Survival Debate: Home Stocks or Self Storage

A self storage facility sounds like a no brainer for any survivalist. You get a bunch of extra storage space for a few dollars a month that is away from most prying eyes. However, a self storage cache comes with it’s own security risks both day-to-day and Post-SHTF.

I have a storage cache that has all the basics and then some. It includes food, five gallon water jugs (refreshed every two weeks), clothes for all seasons, and a few of the knives I have made, as well as some axes.

I also keep some spare parts for my Jeep there like tires, old military fuel cans, gas and some oil(transmission, engine, and 90 weight for the rear pumpkin).

That said, there are some things you will want to consider before filling a self storage survival cache:

Home Stocks


  • Home Food StorageFree
  • Gear is always available
  • Secure as long as your home is
  • Do not have to travel to it during Bug Out


  • Space is limited for most
  • Available space may not be climate controlled
  • Can be seen by friends/neighbors/visitors
  • All your preps are in one place – vulnerable

Self Storage


  • Self Storage Survival CacheStore a ton of stuff
  • Lockable and reasonably secure
  • Very Private
  • Can pay by week, month, 6 months or yearly.
  • Available near your home or outside town for Bug Out
  • Climate Controlled available


  • Food not available for regular use
  • Cost
  • Have to travel to your gear
  • Food/Water have to be refreshed
  • Security is always breakable
  • May be raided by others Post-SHTF

Middle Ground

Obviously the middle ground here is to do both if you get a self storage space, which I think most smart preppers would do.

Your Storage?

I find self storage to be useful because it is close to my house (less than 3 miles) and I can walk there quickly cutting cross country.

Do you find the cost and work of a self storage survival cache worth the effort?

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Written by Joel Jefferson

Joel is one of the original founders of After college, he joined the USMC where he served as an (0302) Marine Infantry Officer. Joel is an avid outdoorsman and spends much of his free time in the mountains. Joel’s hobby is researching survival gear & weapons as well as prepping. Read his full interview here. Read more of Joel's articles.

75 thoughts on “Survival Debate: Home Stocks or Self Storage”

  1. Storage space is great – why not store non-essentials in it to make room for your essentials in your house? I've seen many garages so full that they can't fit a skateboard, let alone a car – put some of that in storage and have your preps on-hand. Crawlspaces can have ammo boxes, 5 gallon pails, and Tupperware tubs stuffed with all sorts of stuff that doesn't require climate control, too.

    Personally, I would rather squirrel away things close at hand than have critical supplies in a storage facility – I've got one just a few blocks away, but it's next to a shopping center with a gas station and supermarket – that place will be VERY busy in a tough situation, and there is the high likelihood of not being able to get to the stuff anyway… I just see it as a honey pot waiting to get raided.

    Like a cache – if you can't physically secure it and have surveillance on it, you can't guarantee that it is secure when you get there. The down side is that the storage lots are pretty obviously holding "something" of worth… a good cache may be hidden in plain site or buried treasure entirely.

    • well one thing about it is your trying to keep your gear split up so if you have to leave you have gear that you can get to.
      the second thing is you can come back to it and get what you need if you have it rented under someone eles name

    • Dustin,

      I am sort of with you on this one. I think I'd rather have my stuff at my house, BUT I can see the advantage of a storage space. Maybe that's because I don't have enough survival stuff to need a storage space (Yet).

      Being right next to a shopping center, which a lot of them are, is definitely a big OpSec concern, good point.

  2. I can see the benefits of having a self-storage space. However I think that choosing the location of the facility is the single most important decision. Some people may feel that having the facility close to their home is a good decision. I however would argue that the facility should be located off the beaten path, preferabely 15-20 miles (or more) out of town along your chosen bug out route. The most vulnerable time for any person in shtf situation is going to be while they are loading and unloading their gear. Having your facility out of town will allow you to be the first on the road which, trust me, will be worth its wieght in gold (ask the people who spent 24 hours sitting in traffic trying to flee Houston during Hurricaine Rita), it will allow you to load and unload with a reduced risk of being spotted by potential hostile parties, and it will allow you to bug in at the storage facility for a day or two if needed.

    Another consideration is the level of security, no some facilities are open and its just the lock you place on the shed. Some are enclosed and some have electronic gates. Be careful that you don't choose a facility that is so secure that YOU can not access it after SHTF.

