ammo capacity, weight distribution, accuracy, stability, and maintenance.

Best SKS Accessories: 5 Top Picks

Best Survival SKS StockChaote SKS Dragunov Stock Adjustable

modern rifle

You have to be into a seriously hectic situation to damage or destroy this SKS stock. The  Chaote SKS Dragunov Stock Adjustable stands out to me as a top choice for a prepper or survivalist to equip their SKS with as it is lightweight, durable, and very simple to install.

The amount of value you get with this stock well exceeds the price point. Have you ever lifted something that you expect to be heavier and almost accidentally throw it? Yeah, that was me the first time I had the opportunity to play with this one on the range.



Consumer Sentiment:

Again, the amount of value at such an affordable cost plus the high level functionality and performance means that most users of this stock adore it. This SKS stock seems perfect for the prepper that focuses on durability and simplicity.

Best SKS Cleaning KitBOOSTEADY AK/SKS Cleaning Kit Pro

BOOSTEADY cleaning kit for sks rifle

A recurring theme in my work will be a focus on staying properly prepared and maintenance is a huge factor there that many people tend to gloss over. The BOOSTEADY 7.62MM AK/SKS Cleaning Kit Pro helps keep you prepared by allowing you to use the tools to keep your SKS fully operational.

The fact that it can also be used for your AK and a few other calibers is also a nice bonus.



Consumer Sentiment:

The fact that this kit can be used for a variety of calibers is a huge factor that pleased customers bring up. A few negative reviews mention failure of bristles on the brush but they seem to be a minority. I’m fond of having gear that is designed to be used on the go and this kit checks that box for me.

BOOSTEADY 7.62MM Cleaning Kit Pro .223/5.56 Rifle Gun Cleaning Kit with...
  • Combo Cleaning Kit:7.62MM Cleaning Kit; .223 / 5.56 Gun cleaning kit; All variances in barrel...
  • Zippered Compact Case: Keeps everything neatly organized; Included felt tray offers simple...

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Best Single Point SlingThe McLean Corp Black Dynamic Retention Sling

rifle sling

McLean produces some solid products and this single point sling is another fine example of an SKS accessory that strikes a fine balance between functionality, price point, and durability.

I’ve used cheaper slings and felt like an idiot trying to properly grasp a twisting gun so making sure that your sling choice is reliable makes a huge impact on your survival chances.



Consumer Sentiment:

Finding examples of negative aspects to this sling was a bit of a challenge, as most SKS enthusiasts seem thrilled with it.

The price is not as low as some, but you know that usually means a degree of quality should be present. The McLean Corp Black Dynamic Retention Sling is a great choice for any SKS owner.

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Riflescope Review

A good scope on a SKS rifle helps with target shooting or firing at a distance in the country

It’s tough to choose just one SKS scope as a best due to the huge range of factors to consider but I’d say that the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle makes this list due to its moderate range, fair price, light weight, and durable construction.

Keep in mind that we are thinking about scopes for survival situations so something that can be used in a variety of circumstances without weighing you down too much is ideal.



Consumer Sentiment:

Most users seem to appreciate the versatility of this scope and how durable it is. There are those who claim that the illumination could use a touch up and that the battery life could stand for improvement but other that people love this SKS accessory.

Pro Mag – SKS Magazine Polymer Review

Magazine upgrades for the SKS rifle, a different option to stripper clips

Here’s another example of an SKS accessory that I have mixed feelings about but if we are talking about the best magazine for an SKS through the lens of a prepper then we got to go with the Pro Mag – SKS Magazine Polymer 7.62×39 5 Rds.

The lightweight design and the fact that this mag is acceptable in states that have banned magazine sizes beyond 5 rounds makes this SKS accessory a great option for your survival kit.



Consumer Sentiment:

People who acquire this magazine for the SKS that get it with hunting or survival preparations in mind love this product. Competition shooters who need more rounds at a time will not find this magazine to be ideal. The fact that this accessory can be used in states with ammo restrictions is very useful as well.

Common Questions About SKS Accessories

Q: What kinds of factors should I keep in mind when looking at accessories for my SKS?

A: You need to consider what exactly you want to use your SKS for. You can achieve so many possible outcomes and modifications with SKS accessories so knowing what you want out of your SKS makes a huge difference in the product selections you should be looking at. Are you a competition shooter? Then you might want higher accuracy and ammo capacity. Are you a hunter? Then you might want accessories to enhance the durability and lower the weight.

Q: What kinds of ammo capacity ranges are available with SKS magazine accessories?

A: SKS mags can range in capacity from 5 rounds to 10 rounds. Some states have restrictions on ammunition capacities and that may impact your choice of magazine. Standard magazines and stripper clips are both available mag types for the SKS.

Q: What level of expertise do I need to be able to install these accessories?

A: Different accessories for the SKS have different levels of complexity when it comes to installation. If you want to use an accessory that is beyond your technical skill to install then I would recommend having a professional install it. In my experience, asking the reps at your local gun shop for advice or recommendations on people to install your accessories usually turns out well.


As with many aspects of proper preparation, we need to be clear in what we are looking for so that we may make intelligent decisions and choosing accessories for your SKS is no different.

The Chaote SKS Dragunov Stock Adjustable stands out to me as one of the best accessories for the SKS in terms of enhancing the balance and durability, especially considering the importance of these factors for any prepper or survivalist.

I do still have mixed feelings about the Pro Mag – SKS Magazine Polymer 7.62×39 5 Rds as my top choice for SKS mags due to the 5 round capacity but factoring in the lightweight and legal factors it stands out to me as a great choice for SKS users.

As usual, no one is going to perform the proper research for you so know what you need in advance and act accordingly.

Joseph and Noemi Gonzales

Joseph Bryant and Noemi Gonzales are a dynamic duo that share a passion for firearms, survival education and gear, martial arts, and adventure. These two also have experience with hunting, training with firearms, various forms of self-defense, and preparing for potential worse-case-scenarios and work hard to pass this knowledge on to their two daughters. Read this duo's full interview here.