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Starting My Bug Out Bag

I am starting my first Bug Out Bag. I’ve packed for a bunch of backpacking and camping trips in my life but I have never had a Bug Out Bag.  I am going to write update articles here on Survival Cache when I add stuff to my BOB so new survivalists can follow along and I can ask questions and get ideas from the more experienced preppers out there.

Obviously a good place to start with your Bug Out Bag is the bag itself. I am going with a military surplus ALICE Pack for a couple of reasons. The main one being that it’s what I already have.  Sure there are lots of better bags out there but I really can’t afford to drop $100-200 bucks on a new pack right now and emergencies don’t wait for you to have all your gear ready. Something is better than nothing.

I’ve got a couple of other backpacks but I chose the ALICE because its heavy duty, durable, and I won’t miss it from my regular outdoor gear.

I have backpacked with this pack before, both with and without the frame. I haven’t decided if I am going to leave the frame on for my Bug Out Bag or not.

I would like to hear from others with a survivalist perspective on whether you think its better with frame or without?

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Stuff in My Buy Out Bag so far:

I added most of my fire starting materials: Do you have 5 Ways to Make Fire?

Warm Clothes: Do you have seasonal clothes in your Bug Out Bag?

A Survival Flash Drive

5 Dollar Preps: Fishing Gear and First Aid

For Poisonous Snake Bites: The Sawyer Extractor

More 5 Dollar Preps: Sewing and Gun Cleaning

A Collapsible Backpacking Bucket and for drinking water backup a Collapsible Water Bottle.

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Here’s a couple of pictures. Pretty standard medium ALICE pack with frame.

Alice PackAlice Pack

Alice Pack