    • You make some good points.

      I wouldn't really worry too much about the security after the SHTF because any actual security guards are going to be saving themselves not guarding your stuff and any fence or whatever is easily taken care of by some bolt cutters.

      I like the out of toen storage facility much better than one near you, but then again you have to worry about that way out of town being cut off for whatever reason.

      • I say we all carry a multi-tool wrapped in Gorilla tape and zipped with zip-ties. Just kidding. My actual everyday pocket carry is stainless steel cable keyring with the following on it:
        1. split pea lighter
        2. mini swiss army knife (sorry, I'm old school)
        3. photon micro light
        4. bison container with 12" worth of "fire paper" rolled inside (for definition of "fire paper" see my post under "5 fire tinders")
        5. bison container with 5 water purification tablets inside
        6. Swiss-tech utili-key
        7. Swiss-tech utili-tool
        8. P-38
        In my wallet is 4 feet of duct tape folded to 6" long (dollar bill length)
        A double-width paracord bracelet = 15ft

        If I'm at work, I also have a pak-lite with a paracord loop and 6-inches of 1" gorilla tape securing the cordage to the 9-volt battery.

        • I see where you are coming from.

          Most of the self-storage spaces around me all open to the outside with just a chain link fence or something around the outside.

          Yours make a much better argument for just keeping gear at home.

          • Did I see "birth control" on the updated list? Isn't this covered by the condoms in the bug out bag (usually used for transporting water). Never mind………..

    • Its great to know a million ways to start a fire in an emergency. Personally, I find it funny to see die-hard campers/survivalists INTENTIONALLY not take a lighter out in the field or worse… spend $40+ on a super-duper-mega-amazing-lighter/torch/welder "thingamabob" (that eventually gets lost or they don't know how to refill). LETS BE REALISTS the common 99 cent cigarette lighter is super easy. Instead of buying $40 specialty lighters, here is my favorite little do-it-yourself 2 minute upgrade. Take a cheap-o lighter that you can buy at any convenience store counter. (I prefer the see-through kind, so I keep an eye on the fluid level). Take a 3 or 4 inch piece of scrap paracord, make a "U" on the lighter with the cord, leaving enough of the bottom part of the "U" hanging off, to form a loop. and wrap the sides of the lighter/paracord-ends with a 1 inch wide piece of duct/gorilla tape. Hang it on a carabiner, dog-chain, or wherever you like. I keep several of these just hanging around on the camping bag, B.O.B., workbench. Don't get me wrong. I still keep my emergency fire-skills sharp. but I can make WAY more fires with $7 worth of lighters than I can a $7 mag/ferro bar or $20 blastmatch. I do own mag/ferro rods and such for back-up but the basic fact is a 3 second burn to light your tinder is by far more calorie/cost efficient than alternatives. Feel free to critique.

  3. also concider this into your factor when TSHTF comes into play would you like to run back home unprepared or would you like to have at least some gear like a weapons with you as you head to your home where others might be.

  4. I can see a few things playing into this.

    If you live in a region with a high probability of social unrest you might want to stock some things away from the house incase of wide spread looting or fires. Even if it isn't the end of the world, it's going to take a while to get your insurance check.

    If you have a long commute, you might want to have things closer to you if you get stuck away from home.

    I live 2.5 miles from work and live in a town of 7K people with a super low crime rate so neither of these are concerns of mine.

    Caine, even in a TSHTF situation openly carrying a weapon where I live would probably cause more problems than I would solve. Things would have to have gone down hill for quite a while before the community would deem that sort of thing OK and I'd rather keep the 6,999 people that live here on my side.

    • Michael,

      Good points. This all goes back to what I always say: You have to plan for you.

      A super small town like yours obviously comes with it's own set of considerations.

      Personally, I'm planning like I'll never receive than insurance check at all.

  5. Under marshal law the goverment has the authority to seize control of storage facility's to be locked down …if you have stuff in there it will be useless…

  6. Great posts and comments.

    The biggest advantage that I see to using a storage space is splitting up my supplies. If something were to happen at home… my home….I'd be in trouble – along with my family. I would feel a sense of security knowing that I have a couple….or maybe even one small spaces with a "cache" of supplies – food, ammo, shotgun and/rifles, first aid supplies, clothes, etc.

    Note: Food stored at a space that is not climate control will go bad well before the expiration date due to the heat of the summer. So take that into consideration.

    The issues brought up about the security is an issue. Jumping the fence to get YOUR stuff after TSHTF and getting arrested for trespassing will not be a good thing.

    With all that said – my stuff is at home. I do see at some point when I have enough in supplies and the money to spend on a space to do that.

    Right now my money is going elsewhere…..mostly to my wife!!!

    Take care all – Rourke

  7. Home stock in the BOB. Going to a storage would just put you and yours at risk. Also those that don't have will go to storage units also. I dont care what causes TSHTF I'm on the road or out on foot heading for the wide open country. My safe spots have been set up and resupplied over the years.

    • same with mine but i have way more stuff than i can keep at home and i also have the advantage of being able to get into a few of them because i take care of them.

      • Caine, Mine are resupplied by myself or my brother or one of his sons. We take turns so as not to have to many people starting to be recognized. My nephew has some friends with horses and mules. We send him in or go with him with the bigger loads. 3 family groups will rally at one of 2 safe spots. So each spot has been cached with duplicate items. All family members have kicked in on the expense. Witch ever spot is used the other safe spot will be used as a fall back point and major resupply. In my family its all about getting the children grown up safely. All male members are ex military and ex cops. a few are current Marines. We have been at this for over 20 yrs.

  8. but if you have like here multiple self storage places in towns all around you they will not be able to shut them all down they will be to busy that is why mine is little lol

      • This is the same reason to not keep your gold/precious metals in a safety deposit box. Additionally, the govt has the right to raid said box and confiscate its contents.

  9. If you can afford redundancy and the loss of supplies, sure. Have nuts in every tree. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush. Personally, Im operating below radar. I want to pop up as little as possible on my trip from point A to point B. Get my gear and go. I think gleaning and knowing where to find useful "trash" is of greater importance. Yes boys, dumpster diving. Foraging in the inner-city. This is what most people think of as a tertiary resource at best and therefore will be further down the list of where people look for useful items. Everything from motor oil and copper wire to day old bagels in the Starbucks dumpster. This is obviously nothing to plan on but you should know this stuff in a pinch. This is no different than reading animal sign or knowing your edible plants. Dont spend the lions share of your time and resources planning/training to survive in a place where you dont live (the wilderness if you dont live there).

  10. Wow, a lot of input on this one. I have a close friend who has managed one of these "You Store it" places for a long time. You'd be surprised at the trash most people actually store at these places. Well, it's treasure to them, apparently, but I wouldn't bother to steal it.
    I keep a lot of my storage in a unit, but there are precautions to take. Make sure you guard against cock roaches and rodents. Some of these places are over run. Climate controlled is best, of course. Stash "Junk" stuff in front : an old chair, a broken lamp, boxes marked "Baby clothes" so anyone breaking in sees Junk, not goods. They may, after a quick glance, go on to the next. Check your storage frequently. Squirrels and such are sneaky, look on the backside of containers. A raccoon can chew through a plastic bucket in one night.

  11. I think this all depends on where you live. If you live in a heavily pop. area I think you should keep most of you supplies at your home and have at lest one storage bin. You should also have a couple of hidden cashe hidden in area's around town that wont be high risk when tshtf. I'm not say alot but a day or two of supplies. If you live in areas with lower pop. areas I would not use a storage bin cause I live in Lousiana so after a hurrican it's like a mini TSHTF and they got raided. So thats why I keep my supplies at home and a couple of spots around town either with friends or hidden.

  12. I think this all depends on where you live. If you live in a heavily pop. area I think you should keep most of you supplies at your home and have at lest one storage bin. You should also have a couple of hidden cashe hidden in area's around town that wont be high risk when tshtf. I'm not say alot but a day or two of supplies. If you live in areas with lower pop. areas I would not use a storage bin cause I live in Lousiana so after a hurrican it's like a mini TSHTF and they got raided. So thats why I keep my supplies at home and a couple of spots around town either with friends or hidden.

  13. I like every aspect about using a storage facility, with the exception of the electronic means to get through the gates. I suppose it depends on the situation, but if I just want to get my gear and go, the gate is a problem. If it's push coming to shove, I suppose cutting through the fence wouldn't be out of the question. If I ever can decide what is essential enough for me to stock up on, but not essential enough to have right at hand, I might think harder about a storage unit.

  14. You can stock a reasonable amount of supplies in your home, you can stash here and there. We use a closet that is infrequently used at all, a walk-in. So it's room temperature or below, and large enough for our entire cache of bugout supplies and MRE's. The issue I have with storage buildings, is it could get crazy enough to consider even the owners of these places declaring your stuff theirs. I do not want to have to shoot my way into a place to get my own stuff.

  15. For us suburbanites- I think renting is only appropriate if you routinely spend time away from home in the same area(s). Carrying a BOB to work may not even be an option for some- so a nearby facility with even a small, closet sized, rental may be in order. Something you can plop a bicycle, some water, a flashlight and a weapon in.

    Caine30 touched on the subject- If all your good gear is at home when it hits- how do you plan on getting there from, say, your job? A lot of people tend to frown on toting a shot gun at the workplace…

    Even an expected natural occurance, such as a hurricane, can create traffic jams that last for days.

    As for burying stuff- you really are taking a big risk in the Burbs digging into someone else's property. Even a secluded wooded lot could get developed without warning- your cache might endup buried under a Wallmart. If I were to bury anything it would likely be on my own land just in case I became stuck at home for any length of time during an emergency.

    Just in case:


  16. I've seen fire started with ice (used like a magnifying glass). I have also "personally" seen the bottom of the soda can and chocolate bar method. Both take a lot of prep-work and optimum sunny condition. Both take enough work that I only recommend the techniques as entertainment… and that is only if you are very very very bored.

  17. I love the platypus water bags. When I bought mine I stood there trying to decide what size to buy. The store manager was nice enough to tell me, "take em out of the pack and look em over" (it was a small outdoors store where you still get personal service.) Anyway, since all of them were virtually weightless, I opted for the 4L water tanker. If I don't need as much, I just don't fill it up all the way. I do prefer to have the option to carry more if I want. Either way 1L or 4L, I still got it covered. I've heard that you can take the bags out of those "box-o-wine" containers, but I cant comment on durability since I have never tried it. Besides, we all know that the finest wine comes from a bottle with a twist off cap… not a box, LOL.

  18. Self Storage seems like a pretty useless place to have emergency gear to me. We all have a jump on our less prepared brethren, why waste that jump trying to break into a storage facility. I say break in because if the storage facility that you use is gated, it relies on a physical guard (who would bail himself), or it's electronic (useless in a power failure). If it isn't gated, that would be an initial target for looters.

    On the other hand, if you had a large enough group to hold it, and enough stockpiled food, that would be an ideal place to hole up in a non-nuclear situation. There is a ton of gear (yours and other people's old furniture), usually only one entrance, The building(s) is usually encased in steel or concrete, and surrounded by fencing.

  19. I worked at a storage facility for 5 years (before and during college) and I can honestly say their is no way on gods green earth that I would ever use one for storing gear. First off storage space costs money. Money which can be used for any number of better pursuits. Also "security" is always going to be a joke. they will tell you all the various security measures they have, they are almost uniformly meaningless. Keypad gates and doors are easily by-passed. whatever lock they sell you is pointless since you can just hack through most latches in about 2 minutes with a set of cutters and guards are usually sleeping or wont lift a finger to help. Also people that own storage facilities own them because they require almost zero maintenance. Which means leeks in the roof or floor are slow to be fixed and since most people rarely check their space, things like water damage, pest infestation, and mold are big issues. In many locations keeping fuel, chemicals, or weapons is prohibited. although to be honest since few are climate controlled you wouldn't really want to. Finally storage spaces are dangerous places filled with insane people. I have seen more than one person try and use them as apartments (usually they are on the run or mentally unstable). They also are great places to get jumped.

    Also if you have any illusions of looting, think again. I have had to place an lean and clean out well over a 300 units in a variety of areas and will tell you right now rich or poor, rural or urban, 99.9% of all things kept in storage are useless. I know the shows and news talk about people finding gold and other treasures. You want to know the single most common item in storage? pictures of grandma. followed by dead rats, broken lawn/holiday decorations, and infomercial workout equipment, (also boardgames that are missing pieces). if you are really lucky you might find a bike…but mostly pictures of grandma and rat eaten clothes for the mid 80's is what you will find.

  20. While a storage unit will hold allot of stuff, it is of no use to you if you can not get it(via, either seized by the government, the storage facility owner, or looters, etc.) I would like to give a couple other choices.
    #1: Build a secure building in your back yard. Most back yards can accommodate a building fairly comparable to what you would have at a storage unit and, after the initial cost, you don't have to pay rental fees. What I am talking about here is a thick walled concrete, or concrete block, building with a steel door, that can be secured from the inside, via a steel barred door. This will be more secure than any storage unit out there and will be always available to you. Go one step further and put a basement under it and you have twice the amount of storage space in the same amount of ground. And for those with the right mind set, have the concrete guys leave a small door way on the house side of the basement. Tell them that you are going to dig it out for potato storage. Now,after they are gone, put on your head lamp, grab your entrenching tool and go to work. You will have an emergency way to get to your storage unit when it is too dangerous to go outside…just be sure to shore up the walls of your crawl way.
    #2: Buy a couple army surplus flat trailers and the storage units that go on them. you can bolt the boxes down to the trailers from the inside and you have secure storage at your home. And if you have to bug out, it has the advantage of being mobile.
    One thing more on #1; if you had a way to do it covertly enough I would opt for a full sized, and collapse proof walkway from the storage shed to the house, with a secure door at both ends, wide enough that a water barrel could be wheeled through. Or someone running ammo.

  21. I would bug out or in as need be and keep it light as possiable !
    Just me and my wife now and we have had 30 years of practice !
    Small town in the middle of wilderness !
    The kid's know how to take care of them selfes now and where we would meet automaticly.
    (sorry bad hearin never could spell lol)

  22. I would bug out or in as need be and keep it light as possiable !
    Just me and my wife now and we have had 30 years of practice !
    Small town in the middle of wilderness !
    The kid's know how to take care of them selfes now and where we would meet automaticly.
    (sorry bad hearin never could spell lol)

  23. I would bug out or in as need be and keep it light as possiable !
    Just me and my wife now and we have had 30 years of practice !
    Small town in the middle of wilderness !
    The kid's know how to take care of them selfes now and where we would meet automaticly.
    (sorry bad hearin never could spell lol)

  24. Clearly, the storage unit should be a BACKUP !!!!!ONLY!!!!!
    I see both the advantages, and the disadvantages. I think that one very close to the bug-out location along the route would be a good thing to invest in. That would be after you are already far away from everyone else, but not at your location yet. It should be full of the things that are NEEDED but it is a BACK UP. You will have duplicates of everything in here, not EXTRAS (which you should never grab because nothing is extra in this situation) just more of what you already have. Worst case senario, you don't have a weapon and your goods are taken a long the way, you get to your storage unit near your bug out and you have a good deal of what you lost back again. Best case senario, (unlikely) it all goes well, you pick up more of that you have and restock supplies here.

    Now, again, no one EVER wants to have to leave the bug-out-locale, but we are prepers here, so let's prep. Keep a second storage unit along the way to your next best back up Bug out location. If something happens to the first before or after you get there, you are already preped to keep surviving. Two of these is very good, but they are to be thought of as "wow this is nice" you must NOT rely on them!!

  25. I recommend using a storage unit in the "town" area of your retreat area. This way you can keep valuable items out of reach from theives robbing your cabin and can bug out quick and pick up your supplies closer to your retreat.

    Most small towns have several mini storage sites and they are cheap.

  26. Theirs a video on you tube on a man that made a "wine cellar" using a sea cargo container. The end coast was around $12,000 it had a reenforced top and sides with walk down steps.Also water drain off pipes and air system It was very cool. Their are other video's on this subject on Youtube. Cargo containers go for anywhere from $1200- on up on EBay. Check it out Just a thought.

  27. Cutting takes a long time. A pull with a chain and a 4X4 should get it done. If no chain, back over it. Any time you have to hit or push with your vehicle back into it. Saves the radiator; just be careful not to let it elevate your rear wheels so you can't move. A 4X4 doesn't have this problem of course.

  28. im a firefighter in an urban enviroment,(cleveland ohio) and live on the citys edge , ive been reading much on the subject lately but what i havent read about and would like to hear other opinions on is this, i know firefighters that are preparing and most have formed groups and have bug out places in the country stocked armed ect, my point is this and this is from a 30 year inner city veteran, if there are no firemen or a huge shortage of fireman, or we decide to forgo our jobs as to (not leave our famlys unprotected) the citys will burn down in short order ,ive seen fires take out entire city blocks in a matter of hours , thats with full manpower, look what wildfires out west do to entire comunities burining thousands of homes in a matter of a couple days , i think bugging out to a rural area is the only logical answer for those in the city but im no expert and would love to hear other comments ideas ect on this potentially game changing issue ,,

    • bill,

      you pose a great question. And thinking back to when I wrote this article out I realize I never took into consideration the city dwellers. When the balloon goes up you have to decide what you are doing fast cause you have maybe 5-10 mins to either get out of dodge or barricade yourself in and fight it out till you can run but by then your chances are down greatly. I live out in the sticks where my time table is higher but only to about 15-20 mins either way city folk need to think about all the possible threats fire is one I never thought of cause again I am removed from city life.

  29. I am doing both home and storage space. I live in an apartment and can only store so much on site. I have free space in a buddies warehouse so cost isn’t the issue. The actual issue is that is across town in a dicey neighborhood. Read the “hood”! My problem will be if it will be accessible after the SHTF event. “Urban unrest” is the big concern for me. The multiple pathways are already mapped out but the fly in the ointment is what will be happening in the ‘hood. The plan is to be low key, but get the supplies. Shoot out from a vehicle is NOT low key. The items are for long term support (group support after earthquake) so the hope is that some city services back up by the time I’d need to make that run.

  30. while everyone makes a good point. i myself would have a unit a few miles away filled with a small amount of gear and supplies. however in the event of martial law and the military locks down the facility it would be a good idea to have back up supplies off site and well hidden. i have back up supplies in the basement of an old log cabin 3-4 miles away from my home and deep in the woods my brother in law uses it for hunting and not everyone knows about it. im now planning on hiding supplies in other places around town.

  31. If you have that much non-essential stuff ( garage sale fodder) have a garage sale and get some extra cash. I'm not talking about prepped gear, just household stuff. Make your space work for you.

  32. After reading most of the posts on here, I have to admit to some confusion. Why would you want to have to go elsewhere for your supplies? I am lucky enough to have my own barn so storage has never been an option. As I look around, I am thinking more about hiding things in plain sight. (ie. canned foods behind books on bookshelves, false walls in walk-in closets, and a storm cellar with a dog house on top.) Last time I checked, mobs rarely stop to look at books or look closely at walls to see if they are real.

  33. Disasters can happen when you least expect them. But if you take care to be prepared ahead of time, it can help you and your family stays safe and healthy when disaster strikes. Stocking your kitchen with the right ingredients and equipment ensures that you'll be able to prepare healthy meals even in times of crisis.

  34. I agree with those that think of the disadvantages of using a storage unit: cost, can be raided or keep you from it, OPSEC issues, non-secure. I understand for those that don't have any other options than that but I live in a suburban/urban property with a house and a yard. I thought of doing the multiple locations/staches on my property and resorted to keeping mine in percentages. 50% in the garage on shelves covered with wall tarps for the casual onlooker, 25% in the mower shed, and I am going to place the remainder 25% in underground storage pits I am digging and lining them with concrete walls. You can use sealed barrels to put underground and what about making a hatchway system in your homes floor boards and putting barrels or crates under your house? once you plush the carpet back, you can't tell its there. Besides, if they do overcome your enteryway and get in, you could get your family under the house and hide till late at night after they have left and taken "some" of your supplies. You can even place more than 50% under your house. But you have to remember that most rodents and other smaller animals can chew through even steel pipes so whatever you put it in, keep an eye on it and place poison in places or traps to limit them. That will be your biggest threat until TSHTF scenario.

  35. I have not seen this mentioned here. Those of you think you are just going to run to the rural areas for BOL, do you not realize the rural areas BELONG to someone else? Those of us who live daily in the rural areas own and pay taxes all our lives to have those places, and if you think you can invade my private estate when shtf, well, . . . . . . that’s not too bright. We’re just not going to allow that. Now, if in advance of shtf, maybe you introduce yourself, and set up a prearranged agreement, and lay out some green, you might just find a landowner who, if he gets to know and trust you, may let you use the far corners of his property when needed. We live without the conveniences of city life all our days, and if you think we’re just gonna let a buch of city slickers show up uninvited and ruin our final payoff of security in a crisis, you better think again. Remember the Golden Rule—would YOU like that if done to You? BTW, I have a city friend who has such a spot on my land—pays me 125 per month. All is well, for him AND me.

  36. If you can afford to build this two then much better, for you to organize your storage according to its kind and uses but If you can't just choose between the two and make sure that it is a best choice.

  37. A very insightful article, self storage is brilliant to keep a lot of items, there are also quite a lot of self storage units so there is normally one close to your home so they are easily accessible.

  38. Lots of good observations and comments.

    All we can do is try having more than one cache is better than placing all our eggs in one basket.

    I would like to touch on firearms it seems as if too many people require a battle rifle and a shipping container of ammo.
    now I am not against that idea, but we need to look at all roads lead to Rome approach a decent small arm stashed
    is better than nothing in case your away from home and have to shag back to the homestead.

    a single shot derringer is better than a pocket knife whether in a besieged area or having to operate as an insurgent in Indian territory or a gorilla or freedom fighter, E&E, point person or any number of scenarios will crop up in
    a hopefully way out idea of what might happen.

    If there is a situation like what some have come up with the next block over you could be considered a intruder.
    turf wars are being fought now for criminal territory now imagine a organization that has international resources
    and sees an opportunity to enrich themselves and to them it does not matter if it is cash or trade.
    This is called the black market and in any vacuum in services there will always be some one or group to fill it.

    We live here thinking that other countries systems like utilities are connected or parsed out like here and that is not the case you can TRY to get service through normal channels or just pay and have it in now through a middle man.
    These middle men may be entrepreneurs or part of government corruption or a criminal organization but that is a moot point you want a phone pay a wad of cash and have it now or the normal way and wait a year.

    This is how it could, might or will be in a TEOTWAWKI world if communications are devastated by a man made or natural event if an area with the capability to produce radios and transmitting equipment will seize the moment and
    make a business out of it if they need the help of local individuals as war lords, politicians or gangs history shows us that is not a barrier.
    for proof I give you the Iran Contra affair no matter how bad it is someone will manage to find inroads to cut a deal.
    Saying this a can of squirtgetti "O's" may have a value of a weeks work but that is the nature of cause & effect or supply & demand.
    I liken it to the Mad Max character eating the dog food it is not in the movie but it was traded for stolen or found
    in any case if the world has reached that point the value of a can of calories will be great.
    So people that have a store of goods will be more able to survive thrive and have access to commodities that others who have not prepared will never have.
    Thats the upside the downside is you would be considered a black market racketeer and or end up having to be known to have valuables and that would interest the criminals or gangs in your area like a wolf sniffing out meat.

    Americans who are not well traveled or observant may not know that in certain regions cats dogs and basically anything that lives is a food source and you won't see them wandering loose people keep dogs for a warning
    system and are tied or in a fence but it will end up in the pot if times get hard.

    AGAIN history shows us that people will kill each other for a used condom if that is all there is to kill each other over.
    fur traders and travelers were often murdered for their possessions by tavern or hostel owners murderers killed to rape and have fun even torturing their victims to get their jollies off in San Francisco Shanghaiing men or selling slaves as it was the same thing was a widely used way to make money.
    Anyone that thinks these things have stopped even in America are naive, the sex slave and forced labor business are
    Now I know that no one here watches porn on the Internet or have had disgusting pop ups well have you ever wondered why people would do really perverted and self abusive things ? well there are people who like those things but some are advised to as they owe money or have a drug habit or being black mailed and or under penalty of death
    making these videos granted some do it to make money but the problem is it is not victim less crime or an alternative lifestyle issue it has violent ripples in our society but that is another subject.
    People just need to understand that a fall of society will not see us all farming and sun bathing in on rocks planting and sewing more like the Magnificent 7 movie the farmers work their azz off and the raiders come out of the hills and steal their crops after the farmers reap it.
    In history these types of people hired protectors and then became salves of their protectors.
    So in order to remain free or aloof from marauders gangs and avoid starvation a cache of food etc. is a good thing

    European history is an amazing collection of mans unique way of social interaction and survival from brutality to xenophobia.

  39. What if you had the supplies at hand inside the storage unit to fortify it from entry and from all interior walls? Say, cinder blocks, cement mix, and sand bags to fortify the wall you would build inside the storage unit, directly in front of the door, that could include gun ports, and then also sandbagging all interior walls.

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